Some potentially good news for butt dialers

The SEC is proposing that the NCAA consider some major changes to recruiting rules, one of which in particular should make Mark Richt a happier man:

… The SEC endorses the return of text messaging. Currently, coaches cannot text with recruits (at all) but they can email them or send them a Facebook message. The current rules have already caused several coaches to self-report violations after accidentally texting a prospective student-athlete and some coaches privately gripe this is one of the rules they’d like to seen thrown out sooner rather than later. In talking with several administrators from other conferences, there should be plenty of support if the SEC puts forth a proposal to allow texting. The letter does note that while the conference’s position is to allow texts, there should be limits in order to not overwhelm prospective recruits.

Notice also the proposal to do away with the bump rule, or, more accurately, to do away with the media’s attempt to sensationalize violations of the bump rule.  I kid you not:

… The bump rule, the letter states, “is a source for media reports questioning the integrity of involved coaches, create the expectation that high school coaches arrange incidental contact during an evaluation period, and place college coaches intent on following the rules at a distinct disadvantage.”

When Slive retires, the SEC presidents ought to do away with the middleman and make Nick Saban the next conference commissioner.  It would cut down considerably on the e-mails and phone calls.


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9 responses to “Some potentially good news for butt dialers

  1. ScoutDawg

    I saw butt dialers and I assumed this was a nerd post. Understandable mistake I hope. Sorry.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    If we’re going to try to do away with or change any rules that can be a “source for media reports questioning the integrity of involved coaches”, we’re going to be here for awhile.


  3. ScoutDawg

    I don’t think so. Not too much info can be expresed in a 1 min. butt dialed call or text. Any call or text over 1 min is a violation.


  4. Dog in Fla

    “The SEC endorses the return of text messaging.”

    The SEC, acknowledged as the worldwide leader in Oversigning legislation by everyone*, tells NCAA that it’s “time to die bitch”** with regard to restrictions on text messaging to recruits and bump-and-runs into recruits because of the chilling effect those restrictions have on business and the integrity of social media rights of head coaches based upon recommendations issued by SEC ad hoc subcommittee on electronic digital communications & stalking and countermeasures thereto chaired by Big Fingered Nick***

    *except Jim Delany, who is not watching the College Baseball World Series because of the weather, and

    ** h/t University of Florida Athletic Department

    *** ***


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    That’s good. Us butt dialers need all the help we can get.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    “…when Slive retires…” You mean “…when Slive gets indicted, tried and convicted for fixing games…”