No worries, mon. He’s so got this.

Pete Fiutak’s got a decent preview of South Carolina here.  In his mind (and I agree), success in 2011 for the ‘Cocks is going to come down to one factor:

Key player to a successful season: Senior QB Stephen Garcia. After yet another issue and after another suspension, Garcia’s career is being defined as much for his off-the-field problems as he is for his on-the-field successes. South Carolina has the potential to win the SEC championship, and while Garcia doesn’t have to carry the team, he has to be good enough on a regular basis to keep Connor Shaw on the bench. There were times when Garcia was nearly flawless, like the 17-of-20 day in the win over Alabama, and there were times when he made too many mistakes. He threw 14 interceptions on the year and had five multi-pick games. The two against Furman were no big whoop, but South Carolina was 0-4 in the other four games against Kentucky, Arkansas, Auburn in the SEC title game, and Florida State. The team’s fifth loss of the season, the first matchup against Auburn, came partly because Garcia had problems holding on to the ball. With the one loss coming against the Tigers, USC was 8-1 when Garcia few fewer than two interceptions.  [Emphasis added.]

That ought to be a relief for South Carolina fans.  If there is one thing Stephen’s known for, it’s making good decisions.



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10 responses to “No worries, mon. He’s so got this.

  1. Ghost of Dawg's Past

    To me, the concussion Lattimore suffered during the bowl game is a bigger deal. Whether he can avoid another concussion is key to the USCe season.

    We need to GATA and restore some order in SEC East.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I agree, Lattimore is their key. Nobody at SCu gives a damn about “off-field problems”. The coach’s constant bitching about this player or that player is a bigger distraction than any real or percieved off field problems.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    I still find it legitimately surprising that Steve Spurrier hasn’t managed to recruit a top flight quarterback at South Carolina. Not only somebody who can run his offense, but also someone who can be a leader for the team.


    • 69Dawg

      Steve has gotten a bad rep because his all world college QB’s have been busts in the Pro’s. Remember Eric Zier was recruited hard by SOS but said he wanted to play were he could learn to be a QB and not just learn to be like be Steve.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        At the meeting between Zeier, his father Ric and SOS, Zeier was told that SOS wanted to change his throwing motion to be more 3/4 sidearm like previous FLA QBs under SOS. That went over like a lead balloon with both Zeier and his old man.


  3. Baron de Coubertin

    I hope he makes most of bad decisions on or around September 10.


  4. Cojones

    As Lincolyn said: “Find out what the rest of my QB’s are drinking and send Garcia a bottle.” Or something like that. Histerical quotes get fuzzier after 70.

    A Garcia quote might be in order: “Where am I? Who the hell are you? Who put these empty bottles in my room? What day is this?”.


  5. Cojones

    The storm on the horizon is the So Car D.


  6. TYPOS ARE funy!!!

    Garcia few fewer?

    I guess that’s better than the times when he more more.