Tough call

Athlon, some advice:  if you’re trying to foster a debate over which of the Red River Shootout and the Cocktail Party folks would rather attend, don’t sabotage it with pictures like these:

I mean, where would you head?



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10 responses to “Tough call

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Yep, who gives a sh!t about winning the game as long as we win the party!!! Whoeeee!!!


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    What’s in those jugs, I mean bottles.


  3. Disappointeddawg

    I can’t believe he didn’t mention the atmosphere at Jacksonville Landing during Georgia-Florida weekend. What an idiot


  4. Bad M

    Man, I hate florida. I mean really. Hate. To an unhealthy level.


  5. Cojones

    Let’s be a little objective about this. The big guy with the stetson may evoke grand thoughts from the ladies just below his belt size, so you’ll lose all the FU women to the shootist…eehh, shootout. The rest of us can go to Jax, get drunklaid and have another version of a shootout….before the game.

    Along these lines there was a guy from Ok/Tex who befriended a UGA guy and went to the Jax game. They spent a little at the beach and the women were really attracted to the Dawg and he had connubial bliss like crazy, but his friend from Ok/Tex struck out. He asked his friend why he had such success every time that they went to the beach and the Dawg replied,”Well, before I go to the beach I put a potato in my bathing suit.” His friend said, “Alright!”, retrieved a potato and headed for the beach. Two hours later he returned crestfallen and said,” Might work for you , but they all stayed about 20yds from me. Why?”

    Dawg replied,” Next time put the potato in the front of your bathing suit.”


  6. I am a life long “Gator Hater’. Never any doubt on this one.


  7. HVL Dawg

    That chick in the Blue dress is butt ugly. And that lady in the red dress is a fine example of everything great about womanhood.


  8. Down south, but only if they’d let me. Ba-da-bing!


  9. Sanford222View

    Neither of those women represent the term “Southern Belle.”