Institutional cluelessness, ftw

I’m guessing this is a rhetorical question from Stewart Mandel:

… Oregon — with the generous help of Nike and Phil Knight — has spent more than a decade carefully crafting its aura as the cool school with the slick uniforms and the flashy offense. Kelly was the charismatic mastermind that took the program from good to great. Both are suddenly taking on a more dubious image. How long until Kelly’s superiors admit this isn’t “the right way?”

Not until “we had no idea this was happening” stops working its NCAA voodoo.


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7 responses to “Institutional cluelessness, ftw

  1. Dboy

    This why my father never trusts ducks.

    – cricket


  2. AusDawg85

    Times to say “I had no idea that was happening”:
    – When your buddy comes running out of the bank with a bag of cash and alarms blaring screaming for you to start the car.
    – When your phone takes a picture of your “junk” and is sent to underage girls.
    – When your Dad solicits money for where you go to school…to play football.
    – When your star CFB player rolls-up to practice in a new car…his 3rd of the week.


  3. 69Dawg

    Let’s face it as long as the NCAA investigators don’t ask the right questions but Yahoo does we are screwed. We would put ourselves on probation without even trying to get by with it. How embarrassed must the NCAA be that Willie said they didn’t ask. The NCAA is now on full SOS mode as the ship sinks rapidly in the surf. I’m thinking Auburn is actually going to get away with it because now the NCAA is trying to cover up the mess as hard as the schools are.


    • Scott

      We are to the point where, if the NCAA (or the SEC, B1G, etc.) actually did their job and enforced their own rules, half of the NCAA would get the death penalty. They’re just trying not the kill the goose at this point.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Yeah, but they need to pretend to be enforcing rules for the public so they hammer innocent teams for relatively minor violations and thump their collective chest about it. See AJ Green and UGA, 2010 and just wait and see what happens about Jarvis Jones.


  4. Dog in Fla

    How NCAA enforcement would report on actual investigative findings of Yahoo! that make NCAA enforcement have to go through the motions of looking like they would actually do anything to irritate Nike and everybody knows you don’t mess with Texax


    • Marmot

      You know, Dog in Fla, I usually don’t get you and don’t care to try, but that is a funny video. Kudos.