If perception is reality…

perhaps that’s because some are too bloody lazy to ask why.

… My problem is the fact that schools like UGA and UT wind up looking worse in the public eye for doing the right thing and complying with open records laws in the proper way. There should be a reward for such activity, but instead those schools are the ones singled out by national media and bloggers just because the information being discussed simply isn’t made available at other institutions.

But no one mentions that, meaning the problem is a lack of awareness. Most people don’t understand (or care about) the way information is passed along by SEC schools, so they also don’t know what information is not being passed along.

So be sure to remember this the next time a fan of another SEC school ribs you about some kind of minor violation being reported at Georgia.


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6 responses to “If perception is reality…

  1. TennesseeDawg

    The NCAA is promoting schools to cover-up, stall and defer. There is very little incentive to be upfront with the NCAA.


    • This isn’t about being upfront with the NCAA. This is about being upfront with the public.


      • Mayor of Dwagtown

        The same thing only worse. The NCAA does no real investigation on its own. That is why I have said that UGA needs to quit being so nice and giving people rope to use to hang us.


  2. Keese

    Alabama just needs an AJC


    • Go Dawgs!

      Alabama’s got one. More than one. The point of the article is that Alabama doesn’t comply with open records requests in the same way that Georgia, Tennessee, and others do. They fight them for years.

      What is needed is for the NCAA to provide a press release every time a secondary violation is self-reported by an institution. Really, there’s no reason for it to be a secret.