Kiffin watch: leaving a mark

With the passage of time, Junior’s legacy at Tennessee has become even more impressive.

Don’t you love “at least 9” “at least once”?  I guess it’s difficult to be precise.

Damn, I miss him.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    He is 1-0 versus Georgia unfortunately.


    • Ben



    • Macallanlover

      Don’t really see how that is significant, just one many games UGA has lost to an inferior team. Junior had nothing to do with that victory, we simply lost the game. Just like O’Leary didn’t become a great coach in Memphis last December. Kiffin is still a douche, so is PJ and his team won one against UGA too….also in a game he should have lost. Crap happens on some Saturdays. Still wouldn’t want either of those two ever associated with our program.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1. The loss of the 3 games mentioned above were as a result of UGA coaching/player failures, not as a result of outstanding coaching/playing by the opponents.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Some people simply defile everything they touch.


  3. The other Doug



  4. Comin' Down The Track

    …leaving a mark

    Yep… a brown stripe.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Lane, a victim, is in a better place now. A place where the media treat him with the kid gloves to which he is entitled, because he’s good enough, he’s smar….never mind,0,5240665.column


    • Ridley

      “Everything I did at Tennessee, all those things I said, that was for our players and our fans, to try to raise awareness of a program that needed it,” he said. “It wasn’t what I necessarily wanted to do, but it was what I needed to do.”

      Yeah, he’s a changed man.


  6. Coach Hewitt...

    UT 2008 class

    EJ Abrams Ward, athlete – Kicked off team, never contributed

    Carson Anderson OL – Not SEC material, still on team, has been recruited over

    Preston Bailey OL – Quit team, never contributed

    Ben Bartholomew, FB – Has had injuries, on team, not expected to contribute much

    Willie Bohannon, DE – Has played some, expected to contribute in 2011

    Aaron Douglas, OL – Played one year, transferred to Bama, died in drug overdose

    Steven Fowlkes, DE – Has moved around, not played much, not expected to contribute

    Montori Hughes, DT – Played as a freshman, was beaten out by walkon, kicked off team

    Austin Johnson, LB – Moved around, expected to start at LB in 2011

    Casey Kelly, QB – Playing baseball, never made it to UT

    Herman Lathers, LB – Injury plagued, when healthy he plays well.

    Tauren Poole, RB – Will be a 2 year starter

    Stephaun Raines, DB – Not played much, no longer on team

    Dallas Thomas, OL – Will be a 2 year starter at OT in 2011

    Prentiss Waggner, DB – Solid player, will get playing in 2011

    Marlon Walls, DL – Expected to compete for playing time in 2011

    Rod Wilks, DB – Moved around a lot, not played much

    Gerald Williams, DE– Had a solid year in 2010, completed eligibility

    2009 class

    Jerod Askew, LB – Never contributed, no longer on team

    Bryce Brown, RB – Played as a backup as a fr, transferred to KS state

    Mike Edwards, DB – One of the infamous convenience store banditos, kicked off team

    Eric Gordon, DB – Expected to play in 2011

    James Green, WR – Never made it to UT

    Daniel Hood, DT – expected to play extensively in 2011

    Janzen Jackson, DB – has had off the field issues, expected to be back in 2011

    Arthur Jeffery, DT – Not played much, not expected to be back in 2011

    Greg King, LB – Injury plagued solid player, will play in 2011.

    Nigel Mitchell Thornton, LB – Doesn’t play much

    Darren Myles, DB – Played some as a FR, kicked off team

    Robert Nelson, LB – Non contributor

    David Oku, RB – Left program, off the field issues

    Naz Oliver, DB – Not expected to contribute much in 2011

    Kevin Revis, OL – Left program

    Nuke Richardson, WR – One of the infamous convenience store banditos, kicked off team

    Zach Rogers, WR – expected to play in 2011

    Jerquari Schofield, OL – expected to play in 2011

    Rae Sykes, DE – Never contributed, no longer on team

    Marsalis Teague, DB – Expected to play in 2011

    Tony Williams, RB – Not expected to play much in 2011


  7. Doug

    Funny thing about both Kiffin and his right-hand stooge, Ed Orgeron — both of them were hired in part because of their supposedly amazing prowess on the recruiting trail (in Orgeron’s case, you could argue that was the only reason), and yet when you look at what they actually accomplished at Tennessee and Ole Miss, you come up with very little. Both of them recruited a bunch of highly touted athletes who either couldn’t make the grade academically or had character issues out the wazoo (in some cases both). It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that that perfect storm has re-formed over Los Angeles.


  8. Cojones

    “Pranked the SEC”, eh? Plaschke means “Stanked the SEC”. Did they ever name the sewage treatment plant in Knoxville after Kiffin? Now that’s a “prank” that would serve unto perpetuity and really let him know how we all feel.


  9. Marmot

    The 2009 class was really a mix of guys Fulmer had already secured and the guys Kiffin added. I don’t think breaking it down that way will make Kiffin look any better, but its the only fair way to analyze it. It also needs to be pointed out that some of Kiffin’s recruits, like Bryce Brown, left precisely because Kiffin left.

    I know everyone likes to hate on Lane, and I have no skin in the game, but if he had stuck around i am certain his recruiting would have been consistently top 10 (he’s the kind of recruiter where you’re sure a kid is coming to your school and then out of the blue they commit to Tennessee), his players would have continued to keep the Knoxville PD busy, his team would have been annoyingly competitive, and he would have continued to be a media lightning rod. I honestly enjoyed the SEC more with him than without him.