Wednesday lunch buffet

Dig in, folks.


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44 responses to “Wednesday lunch buffet

  1. Dog in Fla

    “See if you can spot the Freudian slip here”

    Chris forgot to mention that Charlie was part of a trio with Bon Jovi as lead singer?

  2. opsomath

    Chris Rainey…bruiser. Well done sir.

  3. Scott W.

    Low doesn’t have much room to talk about anyone’s belly or in his waistband.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    That was a pretty extensive analysis just to conclude that Clemson would be just another school and just another fan base in the SEC.

  5. Reptillicide

    Love that interview with Arthur Lynch. Our TE’s could really save our ass this year, hopefully Bobo finds ways to make use of this guy so he can use that big body to help anchor that line.

  6. If Lynch really is going to be a monster on the line of scrimmage, we could design some unbalanced line formations for him. Add Charles at tight end, Figgins at h-back and Jenkins at fullback and you’ve got a terrifying array of options.

    Not that I’m holding my breath. When was the last time we saw a really creative formation (or even a creative call) from Bobo?

    • WH

      Circa Joe Cox?


    • Bobo had plenty of good, creative calls against Florida, Auburn and Tech last season.

      His problem isn’t that he can’t be creative and productive calling plays. It’s that he doesn’t trust his own judgment enough to stick with things when they’re working.

      • Dog in Fla

        “runs a four…two…eight…forty”
        (two sounds of something like laughter)
        “ran a four one that time, Mike”

      • Keese

        The weapons this team has is staggering. Scott Wesley is even faster

        • JaxDawg

          Absolutely. The amount of talent on this team is nearly immeasurable. Reminds me of the 99 and ’00 teams that were LOADED and just needed the right leader/coach to mold them. I’d like to see Richt push this team to their potential – it would be something scary to see them overachieve. And if he can’t get it done then whomever McGarity hires (not some absurd search committee comprised of idiot, entitled donors) will have a pantry overflowing with tremendous athletes. And to think, should Richt do well this year (win 10), next year should bode even better talent-wise.

      • James Stephenson

        Man I bet that Linebacker actually thought he had the angle there for about a mili-second.

      • James Stephenson

        I really love good play action football and O designs that drag safeties out of position. They had to respect the run leading to a one deep and then the TE who you have to respect does a simple drag over the middle. Giving AM the option, deep if one on one, or underneath if the safety drops into coverage.

      • Yurdle

        Three open receivers on that play (two TEs and AJ) – and Murray goes for the TD. Nice.

        • James Stephenson

          You know I never even noticed the weak side TE, my goodness, did they bite on the play fake or what, cause that guy was so open, I could have hit him.

      • Careful Brad

        I hate Chizik’s short sleeve wind breaker.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Seeing this just upsets me more. The Dawgs could have won that game if CMR and CMB don’t chicken out and instead keep the gas pedal pushed to the floor.

        • adam

          yeah i won’t forgive bobo for that one. i’ve always wanted some way to inform bobo that a 3 and out takes less time than a quick drive most of the time and that scoring sets your defense up for success more than a 3 and out does regardless of how little time you took to score.

        • James Stephenson

          I disagree, the problem was we could not block Fairly enough. I know he cheap shotted AM quite a few times. But the fact is, after that burst of Scoring, Fairly became a serious problem for the line to block. And once Malzahn figured out what we were doing against him, he was able to direct Cam in what needed to be done. Plus Cam’s just crazy ass talent.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I don’t disagree that there were coaching adjustments made by Auburn. That happens in every game. What happened in THIS game was that neither team could stop the other, then CMR/CMB blinked and Auburn got ahead forcing UGA out of its gameplan. The game really turned on 2 plays. The first was when Auburn onside kicked, recovered and then went on to score. The second was when UGA was faced with 4th and about 2 deep in Auburn territory and CMR/CBB kicked a field goal. That allowed Auburn to score a TD on its next possession and go up in the game 11 points which took UGA out of its normal offense. As for Fairley, if the UGA coaches had any guts when Fairley started playing dirty and hitting our QB late (going at his knees, etc.) the OL should have been double teaming Fairley on every down and going at HIS knees until the Aubies either took him out of the game or he was laying in a heap on the field. People won’t respect you if you do like UGA did in that game–just took it. That game was another reason I fell off the CMR band wagon–not the fact that they lost–the fact that he just took it without any retaliation. I hope he learned from this. But I doubt he did.

  7. AusDawg85

    Anyway you cut it, speaking only of Fat Charlie and ignoring the actual “head-coach who was born to be a gator all his life as soon as Texas didn’t follow-through with the HC in waiting promise” is bush league writing.

    Poor what’s his name can’t get no respect. Sayyyy…doesn’t Charlie resemble Rodney Dangerfield a little?

  8. Dog in Fla

    “Quayvon Hicks’ new trim”

    Nike has non-exclusive licensing agreement to the back of Quayvon’s head?

  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Have to take the Lynch interview with a grain of salt. I’ve read far too many such stories about how one of our guys “is going to be a beast”. If our combined TEs catch 45 passes/8 TDs, I’d consider it a good year. That’s less than 4 catches/1 TD pr game. 60 receptions/12 TD’s might earn the title “beasts”.

  10. Ridley

    Weiss has gone form cutting his teeth on Parcells’ staff to growing long in the tooth on Mushchamp’s.

  11. Will Trane

    Red Zone offense. Everytime Auburn Cam and company took the field last season, the Tigers were in the Red Zone. Just maybe the Dawgs will have an offense like that one day.

  12. Ghost of Dawg's Past

    I see Lynch moving to a OL position. The best OL guys around started at TE. Some TE are not quick enough to be a great TE but are much quicker (i.e. foot work) than most OL. If they can carry the weight they usually end up making a lot of money at the next level.

    • Newt

      I had the same thought, but he’d still have to pack on an additional 20-30 pounds, minimum. He’s 6’5″ so maybe his frame could handle it.

      • I see Lynch downtown enough that maybe he can pack that extra weight on in beer alone…

        Another note that worries me… I’ve literally seen Big John Jenkins in Bourbon Street every single weekend so far this summer… I’m all for them having some fun, but I just don’t want them to have TOO much fun….

  13. TennesseeDawg

    Janzen Jackson has a drug problem. That’s the “personal battle”