Border patrol

Alabama is coming back to play in the 2013 College Kickoff at the Dome, news that is sure to set off fainting hearts everywhere about the leg up that gives Saban and Smart in recruiting the state of Georgia.

Never mind that their track record isn’t that impressive in reality.


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  1. Bad

    Still, a good reason to pull for LSU. Maybe the fake shine of Saban will come off and he’ll have to actually win games and recruits without hype. But I have to admit, he is good at it.
    Will Bammers burn him in effigy if he loses three games this year? We all know ( or more accurately – don’t know) what a new QB can do.


  2. No reason to let facts get in the way of a good meme for Finebaum and the Alabama media. They’ll continue to bang the drum for Saban and Chizik to get Richt out at UGA. Can you imagine how the Georgia program would be perceived if the AJC had the same love affair with UGA that the Florida media has for UF and the Alabama media has for the Tide?


  3. If the point was to note that Saban had not successfully recruited as many players from Georgia as other programs, they should have stopped there before noting the players he did recruit and their current roles on the team.

    Based on that additional bit of knowledge, I think the safest conclusion to draw from it is that you don’t build championship teams from Georgia players.


  4. Sanford222View

    That article warmed my heart.