Ohio State has a sense of humor. Who knew?

This has to be a joke, right?

Ohio State University is wiping its stellar 2010 football season from the record books as self-imposed punishment for major NCAA violations, sources told The Dispatch.

But it is not suggesting that the team lose scholarships or be banned from postseason play.

The university submitted its response to the NCAA today, addressing allegations that then-coach Jim Tressel lied and allowed ineligible players to compete by failing to report that they had sold OSU-issued memorabilia to a tattoo-parlor owner.

Sources familiar with the university’s response also told The Dispatch that Ohio State is admitting major violations of NCAA regulations, but says it should not face harsh punishment because no OSU official other than Tressel was aware of player violations.

Ooh, wiping 2010 from the books!  That’s gonna leave a mark.

At least Jim Tressel will pay the price for… what’s that, you say?

Former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel will receive more than $52,000 from the university and won’t have to pay a $250,000 fine for his involvement in a scandal that has tarnished the school’s athletics program, sources familiar with the settlement told The Dispatch

… He will officially retire so that he also can collect his unpaid sick and vacation time, and use health-insurance coverage for him and his family under the plan available to all state retirees, the sources said.

Go and sin no more, Jim.

I’m surprised OSU isn’t asking the NCAA for an apology for making the school spend the time working up a response.  Seriously, we all mock the NCAA for being clueless, but the Buckeyes seem to be taking the mockery to a new level with this.  It’s almost as if they’re daring the NCAA to smack ’em back.


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11 responses to “Ohio State has a sense of humor. Who knew?

  1. AusDawg85

    In related news, Auburn has decided to confess that Cam Newton was paid $250,000 to play last season, and was aware of daddy’s shopping/negotiating tactics. They have informed the NCAA that they will vacate all of last season, except the win over Bama, the SECCG, and the BCS Championship game. Since no one but Cam, the good reverend, and Auburn officials were aware of the violations, and because they are now forthcoming with the disclosure, they recommend no further investigation be pursued and no sanctions be handed-down.

    When questioned, Mike Slive seconded the motion.

    The NCAA has thanked Auburn for coming forward and saving them money in these trying times, and have not only agreed to Auburns’ recommendations, but have reinstated all of their other games as an act of good faith for Auburn being so truthful.

    Enjoy CFB my friends!


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Looks like they’re 0-for-the-SEC again, though, which is nice.


  3. The other Doug

    No scholarship reduction?



  4. Connor

    Does anyone know the historic relationship between self imposed penalties and the penalties the NCAA eventually hands down? I know that not all schools go that route, USC for instance, and UNC has not self imposed anything. I don’t recall how UGA’s self imposed penalties in basketball matched up with what the NCAA handed down, but I think they gave us more. Maybe OSU has vetted this unofficially with someone and thinks this will hold up. I’m long past being surprised at any component of the NCAA rules enforcement.


  5. BMan

    Mom and Dad, I hit a baseball through the window and it came in and broke the liquor cabinet, from which I drank some of the very expensive scotch. For my punishment, I think you should ban me from eating brussel sprouts for the rest of the year.

    I hope this pisses the NCAA off enough to finally jack-slap tOSU the way they deserve.


    • sfcmac

      Fuck you. It must suck to be a Michigan fan.
      “M Go Blow”


      • BMan

        I guess it would suck to be a Michigan fan, if I was one, but I’m not. Socrates couldn’t have argued the case any better than you sfcmac. When reason fails, just shout “fuck you.” Classic.

        If I had made my comment on a Buckeys blog, I’d take the “FY” better because I’d be doing it on foreign soil, but this is a Bulldogs blog, and it takes some brazen ass-hattery to come on here slinging bombs at readers for making fun of tOSU for its troubles. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time and commenting almost as long when so moved. But I always try to do it with some element of civility, as most here do, which combined with the Senator’s work makes it a great blog. Enjoy your season, stay classy, and don’t forget the sweatervest if it gets chilly.


  6. Judgedawg

    Conner, the NCAA did not increase our recommended penalties to our basketball team, but unlike OSU we gutted the program.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    OSU is trying to give itself a vaccine. Nice try Bucko.


  8. sfcmac

    Joke? They’re throwing the whole team under the fucking bus because of Tressel and a few players. It was a stellar season and now it’s in the shitcan thanks to a coach that didn’t revel the violations by his players.
    “Joke”, my ass.