Tweet of the night

David Pollack reminisces:

If you were a Georgia defender, what a feeling of confidence it must have given you to know #1 was taking snaps from center.


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  1. Can you please disable whatever weirdness it is on the site that causes a forced pop up window when I try to right click on something you have quoted (like david pollack’s tweet url in this post)?

    I’d like to right click, then open in another window. But right clicking your quoted stuff forces a pop up window.

    Thanks Senator! 🙂


    • simpl_matter

      If you are meaning you want the link to open in a new tab (within the same window), try holding down the control button (Ctrl) while (left) clicking on the link.


  2. Coondawg

    I agree David!!!! Believe it though, cause Ball was Chantastic!!!!


    • Reggie Ball's Mom

      I wish all you horrid Georgia people would just shut up and leave my poor Reggie alone. He did the best that he could. He was the best quarterback that the Georgia Institute had at the time so of course the coach was going to let him play. Who else did they have? He got to play all four years, too. Well, except for that bowl game his senior year when he flunked out. Too bad he didn’t graduate. A college degree for all that work on the football field would have been so nice.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Caleb King is a dumbass and he owns it. A 5th year senior that’s academically ineligible? He’s 23 years old!? Offense is getting scary in a bad way. OL is thin, WR are unproven and we are essentially down to our 3rd string running back and a true freshman. Yikes.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    All this while several media outlets are picking the Dawgs to win the SEC East thereby ramping up expectations of the fanbase to a high level. Is anybody out there in blogland old enough to remember 1993?


  5. Macallanlover

    Reading the comments last night, struck by how it is always sad to see the Richt bashers come out on every single UGA story, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. As the HC of our football program, I understand he is a lightening rod for comments but that shouldn’t be from our own fans who should know better. No one person in the world is more concerned about the development of the players assigned to them than Mark Richt.

    To insinuate he was negligent in his duties regarding CK is simply stupid. King failed to keep up his end of the equation. He, and he alone, is responsible for his failings, although I doubt he is many enough to face up to that. I am concerned about what this means for our football team, it is just another reason why pre-season polls are ridiculous and should never be taken seriously. Yet, many will say someone underachieved because a team didn’t live up to their pre-season expectations. CMR would be responsible if he had not taken all steps to give Caleb a chance to succeed, I have seen no evidence that was the case. In fact, it appears the staff was all over CK about academics.

    First thoughts that came to mind when I read this yesterday: 1) wouldn’t we have crucified Richt if he had not pursued CK coming out of a Georgia HS system? Now some say we knew all along about issues that King had. Probably so, but we expected him to wear red and black. 2) would this have happened at other schools? We know that UGA cannot admit, or maintain, some players who are then admitted to other schools (even SEC competitors). Do we want to become one of those programs who cover up academic deficiencies, regardless of how glaring? Sadly, some do. The Jan Kemp mess will haunt UGA forever, the playing field isn’t, and hasn’t been, level for some time. 3) The entire CFB landscape (well, 95%) is rotten because of the special attention given to “student” athletes. When you take a minimal performer from HS, who makes an 800 on the SAT (including pure wild guessess) put him into an academic environment geared to educate motivated students who made 1200+ on the SAT you have to expect failure. Since we do, we give these students a pathetic course load and surround them with babysitters and tutors. How can we be surprised when there are trainwrecks? And more to the point, why are we blaming the HC in this case?

    As a fan, I am as sorry as anyone this has happened, but I don’t want to be Auburn, or TN, or Bama, etc., etc. I think UGA football is in great hands with Mark Richt, and I think the NCAA and the college Presidents should put an end to the charade of taking unqualifed students in and expect them to succeed without someone cheating. The lack of integrity on this issue is glaring and yes, Jim Delany, it happens in your conference too.


    • Spence

      “I think UGA football is in great hands with Mark Richt” –

      I hope you’re right, and I agree with you that the Caleb academic issues should not be used as evidence by Richt detractors. That said, many out there, including myself, are beginning to be persuaded by the substantial evidence that the program may not be in such good hands.


    • Cojones

      Thanks for an excellent post. When things go south, it’s posts like yours that lift us from the negativity morass that some fail to see comes partially from The Northj Avenue Trade School. We all should take time out from post subjects to stand with what we have. Our luck doesn’t seem to hold for any extended period, but bashing coaches won’t turn it around. We make our own luck by understanding the problems and trying to make the most of what’s left. That coincides with what our coaches and team are doing.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Again I find myself in agreement with one of your posts, Mac. The real problem is taking 85 IQ kids, putting them in a major university simply because they can run a 4.4 forty and expecting them to succeed academically. Does this really benefit the “student” athlete? Ask Sammy Drummer of Tech (a basketball star found years later working as a janitor), Maurice Clarett of tOSU or, closer to home, Pulpwood Smith and a host of others. Clarett would be playing pro football now and nearing the end of his career if he didn’t have to play the “student” athlete game and just was allowed to play in a developmental league. Is putting these guys in college in their best interests or isn’t it really about making money for the schools? Let’s have a system that actually meets the needs of the players–which allows the ones who want an education to get one but which also allows the ones who do not to play for pay in a minor league environment while they hone their football skills so they can make it to the NFL.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m usually all-in when dissing Ball or anything Yech, but we’ve got real problems (again). This season may be an opposite of last year for opposing D’s. In ’10 defenses loaded the box to force the pass. This year they’re likely to add DB’s to force the run.


    • 69Dawg

      Not really. What we are likely to see are run blitzes. These take advantage of young O players that don’t know what to do and they kill the QB if executed correctly.


  7. We really can’t be sure that CK4 didn’t try and try hard to stay qualified – sometimes people just don’t pass because they aren’t capable. Not everybody makes it, even people that really really want to.

    Someone posted that kids with 800 SAT’s are accepted – in fact, the NCAA Clearinghouse sliding scale allows lower SAT’s that that, if the student’s HS GPA is at a certain level, which happens all the time.

    This news about CK4 is just one more thing to throw on the pile – tons and tons of question marks going into the season – including, in my mind, coaching.

    We’ll see what happens ….


  8. Hill Dawg

    I haven’t read anything that tells me that any of the nay-sayers are qualified to judge any college level coach. Oh, I know. They look at the won-loss record. They then use a term or two they heard on Sports Center and then say the coach should be fired! It’s sad that these experts-in-their-own-mind can express their worthless opinion more than once. It’s so phony. Where do these wannabees come from? Are they still angry that their high school coach didn’t recognize their talent?


  9. Cojones

    Hill Dawg- You will never get some of these egoists to ever agree that what they do hurts the team. They fire back as to how naive you are concerning their view as to what constitutes “coaching”. Worse, they will show up with their pathetic play-calling that illustrates their shallow view as to what the staff and team experiences as bad luck while they have naive answers embedded in Xs and Os. There is no cure for their brand of negativism. Most of us ,however, can appreciate the Coach and team’s sense of loss when shit happens. While it temporarily depresses us all, many of us prefer to fight alongside them for the best possible positive recovery. “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is now becoming a positive euphemism, unlike the put-down it once was.

    Four years ago we had horrendous luck with injuries that lasted two years and was exacerbated by player misconduct. What some of these idiots failed to see was the huge 8-ball the team had to dig from under just to carry on with the seasons. We were poised for the start of our glory years when fate intervened and the remainder of the team, cross-trained and without experience at new positions, had to make up for personnel loss by playing their guts out. Some didn’t and they got the press while the rest of the good Dawgs were ignored. Some of these “Boo-Birds” fans pounded the coaches mercilessly because they were embarrassed by the field play. Never mind that we all were hurting. These wannabes have continued on with their Yech-like criticisms and deluded themselves and others that they were “negative constructors” as they unknowingly played themselves and some Dawg fans into our enemy’s camp. That had subsided in the last month, but as each new player ding occurs, the coach-detractors appear out of the bushes to strike out in frustration. They are wrong-headed as fans, but there’s not much to do about it except cheer for them to leave their perceived sinking ship like rats. We need to pound their snarkiness into oblivion when they attack (going too far with criticism).

    Our Dawgs and coaches need to hear from us during these times, but in a good way. There are people paid to worry about replacing coaches and they don’t need our fair-weather fans to help them. They need the positive fan base to speak up in support and let the chips lay where they fall…..on the field. Sic’em Dawgs!!


  10. OldDawg55

    I’ll cut my long winded retort I had thought up on the nay sayers and just say that Hill and Cojones did a great job of expressing my..and I hope the majority of Dawg fans, feeling on the subject. Coach T will get the bodies ready and CMR will do the brain work and the Dawgs will GATA and make us proud !!


  11. Will Trane

    King’s numbers? Oh, yes. I could go back, repeat what I said about this player the past two seasons. But no need. It is amazing how CMR and staff rode with King right to his exit from campus. 2009 should have been his last, but you know CMR.
    You would think missionary CMR would start getting some of this right.
    Georgia has struggled with wins when they do not have a solid running game.Somewhere you would think Bobo and Richt would understand that. Plus they will come to realize how important that is in the SEC. Without it you will not get to the Dome. Richt just does not seem to understand you have to have a “roster”. And he can not seem to keep one. Either they are arrested and dismissed, injured and decide to end football, decide to forego their senior year and go pro, or dropped due to acedemics. And the call from under center is “we wish them well in their next endeavor”.
    Richt had better hope he does have a roster to play because the team coming to see them right out of the gate does.