No they can’t take that away from me.

As part of the brutal punishment that Ohio State has elected to inflict upon itself, the 2010 players will be allowed to keep their Big Ten championship rings.

Save ’em for a rainy day, fellas.  You never know when another tattoo might come in handy.


UPDATE:  Stewart Mandel thinks what we see may be all they get.



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7 responses to “No they can’t take that away from me.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Dear Mom and Dad,

    I am sorry for stealing your booze and staying out past curfew. To redress this grievous wrong, I propose the following punishment:

    I will confine myself to my room for the weekend, the room you have equipped with internet, cable TV and flat screen TV, and multiple video game systems. I will not leave, no matter how much I want to, considering my friends will be out of town anyway. I will be letting my girlfriend sneak in, and I am keeping the booze.

    I am certain you will accept this good-faith punishment and consider the matter resolved.


  2. Cousin Eddie

    They can’t take back what the players don’t have. That would require Tosu to reposess rings from every tatto shop, auto dealer, and drug dealer in Ohio.


  3. Cojones

    They could shave their heads and wring all the residual THC from their hair. They could snatch the blings from their collective noses, ears and lips and sell them with their DNA signature. They can take all their accumulated unsold uniform parts, sign them and then use them to build a bonfire to their vanities. They could…..aaahh! what the hell…….they still can use their rings as a cockring for their little dicks.


    • Macallanlover

      It isn’t just the players that are “widdle weenies”, their pomous fans and the administration are on the hook here as well. We all have players who break rules, most programs deal with it via punishment, and self-report. That is the manly thing to do. At tosu, soon to be shortened to just “da U” in honor of their new found fame, they have been knowingly running a huge con for years, and endorsing it. 2011 wasn’t when this problem began, the current problem was known for over two freaking years. Then they had the nerve to ask for a delay in punishment….and got it! That doesn’t even address what was overlooked when one Maurice Claret reported a loss of $12K dollars in stereo equipment from his CAR in 2002-2003. Did anyone not realize how impossible that was? They are as dirty as Da U used to be in the eighties, and Auburn and USC are today.

      How many times have you seen them insinuate how bad UGA is because of unpaid parking and speeding tickets, and driving on a suspended license? And we sit players for ANY game (s) when that happens, no deals cut, no excuses made. I would like for them to compare who we have kicked off for serious offenses, and sat for 1-5 games for driving issues. In fact, let them compare the UGA alcohol policy to any other school in NCAA D1. It irks me to see their wimpy, whiney fans, thug commissioner, and mouthy President throw stones at schools that far surpass their code of ethics.

      The only thing the Big X does better than other conferences is enforce the scholarship signing policy, and even then the abusing schools are not actually breaking the rule, just showing a lack of integrity by violating the spirit of it while hurting the underperforming players. I am proud we haven’t played that game, but embarrassed that Bama, Auburn, SC, Arky, and Old Miss continue to do so and Slime hasn’t shown the gonads to step up to it


  4. Rusdawg

    To Stewart’s credit….a man in Montana told him that is all they would get…..