Mr. Consistent

One knock I read about Aaron Murray in the comment threads here is that he played worse against the better teams on the schedule, as if that’s some unique insight.  What an observation like that fails to take into account is that other quarterbacks perform similarly.

If you take a look at last year’s SEC passer ratings, one thing you’ll find is that Murray was very good at avoiding being very bad in a regular season game.  His worst rating of the regular season came against Florida, when he finished with a 130.25.  What’s remarkable about that is that every other quarterback who finished on that list with Murray had at least one game during the regular season with a lower passer rating than he did.

  • Newton – 107.65
  • McElroy – 106.21
  • Mallett – 128.19
  • Garcia – 92.51
  • Hartline – 104.17
  • Relf – 49.25
  • Simms – 88.56
  • Masoli – 42.89
  • Brantley – 80.39
  • Jefferson – 15.20
  • Smith – 51.96

Even more impressive about that is Murray was the only freshman of the twelve.  There’s a reason he’s the likely preseason All-SEC first team quarterback.


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16 responses to “Mr. Consistent

  1. JaxDawg

    But against Florida………..why??????????????


  2. baltimore dawg

    i’ve never understood the anti-murray strain i’ve detected here and there. in addition to having a very good rs freshman season (individually), the guy showed tremendous toughness: he took a hell of a beating last year while a number of his teammates stood around and watched. i just don’t get how some people can’t like this guy.


  3. bad marinara

    Why? He’s a little short and doesn’t have a cannon.
    But I’m OK with that. Hopefully that means we get to keep him for three more years. (In this league imagine the luxury of a four-year starter.) He’s smart. He’s tough. And he can scramble. Let’s just protect him and take a little pressure off with a first down run every once in a while. I’ll take a little more David Greene-finding the open guy and a little less Stafford-forcing it into triple coverage. (Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be a huge fan of M.S.)
    What, do we want to back to the days of Overthrown’ Quincy?


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Aren;t you supposed to play worse against better teams? There’s a reason they’re better.


  5. Darrren Rovell

    Murray reminds me more and more of Drew Brees. Hopefully the lockout will be resolved soon and maybe Murray can spend parts the next off-season.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Murray is an unusual talent. He has the arm and mobility. But even more important, he can create something out of nothing – and bust open for a big play on any down, anywhere on the field. But we need Bobo to realize this and not pigeonhole AM to be a prototype dropback/statuesque passer. We need to add ‘improvisation’ to the playbook. That also means everyone on the O needs to be active. We need to keep blocking, keep trying to get open until the whistle blows on every play. We can’t have players standing around while AM does all the work.


    • Cojones

      How do you know that Murray “can create something out of nothing-and bust open for a big play on any down, anywhere on the field.”? You fly in the face of your own argument. You were able to glean this appreciation of Murray because Bobo let him accomplish those actions.

      I dont want Bobo to let Murray carry all the load. What do you do after he gets hurt due to fatigue? It’s because of Bobo and Richt that he is the best QB in the SEC……as a redshirt freshman! Bobo hasn’t held back Murray. Quite the contrary, he has done an excellent job of keeping him in the game to make differences. Even someone from Five Points would know that.


  7. Dog in Fla

    @ baltimore dawg: “i just don’t get how some people can’t like this guy.”

    me either. maybe the haters have highstrung skinny little girlfriends who take a little extra time to deal with and they haven’t been able to pay proper attention to aaron accomplishments.


  8. Ginny

    LOL @ Jordan Jefferson.