Summertime, and the blogging ain’t easy.

But there’s always a StinGTalk thread to help me make it through the day.

This guy in particular forecasts a pretty gloomy year…

It could go down hill for Richt really fast this season. Every single SEC game on their schedule is a potential loss. They’ll definitely start the season 1-2 with a win over Coastal Carolina. They’ll probably split the Mississippi schools (if Questionmark Crowell is both as good as they expect him to be, healthy, and otherwise eligible) and lose to UT. There’s a SOLID chance that they are 2-4 or 3-3 going into Vandy. An unlikely loss to Vandy at that point would unseat Richt. Their depth problems will catch up to them here and they’ll fall to UF (as usual), making Richt’s seat ridiculously hot. Auburn without Cam will be a tough one for them, but not unwinnable, and they’ll have to be vigilant to prevent Kentucky from becoming a trap game. We’re pretty likely to find a 5-6 or 6-5 bulldogs squad on the verge of collapse when we play them. A loss to us would seal the deal either way. Even in the best case scenario, after 1 semester at UGA, Crowell will be academically ineligible to play the potential bowl game, which they’ll lose, and Richt will still be out.

… although notice he can’t quite bring himself to predict a Tech victory.  Wuss.


UPDATE:  It goes without saying that this is a no-brainer.


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39 responses to “Summertime, and the blogging ain’t easy.

  1. heyberto

    That’s gold right there.. no pun intended.


  2. Sefdawg

    Is it weird that I don’t base my team’s success on how poorly my rival does? Because whether we are “a 5-6 or 6-5 bulldogs squad on the verge of collapse” or 10-1 and headed to the Dome, these guys will still be blathering on about CMR’s hot seat or how we play with ineligible players. Ahh Tech fans, always good for a laugh!


    • heyberto

      lol.. what’s that they say about clean up your own house before criticizing another? I think Tech has enough issues on the field that they don’t need to worry about us… but we all know how that fanbase obsesses over not being the Dawgs.


  3. The other Doug

    and they are the smarter ones? right.


  4. sowegadawg

    He used a program developed by Tech due out later this year. The only reported glitch is to be itthey has an inferiority complex. It refuses to acknowledge UGA so it just spits out shit when those letters are entered. They entered GT last month and the program refused to answer because it would not compute due to lack of data.


  5. Biggus Rickus

    I think my favorite part is that our “best case scenario” is having Crowell ruled academically ineligible for the bowl game. It’s like he doesn’t understand what words mean.


    • prosseroo

      Didn’t they vacate a few victories recently due to playing players that were academically ineligible?


  6. BeerMoney

    What I simply cannot get over is how they go on and on about how UGA is an outlaw thug school who plays ineligible players, yet take glee in celebrating when we police our players enough to kick them out of school when they don’t make grades. Which one is it StinkTalk? We demand to know so that we can be sure to get our mantra right to future recruits.

    These guys wouldn’t know a football from a vagina since they have never touched either.


    • Wonderful Ohio on the Gulf 'Dog



    • OKDawg

      +100. Kudos. May I borrow your football-vagina dialectic to shame a GT friend of mine?


      • BeerMoney

        Borrow away!

        And I love such educated responses as this from the StinkTalk crowd:

        “Sure, but I don’t see who they could get that is an actual upgrade over a guy, who as much as I hate to say this, has had as much success as Richt. UF, Tenn and Bama are eating into their recruiting, we’re eating into their recruiting. The best option for them at coach took the UF job.”

        1. Who is GT getting that is on UGA’s list? The kid out of Central Gwinnett who has never played a down of football perhaps?

        2. Will Muschamp is the BEST that we could get if Richt were no longer there? Okay, chief.


    • BMan

      The football/vagina line is the funniest thing I’ll read all week. Lexicon entry!


  7. simpl_matter

    GT goes 4-8 this year and it doesn’t take any snarky reasoning to justify that. The only pleasure they will have this season is when anything bad happens to the Dawgs


  8. Doug

    I haven’t seen a cavalcade of delusion like that since . . . well, the last StingTalk thread I stumbled onto.

    The most hilarious guys are the ones who not only cling to Paul Johnson’s “genius” status but act like Johnson is part of the reason Richt is on the hot seat right now. News flash, nerds, Coach Grouchypants is responsible for all of one win against the Dawgs, it happened nearly three years ago, and even with the two worst teams of his tenure Richt was able to punk your asses. So if we were to make a list of Reasons Mark Richt Might Get Fired, Tech wouldn’t show up until page 35 or so, and that’s if we wrote the list in 8-point type, single-spaced.


    • Sefdawg

      “and that’s if we wrote the list in 8-point type, single-spaced.” Good job putting it in terms they can understand!


  9. Spence

    Easily my favorite quote from this thread is this one talking about hiring a new coach if richt gets fired. Ah delusion:

    “i guess i’m picking the evil we know and we can beat is better than the one we don’t know. But i understand what you guys are saying.”

    Technically it is true that tech can beat Richt. God bless those little guys.


  10. The Life of Reilly

    Questionmark Crowell is Isaiah Crowell’s less confident cousin.


  11. Sanford222View

    This is pretty stellar as well, “this will probably be Richt’s last year, IMO.

    It just seems Richt has had MORE THAN his share of problems.

    If you keep hanging your hat on unsuccessful people it will come back on you.”

    You mean like Paul Hewitt, Chan Gailey, and Reggie Ball ?


  12. Sanford222View

    I wonder if UF has sent the Techies a thank you note yet?

    “I hope we can slam the end of the Richt era like we did Coker in Miami and “dadgum” Bobby at F$U.”

    What a joke!


    • Sanford222View

      and this….”It is funny that Paul Johnson is pretty much the hammer that drives in the last coffin nail of other coaches careers.”


      • Stoopnagle

        So, we should re-define the idea of being “Croom’d”?

        I’m not sure that’s something to brag about…


  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    A prayer disguised as as prediction.


  14. DawgFaithful

    Another delusional geek had to say this: ” actually don’t want Richt fired. I know the guy has beaten us a whole bunch but CPJ is alot smarter than him and with Richt at u(sic)ga’s helm, we have better chance of becoming a team that beats them on a yearly basis. Especially if we can step up in recruiting.”

    #1 You admit that Richt owns your ass since he’s been coach but you dont want him to be fired because you think you have a better shot at beating UGA if he is there??
    What kind of logic is that?
    # You also think that this will happen by Paul Johnson out smarting CMR and also there will be a sudden upswing in recruiting??

    The delusional Tech fan 🙂 Always good for a laugh. You live in a dream worl Pal.


    • Derek

      Makes perfect sense to me. I was distraught when SOS left UF. I mean we had beaten him once. It could have gotten worse than 1 out of 12 right? If I was tech I’d aspire to that sort of winning % vs. UGA and apparently they do.


  15. OKDawg

    My favorite quote:

    “But in the rare event that they manage to notch even one victory against the Dawgs, they act like they’ve permanently turned the tables in one fell swoop. To carry out the “little brother” analogy from last week, losing to Georgia Tech is like that one time your brother beat you in Scrabble — and then never let you hear the end of it.”

    So true. So, so true.


  16. D.N. Nation

    Vanderbilt is a potential loss?

    What, pray tell, have the ‘Dores done to make up for last year’s 43-point differential?


    • Nate Dawg

      I’m with you, I mean, did I read that right?!? Has he got us splitting them and a “vigilant” Kentucky team or even loosing both of them?


    • Dog in Fla

      They blowed a hole in the I-285 Maginot Line and are stealing all the recruits?

      Biggest surprise — “Vanderbilt has really created a buzz over the past few weeks. Out of their eight commitments, seven are from the state ofGeorgia,and they are in good shape to land some of the best from Tennessee at this stage as well. James Franklin and his staff are recruiting with confidence, and if this class sticks and comes together as expected, they could have their top class since class rankings have been kept up with.”–_vanderbilt_m.html


  17. Reptillicide

    LOL…. Tennessee is a loss for us. It’s not even a toss-up, he just says matter-of-factly that we lose that one.

    These guys are hilarious. Thanks, that truly brightened my day.


  18. WH

    I’ll admit that I occasionally dabble in a little Kool-Aid.

    That prediction, however, is equivalent to going face-down in an oversized punch-bowl, with Kool-Aid Man cheering you on with “Ooooooh YEAH!”


  19. NRBQ

    I don’t always watch bad football. But when I do, I prefer Yellow Jacket.