Cognitive dissonance

Chris Huston, aka Heisman Pundit, makes several interesting points in this post about reforming college football, but I find that I can’t get past the mental picture of an Auburn cello player to discuss any of ’em.  In fact, it’s making my head hurt to try.

Sorry, man.  I’m sure you meant well.


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4 responses to “Cognitive dissonance

  1. I suggest everyone that thinks simply making money available to players would curb violations to listen to this podcast:

    Basically, a Cincinnati criminology professor got the NCAA to sponsor a study in the mid-90s as to what causes players to take extra benefits, and it doesn’t really have anything to do with the availability of funds.


  2. Why does anybody think paying the players a set amount will stop under-the-table payments? Last time I checked, more money was still better than some money. If every program could pay the stars a couple grand a month, the elites would STILL try to kick in what they could on the QT to secure the best of the best.


    • I do agree with the idea of a “football” major though.


    • Bad M

      Exactly. I don’t understand the reaction. Why don’t we also offer to pay the people in prison not to steal. It would be cheaper than housing them. But let’s just see how that works out for you.
      Cheaters gonna cheat.