What’s better than a bye week?

I don’t know if you’ve caught the buzz about the 2012 schedule being published in the new Media Guide, but according to Seth Emerson, here’s what it looks like right now:

Sept. 1: Buffalo
Sept. 8: at South Carolina
Sept. 15: Florida Atlantic
Sept. 22: Vanderbilt
Sept. 29: Tennessee
Oct. 6: at Alabama
Oct. 13: at Kentucky
Oct. 27: vs. Florida
Nov. 3: Ole Miss
Nov. 10: at Auburn
Nov. 17: Georgia Southern
Nov. 24: Georgia Tech

Most of the reaction I’ve seen so far centers around the bye week (before Florida again, and not before Alabama).  But that’s not what intrigues me the most.  Check out who Georgia’s plays the week before the Tech game.  In essence, the Dawgs will get a tune-up for Johnson’s triple option against a team that runs the same offense with 1-AA players.  That sure beats trying to get up to speed against a scout team in Athens, even with a two-week preparation period.


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26 responses to “What’s better than a bye week?

  1. Cousin Eddie

    so UGA tunes up against almost 1A players with 1AA players, sweet. Question is who will score more against the dawgs. I hope they l
    “let” GSU score more points just to make a statement.

  2. heyberto

    I kind of like shaking up the routine in the schedule a bit.. but have to say that home games in October are much better than home games in September… but perhaps we’ll actually get some night games in September for a change.

    • Macallanlover

      Which of the home games in September do you think the WWL would really like to broadcast to a nationa audience? I didn’t think so either. But as a Georgia fan, only the TN game is worth the price of admission. This is what you get when you stop playing at least one decent OOC team home-and-home each year. Sure, the rat-trap hotels in Athens are happy to get the business, and the UGA fans who simply want a sure W are ecstatic, but (like the Boise critics say) who cares? No accomplishment in an improved record, and less value for the ticketholders.

  3. sUGArdaddy

    That’s a championship schedule right there. As much as 2011 sets up nice, 2012 sure does look good with the dream team in year 2 and aaron’s junior year.

    • zdub

      +1. 2011, though success is still possible, is shaping up to be a let down year in terms of fan expectations and actual on-field performance.

      2012 does set up quite nicely with 3 out of the first 4 basically guaranteed wins that will get the team game ready for the later SEC schedule. Ever the pessimist, even I am having trouble finding a problem with that 2012 schedule.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agreed. McGarity is really stroking the schedule to give CMR every advantage.

    • Macallanlover

      Do you not wonder why you are elated with this directional move to a “championship schedule” while Boise is derided by SEC fans for not playing anyone? Not to compare the Boise schedule to the SEC, but they are copmplaining because they cannot get quality opponents to play them while UGA is cancelling contracts to play creampuffs. If quality opponents is the measure of how you gain respect, it follows that Boise deserves more respect than we do (in a “directional” way), but if striving for a “championship/creampuff schedule” is the way to go, BSU is waaaayy ahead of us. Just funning, but I really don’t get givng a standing O for increasing the number of garbage games.

      Fans should want good contests, lots of them, every week. Hell, we only get 12 Saturdays a year, why waste them with games against Buffalo and Utah State? It is like going to the butcher and saying “give me the round steak this time but continue to charge me the price of Bone-in Ribeye” and I will tell everyone what a great business you run.

      Just seems goofy and illogical to me, but I am weird like that. Imagine being stoked and looking forward to seeing a great game every weekend. Crap, I was thinking about proposing extending the season but I honestly don’t think I could take any more of this. Adding the 12th game gave everyone a chance to add some new, and exciting, games to CFB but that is being squandered by this type thinking.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        I agree we’d all like more challenging games. But I think McGarity is right to stroke the schedule until CMR shows he has his ship back together. McGarity is dealing with reality – he’s watched us lose to teams like UCF, Colorado and Oklahoma State. Neither he, nor CMR, is going to keep their jobs for long if they schedule tougher opponents and lose (see UT vs Oregon). The schedule reflects the current state-of-affairs of UGA football. We need some creampuffs in order to add wins to our record.

      • adam

        to be fair, boise could still ends up with like 1 (or maybe 2) tough games per year with their “efforts.”

        they could play more if they’d offer to go play at someone’s stadium, but they want neutral sites or home-and-home setups. no one will play them home-and-home because it’d be a huge waste of money. in my eyes, for boise to get to go to the NT they should have to deal with actually travelling to play a good team in their stadium. we go to alabama, lsu, auburn, etc.

        they last time i remember them going to an opponent’s stadium without a return trip was playing us in 2005. they talk a big game, but they don’t really have that “any team, any time, anywhere” mentality.

  4. Vindexdawg

    I’ve always hated the idea of opening the season with GSU and gag at the thought even now. But I have reconciled over the years with the idea that we (along with about 98% of the CFB world) are going to have a 1AA team on the schedule each season. If it’s going to be GA Southern every election year, then put them where they’ll be of some use. Great idea.

  5. DawgPhan

    I am loving the new florida style scheduling…should be gimmes before big games, strategic bye weeks all of it makes me think highly of our new AD.

  6. AlphaDawg

    I love this schedule, i was thinking McGarity should do something like this as far as the GT game is concerned. Theres tons of Option teams in AA(or whatever thier calling it now). Why is USC alway the 2nd game of the year? I wish we could push it to 3rd or later, giving us 2 easier warmup games prior to the meat of the East.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Agreed. Let their lack of depth be a factor!

      • Macallanlover

        In a odd juxtaposition of roles, this season UGA is the team which may need to play the tougher games early due to lack of depth.

  7. George Glass

    And we open the season with Chan Gailey.

  8. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This is a well thought out schedule. This is the kind of schedule that FLA had when winning 2 BCSNCs. This is the kind of schedule that UGA had for years during the days when Dooley was HC and Joel Eaves was AD. This is the kind of schedule one gets when you have an AD that is NOT F#CKED UP! Thank goodness for red panties.

    • Bad M

      The only one who thought we needed to prove ourselves was Evans. Like he had an inferiority complex. We don’t need to play ANYONE to prove ourselves. We are The University of Georgia. We just take care of business and we’ll have more than proven ourselves.

      /Now just take care of business guys.

  9. Dog in Fla

    with an Oct. 6 date for Tuscaloosa, at least it won’t be 100+ degrees like it was the last time

  10. I loove the aspect of getting Ga Southern before Tech as well. It will also be weird having Vandy and Tenn flip flop from their normal spots and to be playing those schools in September.

  11. Macallanlover

    Wonder if TN will get their wish to move Florida back in their schedule. They have always complained they needed more time for preparation, and certainly could handle a tough opponent in November when their schedule is traditionally very soft. Next year they would have UGA two weeks after the Gaytors rather than the usual 3 week spread. I cannot see UF moving them between UGA and FSU in November though, so don’t know how they resolve it. Based on the Dawgs 2012 schedule though, the SEC seems willing to shake a few things up, blessed by Satan and Cheatzik of course.

  12. Dawg Stephen

    With TN and BAMA back to back, no need to complain about the OOC schedule.. and in 2013 we have CLEMSON, LSU, AND BAMA on the schedule.. give us a break!!!

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