I smell Pulitzer.

Pardon me if I chuckle, but does anyone here think this will end well?


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5 responses to “I smell Pulitzer.

  1. OKDawg

    Can’t wait for this little nugget – “and a high school prospect who turned down an offer from Ole Miss.” Scintillating.


  2. FisheriesDawg

    It’ll be interesting to see how he manages to insult UGA repeatedly in this one given our near total lack of oversigning activity. I’m sure he’ll find a way.


    • Doug

      Aw, poo! I left a comment making a very similar observation early this morning, and it’s been deleted.


  3. TimRankine

    This guy should get a permanent appointment to the oversigning beat — he fits in well with the others who flog that topic and think of themselves as neo-abolitionists.


  4. Bill

    On a positive note, he has moved from the Dalton Daily News to the Gainesville Times, so his rocket -like trajectory to the Big Time continues unabated. Next stop-AJC!