It’s official: Georgia Tech lies, cheats.

And is fined $100K, forfeits the 2009 ACC title and gets put on four years’ probation for its troubles.

Another proud moment on the Flats.


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  1. Do they have $100k?
    I remember a question posed to the players from 2009, would you rather beat UGA or win an ACC Title.

    Turns out they didn’t do either.


  2. AlphaDawg

    In response, Ga Tech President was just glad Coach Johnson didn’t punch him in the face.


  3. DawgPhan

    All you need to know about the NCAA is summed up by their repeated misspelling of “ya’ll”.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    wonder how this effects CMR won loss record??


    • MA

      It doesn’t; per the PDF, only the win (singular) during the vacated period was vacated (the ACC championship game appearance is the only victory during the time period in question).


  5. Castleberry

    On a serious note, it reads like the NCAA was upset because Tech played guys they had advised were under NCAA investigation.

    Did I miss something? Can someone explain how this is different than Cam playing during last year’s investigation? Or Ohio State getting a delayed punishment for their kids?

    I guess I’m still irritated about AJ sitting out the first four last year.


    • Dawgy45

      The NCAA was more upset that their investigation was obstructed; the school was told not to alert a player that a NCAA interview was forthcoming but they did so anyway.

      And all this time I have been told that the Jackettes are better than everyone else.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        What?!! The NCAA thinks it has the right to ambush kids? No right to know the charges against you? No right to counsel? No right to even have your parents present? WTF? Are we living in Russia?


  6. adam

    this means that they haven’t won an ACC title since 1990. 2009 and 1998 are both vacated. wonderful.

    tech fans act like they’re so damn smart, yet they get busted and auburn doesn’t (yet). hmmmmmm.


    • Dawgwalker07

      Street smarts VS book smarts strikes again.


    • Doug

      I object to the implication that Tech ever had a claim to the ’98 league title, or any portion thereof. GT and FSU both finished 7-1 in ACC play that season, but the ‘Noles blew the Jackets off the map, 34-7, in their ’98 game. Losing by four TDs to the team you supposedly “tied” with doesn’t sound like much of a tie to me.


  7. Scott

    For those waiting on the Tech media guide, it sounds like there will be some revisions and reprints to come first.


    • retwely

      I’m sure both of the fans who buy it are heartbroken


      • DawgWalker07



      • 81Dog

        wouldnt it just be cheaper, and faster, for GTU to send an intern to both fans’ homes with a xerox copy of the roster and let said intern look up GTU football statistics stuff on the internet? Maybe they could outsource the job to some kid from Mumbai.


        • George Glass


          I’ll have you know that kid in Mumbai has a Masters in Electrical Engineering for THE Georgia Institute of Technology.

          (And a scar on his head from a North Avenue mugging).


          • Dog in Fla

            So the correct answer to your quiz in the earlier Tech post is (c)

            George Glass
            July 14, 2011 at 10:30 AM

            If it’s a pay for play scandal, were payments made in:
            (a) Yuan
            (b) Yen
            (c) Rupees
            (d) All of the above


      • Cojones

        You beat me to it. Good Dawg.


  8. Doug

    I already Tweeted this, but it’s just too perfect for this occasion


  9. George Glass

    Judging by the grammar, diction and syntax on display in the report, Georgia Tech is clearly an Institute of superior intellect and education than our loathsome cow college in “Athins”.


  10. Dawgy45

    Why the restrictions on basketball recruiting? I mean, I know their football recruiting is craptastic, but is it so bad that the NCAA has to resort to punishing the basketball team?


  11. 69Dawg

    Would seem Paul J got a little egg on his face. The AD should be fired for his “management” decision.


    • DawgWalker07

      To be honest, this type of stuff doesn’t really suprise me. I have a cousin who is a walk-on kicker for Tech, and he told me last year one of their players burned down a barn over the summer. When I asked why I hadn’t heard about it he said they did a good job of keeping it from the paper.

      Now if someone on UGA’s team went out and burned down a barn, we’d know about it as it was burning, but I think Tech has developed a habit of covering stuff up. This definitely is blowing up in their faces.


    • heyberto

      I didn’t read the report the Senator posted, and maybe I’ll get to it, but I’m really curious who did the ‘lying’.


  12. Go Dawgs!

    Happy Sanctions Day, everybody!


  13. heyberto

    If this is a light sentence for lying to the NCAA over $300 and change.. imagine what’s coming for Ohio State…


  14. Dog in Fla

    “At the conclusion of the interview, the committee noted that the general counsel seemed to minimize the seriousness of the roommate’s involvement in this violation by posing a leading question to student-athlete 1 with no follow-up;

    GENERAL COUNSEL: Would you consider (the roommate) to be a friend?
    GENERAL COUNSEL: Good enough. That was easy.” (COI Report/Page 6 of 26)

    “The former general counsel was not the only person at the institution who conveyed a combative attitude toward the investigation.” (COI Reportt/Page 7 of 26)

    Perhaps instead of combative General Counsel from Staples, Radakovich should have had more combative General Counsel like this guy


  15. D.N. Nation

    Can’t stand him for his endless Boise hyping, but…

    “If you want to know how far the AJC has fallen, lack of reporting on Tech case is a great indicator.” – Pat Forde



  16. Nate Dawg

    Wonder what a tattoo parlor in Columbus would charge me for a tattoo that reads “tech lies and cheats”??


  17. TennesseeDawg

    I figured they would receive sanctions just for this


  18. RandallPinkFloyd



  19. Bill

    Here’s a quote from the AJC article-
    “Paul Parker, formerly the [GT] assistant athletics director at compliance, left in April to take a job with Auburn.”

    I imagine he’s fitting right in at his new job.


  20. OKDawg

    And GT nerds insult the intelligence of our student-athletes:

    “It was, is that, what day it is, it was one day during the, a week ago maybe, no it’s been longer than that. Maybe, like, a month, maybe, um, I got a random text message (from his cousin) . . . And when we went so I was, me and (student-athlete 2) went over (to the cousin’s home) and (the agency employee) and them was over there. And, um, like you was saying they had some clothes, some Adidas wear or whatever.”

    Clearly this young man needed to change his shorts after the interview.


    • Stoopnagle

      It’s “pot” and “kettle.” They funnel their athletes onto the M-train. They have them take calc at Atlanta Metro. They play all the fun little games everyone else does. We just have more places to hide them.


  21. have no fear smith is here

    I want to be the first to nominate Radikovich for next Superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools [or at least the testing division}:
    From Radakovich:
    “There was no intent to influence testimony. We cooperated fully during process.”
    “We don’t agree with the report and its findings.”
    “Not a proud day for me.”
    “We disagree but we will move forward.”


  22. Stoopnagle

    First, bad news for North Avenue is automatic good news in Athens. Point. Laugh. Repeat. Especially at the self-righteousness.

    But really, is the actual violation worth 4 years of probation? That is, BayBay – ahem, student-athlete 1 – accepting some Addidas gear (and presumably Mr. Burnett’s acceptance of a watch) from someone connected to an agent. That gets 4 years pro? I would HATE to be tOSU right now.

    Compared to what A.J. did… it’s at least similar. He broke a rule that was created as a response to actions of former UGA players about which our compliance people should be making our athletes very aware. Of course, it’s questionable if AJ knew he was selling to someone connected to an agent; and it seems like student-athlete 1 and 2 (I have an image of “Thing 1” and “Thing 2”) were pretty sure they were dealing with someone associated with an agent.

    As we all recognize, what Tech just got nailed for was being uncooperative with the NCAA. Let’s all file this away the next time NCAA comes to town and one of our fellow faithful take the position that we should stone-wall. Four years probation. Wow. I would REALLY HATE to be tOSU right now.

    In the end, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

    Can’t wait for Clean Old Fashioned Hate at the Joke so I can ask what happened to the ’09 banner. Fun times.


  23. Spike

    It is Christmas in July, bitches. Priceless, just priceless.


  24. Hogbody Spradlin



  25. Lord, Thank you for Mark Richt & the way He operates the Football Program. Can you imagine the comments & jubilation that would ensue If this happens to the Dawgs?.


  26. JaxDawg

    This must really sting the tech fans.


  27. Will Trane

    How did the AJC sit on this so long?
    And they thought they were bullet proof.


  28. NRBQ

    Best comment from a Dawg fan:

    “By my calculations, our 1st round receiver is ahead of ya’lls 1st round receiver by about 685 bucks. Now who’s smarter?”


  29. have no fear smith is here

    Now this is what I call COACHING EM UP folks:
    NCAA Report
    “…was expressly told not to discuss the information reported about student-athlete 2 with anyone except the institution’s president and director of athletics….”
    “…. the director of athletics then made the unilateral decision that the head football coach should be apprised of this situation. He stated that sharing information with the head football coach was “a managerial decision” and that he did so in the interest of maintaining”communication and trust” between himself and the head football coach. The head football coach, in turn, discussed this matter, with student-athlete 2. Later, in a group
    setting, which included student-athlete 2, the director of athletics, the head football coach, a senior associate director of athletics and the compliance director, student-athlete 2 was questioned by the compliance director about the information he (the compliance director) had received from the enforcement staff about student-athlete 2’s possible involvement in agent activity. This meeting occurred despite explicit instructions from
    the enforcement staff not to discuss the information with anyone except the president and the director of athletics. ”

    The “group setting ” with student-athlete had to be an awesome time to “help” him get his answers in line with the common cause of pursuing the vaunted ACC CHAMPIONSHIP- which is not just a small fish fry for those of you who don’t know. Nor is it “just another game, dawg” as Reggie Ball can remind us.


  30. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I gotta say this. Nobody dislikes Tech more than I do. Friends ask my advice (incredible as it may seem) about where their children should go to college (sometimes to play sports–particularly golf, a sport in which Tech has a particularly good program) and I ALWAYS tell them “Whatever you do DO NOT LET YOUR KID GO TO GEORGIA TECH!” But…….this is one of the most chickensh!t actions by the NCAA that I have ever seen. $312 of clothes? From the guy’s cousin and/or his cousin’s roommate? This from that august body that did NOTHING about Cam Newton being shopped around by his ole man for $180,000 because Cam said he “didn’t know.” You will recall in earlier posts I have talked about how the NCAA hammers basically honest programs for minor violations to keep up appearances to the public that it is actually doing something to police college sports. Yet it takes no action or gives a slap on the wrist to those that are the biggest violators. I am unaware of Tech paying players or engaging in other serious violations that would, in a rational universe, require them to have to give up a conference championship. Instead, in the upside down Alice in Wonderland universe in which the NCAA operates that less than worthless piece of sh!t organization thinks that $312 (I guess at retail price) in clothing warrants this penalty. I say Tech, get your battery of lawyers and sue the Holy Hell out of that despicable cabal. If you need funding this Dawg will contribute. And to any of you out there who support this action by the NCAA just because it was taken against a hated rival, to you I say: “There but for the grace of God go we.” Remember AJ Green and the UGA 2010 season that was sabotaged by the NCAA? UGA-Tech is just a heated rivalry. The NCAA is our real enemy.


    • Cojones

      Agree with you in a round-about way.

      If consistency was it’s watchword, the NCAA could never tell time. They go from permitting tosu to play in the Sugar Bowl while aware that they were ineligible to the nth degree to the not-so-aware mantissa of GT’s sanctional offense. But, of course, it was all the horror GT created by not following NCAA’s instructions not to tell the Coach. That WAS Pome de Rue! But dumb and dumber decided to “coach” the others up for the post-tosu Big Badass NCAA interviews. Since that was the source of their “who-the-hell-are-they” ire, the Strawman convinced the Lion that he had to roar louder and…..sorry, wrong looking-glass fable.

      Anyway, to prove what Badasses they are (or have become since the start of tosu’s mess that they are actually complicit in) they needed a scapegoat without clout to prove their strident point as the martinet of college ball. While at it, they clipped the BBallers too. What they forgot to say was, “and that goes for your damn cat also”.

      Nice and thoughtful post , but you mistyped your last word. There’s a “y” where an “a” should go.


    • Gravidy

      I’m with ya, Mayor. If I have to decide whether I hate Tech or the NCAA more, the NCAA will win that match every time. This is just the latest in their decades-long series of bovine droppings.


  31. I wanna Red Cup

    Tech has been lyin ‘n cheatin a long time. I been watchin em. And the AJC and Mark Bradley must be real proud of their cracker jack reporting that uncovered this crap only when it was announced by the NCAA. I guess his nose was too far up CPJ’s ass to see it.


    • Merk

      To be fair…reports about a guy on our Recruiting staff was going to get more page views then a report about Tech cheating. Its all about the views.