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Crazy, crazy game.


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He’ll be here all season, folks. Try the veal.

You guys know I’m a sucker for gallows humor.  So kudos to Mark Richt, who got off a good line according to newly minted commit Derrick Henry’s head coach.

Henry’s a very talented rising junior running back about whom Richt had this to say:

Ramsay said that coach Mark Richt joked “I’m trying to see if we can graduate him after his junior year.”



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There’s no point in being hypocritical about it.

Derek Dooley has an oversigning problem.

… The old rule, under which the Vols signed 27 players in 2010 and 28 in February, helped the Vols build their number of scholarship players back closer to the NCAA-mandated limit of 85 after more than 40 players left the program for various reasons over the last five recruiting classes during the instability of three different coaching staffs in three consecutive years.

The Vols, who could bring in 26 players in this class, currently stand one player over that limit. One of the Vols’ freshmen likely will have to grayshirt, which would prohibit the player from participating with the team while he is still taking classes.

Not that he’s bothered much about it.

“The first day of camp it’ll be resolved,” Dooley said. “We’ll have our 26 initials. It’s premature right now to start speculating on who’s what.”

I’m sure the kids who are on the bubble agree totally.

Interesting trend I’m seeing in the wake of the rule change – coaches aren’t even making an effort to sound like they’re agonizing over roster management issues anymore.  It’s just part of the routine.


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