CFN’s Georgia preview

Pete Fiutak really pushes the 2010 Auburn/2011 Georgia comparison as hard as he can, bless his heart, in his preseason preview of the Dawgs, even to the point of including three players  who weren’t even on the field last season in his list of Georgia’s five best (with John Jenkins ranked ahead of Aaron Murray!) just so you’d get his point about what Fairley and Newton contributed out of the blue last year, but it’s hard to take any preview seriously that completely fails to mention Ken Malcome.

It’s not as if it’s hard to keep track of Georgia’s tailbacks right now.

Here’s his look at the defense, if you’re interested.



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16 responses to “CFN’s Georgia preview

  1. TennesseeDawg

    If you ignore the fact we have no proven WR, no depth at OL or RB and the guy listed as a “star” player has never played a down for us, we should be fantastic.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I’m an optimist and not a pessimist, but this did come close to making me shoot coffee out of my nose. Well done.


    • Keese

      I’m usually very critical and pessimistic of UGA football…always one of those “here we go again” moments for me throughout the offseason and in-season every single year. Not this offseason.

      Now with that being said, I have a good feeling about this team and how we match up vs every single matchup this team will face. I’m predicting to blow out Boise and beat SC handily. Florida will fall this year too. I’ll take Grantham licking his chops vs Weis. Muschamp defenses do not scare me and we always match well when he was at Auburn.

      Only bust I predict is Crowell. From what I’m hearing and seen firsthand his attitude, work ethic and motivation is lagging. Thomas Brown has pretty much taken over keeping him in check and doing what he’s supposed to do.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    He also called Richard Samuel a “tough power runner”.


  3. Anon

    Pete Fiutak is a boob.


  4. MenloDawg

    Said the strength of our LBs (I believe) was tackling. Funny how things rapidly turn around.


  5. simpl_matter

    The Bulldogs shut down Stephen Garcia and the South Carolina passing game

    Really?!? I think it would be more correct to say Lattrimore just ran roughshod on us for 4 quarters and they didn’t need to go to the air.


    • MenloDawg

      Indeed, Jeffery pretty much had his way with us. Nobody else did much, but they didn’t need anybody else to do much.


  6. Cojones

    C’mon. Fiutak wrote a good review and you criticize it? He could have easily accentuated our larger problems and nit-picked the rest. EASILY, like some of you already have.

    How many teams does he take the time to report on each summer? He does study teams well for time allotted. At this point I consider the writeup a gift that won’t appear again this coming season when the gang with hatchets appear. You would fall face forward on your computers if the AJC only wrote a smidgen of his assessment.

    What’s not to like? He didn’t go into any depth of our incoming class? Hell, that’s good! Maybe there is a surprise or two that can remain secret until we spring them. He didn’t wring his hands like we do over our RB “situation”? He could have. Instead, he gave a fair assessment of what we have to put on the field.

    Next time we should tip him off ahead of time that we are so dispirited that we can’t even welcome good words from a good writer on a national stage. Man do we feel sorry for ourselves! So far you are looking this gift horse in the chin. Move your gaze upwards for God’s sake. You may make the rest of us sad and hypercritical.

    Thanks, Pete. It was nice , fair and accurate. Some of us honestly appreciate it at this low….high….low….high….low part of our offseason


    • … he gave a fair assessment of what we have to put on the field.

      Exactly how did he do that if he left out any mention of Ken Malcome?


      • Macallanlover

        Don’t know if it is too much Kool Aide or my natural inclination to feel positive about UGA football every summer, but to paraphrase a line from a Kenny Roger’s song “something tells me they are reading Malcome wrong”. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying he is All-SEC caliber, but would be surprised if he doesn’t end up being servicable at a time when we absolutely need at least that. To not evenmention him is poor form on Fiutak’s part and I hope it lights a fire under the young man.


      • Cojones

        Let me get this straight; because he omitted Malcome ,it is not a good positive piece about our team? Maybe leaving him out was a blessing compared to different Dawgbone blogs running him into the ground (pun intended). I disagree with those blogs also.

        I disagree that the offensive omission (no pun intended) takes away from his review. He left a number of names out including fullbacks, only mentioned one of the WRs. Those omissions don’t diminish the piece nor the individuals. Singling out Malcome while not mentioning Ogletree could be considered a slight on your part. Mentioning Crowell, Jenkins several times and giving ink to Jarvis Jones could be considered a slight to the entire team since at least two of them haven’t even set cleats on the field.

        I took what he offered positively and omissions didn’t diminish the article for those who were mentioned. I reiterate that it was a nice piece that was positively framed.


  7. OKDawg

    Is Gus Malzahn = Mike Bobo another aspect of his assessment? Pretty much a toss-up there.


  8. Hope that I was wrong but when they first signed Malcome, I thought they were signing a future Fullback. Now I hope he can compete for the top RB position. He is needed now.


    • By Georgia We Did It

      Didn’t Dooley say the same thing about Herschel Walker prior to the season opener w/ UT? Something to the effect of “….we might just have us a fullback on our hands.”.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    A few things stood out to me. 1) The D line should be very, very tough – they’re big, athletic and at least 2 deep. Good coaches would ride these hosses to a lot of wins. 2) If not for the shift from S by Ogletree, I think we’d be in trouble with smallish ILB’s like Robinson & Gilliard. R & G are outside ‘backers playing out of position. 3) How did we lose 7 games while the D improved to #23 nationally? 4) Will the O ever rank as high as #23 nationally – don’t hold your breath.