And with that, he knew what he had to do.

Nick Saban’s ultimate “he doesn’t have time for this shit” story at Miami:

“It was funny, when I was playing for the Dolphins in Miami and we were having problems with penalties, I told Coach Saban, ‘Let’s make ’em roll.’

“All of the other guys were kinda laughing. I was serious. I think it would’ve gotten the point across, but I guess you can’t really do that in the League.

“In college, you have the scholarship hanging over their heads. You can make the guys roll and throw up.

“Coach Saban laughed. He thought it was funny: ‘Are you (kidding) me? We’re going to have Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas and these guys out here rolling? They’ll tell me to go (do something that’s anatomically impossible).’ “

This is why I find speculation about Saban returning to the NFL funny.  He gets to combine the control college coaches have over their players with a little professional-style roster management.  It’s the best of both worlds, so why would he ever consider leaving?


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  1. the same with the ole ball coach. Can you imagine him screaming in his QB’s face like he does in college. Those things don’t work in the pros.


  2. Scott W.

    Professional style roster mgmt! Amen Senator!


  3. Go Dawgs!

    I’d pay money to see Saban climb up on a step ladder to tell Jason Taylor that he has to roll down the football field.


  4. Bryant Denny

    Maybe he should have just taken the team swimming and showed them how to do divIng tricks!


  5. Jeff Sanchez

    “In college, you have the scholarship hanging over their heads.”

    Wow. Unreal.

    The disadvantage UGA is at with our refusal to oversign and conduct our program this way is enormous. With 60-70 kids on scholly right now, we’re basically on probation.

    Honestly, I’d rather be an 8-9 and occasional 10 win program and not oversign than win 10-11 every year and be a Bama or LSU.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That may be a noble ambition Jeff but when you lose that additional number of players that everyone else seems to be getting through oversigning the likelihood is that you get passed by several teams not just a couple and instead of winning 8-9 games as you suggest it will be more like 6-7 games won. Every SEC West team now oversigns. The Ol’ Ball Coach now has crossed over. It looks like UT is doing it, too. How long before Kentucky joins in? I can see a situation develop where the normal SEC record for UGA is 3-5 or 4-4 particularly in seasons where the Dawgs play Auburn, Bama and LSU from the West. We’d have to win all the OOC games in that scenario. I don’t like oversigning either but if we don’t do it then we are at a competitive disadvantage.


    • Bryant Denny

      I think it’s fine with the rest of the conference if UGA sets it’s sites on 6 to 9 win seasons.

      Have a good day,



      • Dog in Fla

        And that’s more than enough for Bob Bishop also, too

        Bishop was asked if the board would have to respond to alumni or fan dissension.

        “You’ve got to listen; that’s why we serve on the board. But most of that doesn’t play into it,” he said. “You evaluate the program independently and how the program is progressing. We’ve had a couple of down years. It will be very nice if he can improve that 6-and-7, at least modestly. But I think our program is in good shape.”


  6. Dog in Fla

    Bobby Petrino, Steve Spurrier, Dennis Erickson, Butch Davis, Rich Brooks, Mike Reilly, Bill Callahan, Pete Carroll, Lane Kiffin agree with Nick who really doesn’t have time for a number of things such as, “Dolphins’ Saban Snubs Bush for Dinner”

    “How did Saban’s wife react to his decision to decline?

    “I’d rather this not become a public issue, because I don’t think I even told her, to be honest with you,” Saban said. “Now that you mention it, maybe I should wear a helmet home tonight.”