Ladies and gentlemen, start your DVRs.

This should be awesome.

More details here.



Like I said, awesome.


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25 responses to “Ladies and gentlemen, start your DVRs.

  1. Jim

    “5 – 10 – 12 – he’s running over people!”

  2. DWH

    I assume they mean Wednesday, Sept 7th. Got my reminder on. Looks interesting.

    • Ausdawg85

      + infinity. We were blessed to have him as one of our own. Too bad we can’t seem to keep him more involved. Honorary lifetime access to players and sidelines would be but a start.

  3. Zdawg

    um yea…I’m gonna watch that.

  4. Umich

    side note: are we getting new scoreboards? what was up with the shot of the missing scoreboard in the stadium?

    • By Georgia We Did It

      Yep, do a search and you’ll find the info. Big HD version will be ready for this fall.

  5. Russ

    Oh man, I just watched the preview and got all misty-eyed. Herschel was the greatest I ever saw, and I’m glad I got to see him run.

  6. Dubyadee


  7. Richt-Flair

    Chills … especially with him surrounding by the current players practicing.

  8. Go Dawgs!

    Holy crap. How is it possible that ESPN would make Dawg Porn that’s more Dawg Porn-y than anything we could make ourselves? ESPN, I take back everything I’ve said about y’all lately.

  9. TennesseeDawg

    Once again, Herschel could walk off the street right now and start for Georgia and possible lead the SEC in rushing this year. Dude is the closest thing to a superhero we have in real life.

    • JasonC

      You ain’t kiddin’. That guy looks like he is still in his 20s. He might use a little dye in the hair, but geez, he doesn’t look his age.

  10. HamDawg11

    Wow, chills all over…

  11. Dustin

    he still has a year of eligibility left, right?

  12. Sefdawg

    So, where do I go to pre-order my DVD copy?

  13. Sefdawg

    Also, perfect timing the Wednesday after the opener. It will either be a great way to continue the Dawg ecstacy, or be a good way to bring me back to the fold after I swear off watching games forever! (which usually happens after every loss and lasts about 4 days)

  14. Ugacrazy

    Can we please play this before every game… During warm ups?

  15. 69Dawg


  16. Hobnailed Boots


  17. Tell me that footage of him telling the team what it means to be “Georgia” is a soon-to-be frequent occurrence.

  18. JaxDawg

    I was 9 in 1980, now I’m 39. My father told me back then that in my lifetime, I’ll never see another football player like Herschel. I’ve thought about that comment over the years and you know what?, he was right then and he’s right now.

    We want see another one like him, ever. God bless Georgia.

  19. JaxDawg

    Either he should be #1 or # 30. Save the best for last. Jesus what an incredible competitor. A once in a 100 year combination of talent and desire.

    Once in a hundred years.