There’s such a fine line between motivation and excuse.

So if 2011 doesn’t prove to be the year when Paul Johnson gets his mojo back, how quickly do you figure the Tech faithful blame the NCAA for that?


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Paul doesn’t cheat except at board games and nearly everything on the field but he’s not a cheater. Back to chop block practice.

    • 81Dog

      what’s the old punchline? “We already established what kind of guy you are, Paul. Now we’re just negotiating over the price.”

  2. X-Dawg

    The manboob protesteth too much. The louder he denies cheating, the guiltier he looks.

  3. 81Dog

    The smug hypocrisy of the Mini-Skipper and his lemming defenders is unsurprising, galling, and hilarious. Can you imagine what a UGA coach who got caught trying to cover up a trifiling benefit to a student athlete would be called by GTU fans, especially if he testily denied any wrongdoing?

    Oh, wait. We dont have to imagine. Just back up the tape to the Jim Harrick fiasco. UGA fired him, blew up the basketball program, and fell on its sword for the NCAA. GTU? They drag their feet, investigate about as thoroughly as the university president grilling Thornton Mellon in Back To School, and proclaim themselves innocent victims of the mean old NCAA.

    Suck it up, PJ. You nerds were ALREADY ON PROBATION. I seem to recall the NCAA report in that case indicating that, while the bogus grade and credit calculations were going on, GTU tried to minimize THAT, and had to be prodded by the NCAA to come clean. That, of course, was loudly wailed about by the pencil necks, too. But, they’ll holler like hit dogs (see what I did there?) about how corruption/thugs/cheaters are the order of the day at UGA. Nice work, nerds.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    Tech fans had best not blame the NCAA for anything that happens this year. The NCAA didn’t do anything to impact Georgia Tech going forward. They didn’t touch scholarships, they didn’t restrict coaches’ recruiting efforts, they didn’t sanction them in any way. The only lasting effects are the removal of a banner, the stuffing of a trophy into a coat closet, probation, and a fine. Now, I suppose you can make the argument thant $100,000 could cripple the Yellow Jacket program, but in all seriousness, Tech 2011 hasn’t been damaged in any way. Will the probation scare away recruits? Probably not any more than the triple option has.

    • Darrren Rovell

      Tech should not be blaming the NCAA for anything anyway. I am sort of perplexed by the Dan Radakovich love coming from the fanbase, media and former players. Johnson is mad (or acting upset) at the NCAA because he cannot publicly blame his boss for the entire situation. He likes to have a “chip” on his shoulder and uses it for motivation.

      However, i would have expected more vitriol spewed toward Radakovich for mishandling this beyond belief. He took an isolated incident involving one player receiving a modest extra benefit and turned it into a major violation. Now he still wants to appeal it instead just acknowledging he made a mistake.

  5. D.N. Nation

    Oh brother. Lil’ Jeffy Schultz isn’t even trying anymore:

    “At the very least, Johnson wants it known that the Yellow Jackets gained no competitive advantage before the conference title win over Clemson.”

    Except that Thomas caught a 70-yard TD pass in a game Trek won by 5. You might’ve bothered asking him about that, Schultzy.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      Nevertheless, whether or not a competitive advantage was gained is not the point (although that is a pretty flimsy statement that you have punched right in the nose, D. N.). The point is that it is against the rules for a player to remain eligible after having received impermissible benefits. It’s black and white. The fact that Tech was already on probation for the exact same thing and tried to cover it up is what lead to the more stringent penalties. Even still, there is no loss of scholarships, bowl games or television.
      In the end… Okay, Coach, you’re right (not really, but bear with me). You gained no competitive advantage. With these penalties, you’re also losing no competitive advantage. It’s a push. Shut your hole.

  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Here’s where I differ with the posts on this thread. At least Johnson is standing up to the NCAA bastards instead of rolling over. One thing that I have learned as an attorney is that NOBODY has unbridled authority. The NCAA cannot do anything and everything it wants without having to answer to some entity and I submit that entity is the Court system. Tech should administratively appeal through NCAA channels and after that is exhausted sue the daylights out of that corrupt cabal on the theories of selective enforcement and preferential treatment. BTW the stuff the Tech kid got sure doesn’t seem to be worth $312. The NCAA overstated the amount because the true amount (less than $100) probably would be so small that their action would appear to be ridiculous.

    • Dog in Fla

      “(less than $100)” at WalMart and even less than that at the Dollar Palace if you don’t feel like getting all dressed up

    • Puffdawg

      They got slammed because they were already on probation and tampered with the investigation.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        They got slammed because the NCAA has been pilloried in the media for failing to properly deal with tOSU and Auburn. So the NCAA hammers the next team on the radar for a minor violation to show how tough that organization is. The amount of the “gift” and the iffiness of the circumstances (cousin, cousin’s roommate, etc.) make it far from clear that Tech should have voluntarily held out their best offensive player from the ACC Championship game w/o a prior ruling from the NCAA. Does anybody really think UGA would have held out AJ under like and similar circumstances, without a prior ruling by the NCAA? And we roll over and play dead for the NCAA all the time. All that said, I am beginning to enjoy the schadenfreude. Fair or unfair all of this is beginning to make me smile.

        • Darrren Rovell

          The “iffiness” of the gift, really? What adult cousin gives another adult cousin an “early” Christmas gift. Who gives anyone an “early” Christmas gift before Halloween?

          I rarely give any of my cousins a Christmas gift at all & certainly do not line one up to give early.

          The story posited by the athlete did not make sense at all. The NCAA specifically warned the AD to NOT notify the football coach and players involved.

          The invective directed at the NCAA should be targeted at Radakovich.

          Similar to OSU, the ineptitude by which this matter was handled makes me believe that the managment skills of Tech’s AD are overrated.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            DR, you’re believing the NCAA’s bullsh!t. How far down does this “impermissible benefits” thing go? A free stick of gum? From your brother? I reiterate that I hope Tech sues the pants off the NCAA and we get a court ruling as to the limits of these NCAA thugs’ power. This could be the best of all possible worlds for us. Tech tests the limits of the NCAA in court. If Tech wins, the NCAA gets its wings clipped. If Tech loses, Tech takes in on the chin and becomes the NCAA’s favorite whipping boy displacing UGA from that role.