“… with benefit to all and detriment to none.”

If Dan Beebe honestly thinks he’s going to come up with a version of the Longhorn Network that’s going to make all the Big 12’s member institutions happy, I’ve still got that beach front property in Hahira available for the right offer if he’s interested.

Texas A&M can plant all the wandering eye stories it wants with the press in the hopes that it will pull Texas back from the abyss, but the truth is that blowing up the Big 12 won’t hurt Texas at all.  And that’s thanks to ESPN and the Longhorn Network.



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4 responses to ““… with benefit to all and detriment to none.”

  1. fuelk2

    I hate to tell the rest of the Big XII-2 this, but Texas has already gone independent. They just get the benefit of having a bunch of teams contractually obligated to play them right now.


  2. 81Dog

    I know Hahira. Nice point break. Long workable rides.