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Take a hint, son.

Having watched Richt’s Media Days appearance, I can say he delivered this answer to the question about his concern over depth at running back as matter-of-factly as it reads:

… I think we have plenty of depth at that position right now. The question is how productive will we be, you know. But a year ago I didn’t leave the season thinking, ‘Man, we were ultraproductive at the tailback position.’ I left the season saying we fell short at the running back position. My feeling is when this season is over, I’m going to feel better about how the running backs did this year than a year ago.  [Emphasis added.]

My amazement at Ealey and King for not reading the offseason tea leaves (or reading them and not taking the news seriously) grows by the day.


UPDATE:  Weiszer has more comments of a similar nature from Richt here.



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Not their month

Russ Mitchell paints the prospects for a pretty bleak October for Florida this season.  And before you pooh-pooh his analysis, remember that the Gators were a timely turnover or two away from that happening last year.  Arguably, Florida has a tougher row to hoe this time.

Obviously, 3-18 makes me hesitant to jump on board with his 0-for-October call, but I will say that stretch is a good reason I believe Georgia has a better chance to win the SEC East in 2011 than Muschamp’s team does.


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Your Seat 37F threats won’t save you now.

Shorter Mike Bianchi:  if Urban Meyer were as smart as Ron Zook, he would have recruited less talented players.


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