Ignorance is bliss.

Honestly, is there a safer bet in dealing with the NCAA than playing dumb?

The NCAA has notified Ohio State University that it will not face charges of failing to appropriately monitor its football team as part of a memorabilia-sales scandal that brought down former Coach Jim Tressel.

The NCAA has not uncovered any new, unreported violations during its investigation and agrees with Ohio State that Tressel was the only university official aware of violations by his players and that he failed to report them.

“Other than (two redacted player names) and (Ted) Sarniak, there is no indication that Tressel provided or discussed the information he received … with anyone else, particularly athletics administrators,” the NCAA reported in an enforcement staff case summary…

If Tressel hadn’t gotten the e-mail that set this whole sorry episode off, odds are he would be walking the Buckeye sideline this season.  Anybody can do dumb, as long as there’s no pesky paper trail showing otherwise.


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27 responses to “Ignorance is bliss.

  1. The other Doug

    It looks like Tressel told some folks in the athletic department back in December.

    The story keeps changing, but the NCAA is sticking with the original.


    • Keese

      How stupid can the NCAA be? They came to the conclusion that Jim Tressle knew nothing the first time around, now it’s the athletic dept with plausible deniability? How much more mitigated damage can the NCAA dish out showing favoritism. If OSU was in on it and did nothing they’re out. If they weren’t then they are too stupid to do their jobs, and still out.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Stupid has nothing to do with it. tOSU is one of the favored few in the eyes of the NCAA. The NCAA is not going to do anything heavy to the Buckeyes no matter what their coach, AD or president (or anybody else affiliated with tOSU) knew or did.


  2. Joe

    The lack of institutional control came in where they hired a coach who was truly unaccountable to the University. Gee was even so beholden to the other way around he joked/admitted that he was lucky Tressel didn’t fire him. The institution didn’t just lose control of the asylum, they handed the keys to the lunatic and went home. I guess that is a defense now? “We were at home your honor when Dr. Tressel ate him with Fava Beens and a nice Chianti. You can’t blame us for that. Who could have seen that coming?”


  3. Dog in Fla

    “The university has stated it had no knowledge that Tressel knew of theviolations until the emails from Cicero were discovered on Jan. 13.”

    “OSU officials are scheduled to appear before the NCAA’s Infractions Committee on Aug. 12. The NCAA will decide whether to accept the OSU-imposed penalties or apply further sanctions”

    Delany, E. Gordon and Gene Smith hire Alberto as consultant to prepare for the COI game


  4. Troy McClure

    Scenarios : State trooper pulls over a car for speeding and smells weed when he approaches .
    If the car is UGA – driver admits to speeding, having weed in trunk, handgun under seat, more weed at home. Feels like being friendly w Trooper will help .
    if the car is tOSU- wont even let down window, dials lawyer from inside the car, later pleads guilty to speeding 9 mph over limit. No points just a small fine.
    If the car is Auburn- as Trooper approaches they floor it. Later after running over tack strips in road they bail from car and run into weeds. In court they deny being in car, knowing anything about weed, guns, speeding. Lawyers say it might have been their cousin from Mississippi. Case is continued and delayed .


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You need to add if the car is GA Tech to that scenario. That driver says yes there is weed in the car but denies that it is his in spite of the obviousness of the situation, goes through the legal process, is found guilty of simple possession and sentenced to 15 years without possiblity of parole and sent to Reidsville Maximum Security Prison where he becomes the girlfriend of somebody called Spike.


    • JayBird

      When I started reading the comments, I wondered how many before Auburn was brought into the picture….you guys really need to get over the sting of Auburn’s comeback against UGA and the National Championship last season.


  5. Faulkner

    Absolute joke. Doesn’t OSU lead all schools with violations since Tressel arrived in town? How about all the other players who have been busted previously? Move along, no pattern of corruption to see here. Delaney and OSU must have pictures of NCAA executives getting it on with a bunch of farm animals.


  6. Coondawg

    I’m guessing the NCAA doesn’t subscribe to the “Known of should have known” theory.


  7. X-Dawg

    Maybe the NCAA is waiting to play the “lack of intitutional control” card on Auburn.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      No. The NCAA is waiting for UGA to self-report another minor infraction such as the HC bumping into a recruit at the movies. Then the NCAA will play the “lack of institutional control” card on UGA. Loss of all scholarships for 2 years, a complete shutdown of the football program and for good measure a complete shutdown of women’s gymnastics, tennis and golf for good measure.


  8. Connor

    The results of these investigations over the last few years have revealed an ugly pattern of the NCAA giving different treatment to schools who manage the process of dealing with the NCAA the best. OSU has people with NCAA ties, they’ve been down this road before, and they know how to play this. They call it “compliance”, but that’s just a euphemism for toadying up when the investigators are on site. Do that, play dumb, and they’ll leave you be. How a school can have a revered head coach, the face of the organization, lying to the NCAA about the eligibility of players and then argue that doesn’t indicate the entire institution has a problem is beyond me. It’s not a leap the NCAA investigators seem unwilling to make though.
    On an aside, this is part of the reason I don’t think the NCAA is going to break apart anytime soon. Most of the big schools like dealing with this kind of enforcement structure.


  9. Troy McClure

    Blame it on Gravity – [the big G]

    Chuck Smrt [hired to assist tOSU] : Then you read a e-mail that has
    potential NCAA violations in it.
    Jim Tressel: Mm-hmm.
    Chuck Smrt: Why not go to someone, compliance – early you said, “I went to compliance, or Gene Smith, on – those are my two –“
    Jim Tressel: Mm-hmm.
    Chuck Smrt: “– kinda my two people or two areas I would go to.”
    Jim Tressel: Sure.
    Chuck Smrt: Why not go to them about this?
    Jim Tressel: I didn’t think that that would be appropriate in light of the gravity of what the whole thing was about.


  10. Have no fear smith is here


    Jim Tressel: “…. I looked at it, you know, that there was gonna a moment where they were gonna be ineligible. And it – within the appropriate time constraints of the big picture, they were gonna be ineligible. But, no, I did not – you know, I did not sit there saying – I guess I didn’t know, either – thank you –what the level of their involvement was, either. Okay?

    You know, the case of the guy, with the $1,000.00 who misses four
    games. {PROPS TO YOU AJ!!!]

    I don’t know if my guy was involved with $300.00, $9,000.00, whatever. So there wasn’t even a point in time where I thought, “Well, this guy just played one ineligible game,” or, “This guy just played four ineligible games,” you know, based upon whatever his crime was.
    My view, the way I was thinking was that they were going to have
    inevitably if they were still here and not in prison, they were gonna
    have NCAA sanctions. ”

    SO amid the double talk Tressel is saying he didnt know how big his problem was so he did nothing re sitting down his folks…just not sure how long they needed to sit so why do anything- Right ?


  11. Troy McClure

    if you read more you will see Tressel saying that he expected the feds to investigate and get the memorabilia back once they nailed the drug dealers/tat artists. Once said memorabilia was rightfully returned to tOSU
    there would be no problem- just like it never happened .
    Wow !!!!


    • NCT

      It’s like the bills stuffed in Herman’s overcoat. Once you get caught, you can just give it back and everything’s ok, right?


  12. Have no fear smith is here

    this whole thing reminds me of an episode of Perry Mason but i cant divulge which one because of the Attorney Client privilege between Mason and myself as a viewer.


  13. 69Dawg

    This whole thing just doesn’t pass the smell teat but then the NCAA investigators are the “Three Monkeys” See NO evil, Hear No Evil Speak No evil.


  14. Ausdawg85

    Man, I wish my kid could have played for the Vest! Be treated like a star, prep for the pros, and cover-up from ANYBODY that he may be dealing with drug runners or even into drugs and what-not. Gosh, Jimmy didn’t even want to, you know, go through a list of a “are you or aren’t you’s” What a terrific role model…keep your eyes on winning and $$$. To hell with everything else.

    If this is not the clearest case to fire that nosey, preachy, lazy Mark Richt and go get a proven winner like Tressel, I don’t know what more can be said.


  15. Cojones

    On the charges to Bush alone, what was the penalty for USC? Now let’s scoot on over to the tosu QB and apply the same punishment ON TOP OF WHAT THEY HAVE ALREADY PENALIZED THEMSELVES FOR TRESSEL”S INFRACTIONS.

    Now let’s add the players with tatts, coach and QB transgressions together. What do we get ? Lack of institutional control. By not being informed we have enough for indictment, otherwise we all need to get another view of what institutional control is. Because the coach didn’t inform them doesn’t mean they escape the institutional control infraction. It means just the opposite. They didn’t exercise institutional control responsibility that they all share in order to find out. The AD has a separate responsibility to ferret out what’s happening throughout the athletics of the institution. His responsibility doesn’t rest on the coach informing him of what’s what. The AD and the President have separate responsibilities to find out that encompasses the definition of “institutional control”.

    Who the hell is the NCAA kidding? They have come full circle back to December of the event with those words!


  16. Hobnail_Boot

    I’m just happy the fake luster has been taken off of the Ohio State football program and they are being seen nationally as what they have always been: a rogue program that thumbs its nose at everyone else and cheats at all costs to win.