Musical Palate Cleanser: Better Days

I’m in a musical mood this morning, so in the spirit of Mark Richt’s concluding comments at SEC Media Days, let me offer this as the theme song for the offseason:

Better days are comin’
We’re gonna wake up and break this curse
Better days are on the way
‘Cause you know and I know
It can’t get no worse


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6 responses to “Musical Palate Cleanser: Better Days

  1. Dawgwalker07

    It encourages me that he has the confidence to say that. I feel like Richt has been a little reserved about how successful he thinks the team will be, but to me this comment says he’s encouraged and believes in his guys.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Richt left the podium with the print media by saying that “greater days are coming” for Georgia.
    “The best is yet to come.”

    Mark Richt is Chairman of the Board


  3. I am overly optimistic again. The first 2 games may bring me back to reality. GATA.


    • Macallanlover

      LOL. High level of conflicted thinking between your first and second sentences, 39. I feel your pain; this time of year it is easy to lean toward optimism while keeping your feet firmly planted and having that Mizzou “show me” attitude. I am cautiously optimistic as well, we are certainly due for a few four-leaf clovers to show up on our campus.

      Regardless of how well our questions are answered on the D, the OL, and our RBs, the nature of CFB is you are one quirky turn of an ankle/knee from needing to have an inexperienced QB lead you. What key player could miss which key game due to a pulled muscle? Just have to love what we are and take whatever Old Lady Luck throws our way. I choose to feel we will get as good a breaks as others and do well. Maybe 50/50 we end up in Atlanta in early December, I will take that every pre-season.


  4. Alcoholic Genius

    R E S P E C T