Go for it?

Chris Brown explores the wisdom of attempting first half two-point conversions through the lens of the 2000 Outback Bowl.  (Given the game results, you can probably guess he’s not a big fan of that.)



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  1. Mr. Tu

    Kicker later missed 3 field goals, one of which was a chip shot


  2. Nate Dawg

    I was at that game and I remember the kickers missed field goals as well. I think one was in the first OT. He was having a bad day – I ALMOST felt sorry for him…
    Talk about a tale of 2 halfs. Miserable in the first, but good to be a Dawg in the 2nd and of course in OT!


  3. Uglydawg

    Off the subject a bit..but I ventured a thought years ago on another blog in which I proposed changing the rules in college football to make longer field goals less attractive to the offense. If a team can’t drive the ball past the other teams thirty eight yard line (for example) why give them the same three points that are given for driving to, say, the eight yardline before attempting a field goal? Reward a team for having a little bit of (team) offense instead of one kid who can kick it a long way. It seems a bit reversed if you think of it in terms of admiration for the long kick, but shouldn’t a short kick count for more….(I know I’m crazy, but bear with me)
    If a team can drive it to inside the five shouldn’t they be rewarded with, maybe….four points on a FG? If they cannot get it past the forty, that should be worth maybe two…From the ten out to the thirty, maybe three.
    Just for discussion….. I have been told this is “interesting”, but too “radical”.
    Another thought…Do away with placekickers for extra points and field goals during overtime periods.
    One last wish…..That someday we will see Reggie Ball as the OC at Tech.


    • Nate Dawg

      What if you have an interception run back to the 3 yrd line and then the defense holds? The offense certainly didn’t earn that. But I’m just being antagonistic for the sake of discussion, not meaning to be rude. I like the idea of going for two in the OT’s. I love the college football overtime rules and DO NOT want them to go to more NFL type rules. Doing away with PK’s would probably do away with some of the talk of CFB’s overtime periods lasting too long – which I’m afraid will ultimately lead to a change of the system.
      As for Reggie Ball, why can’t we reach for stars and hope for AD???


      • Bad M

        I like the college OT rules also, but they should start further back. The field goal is automatic now. They didn’t want to punish a team for not having a good kicker, but why not? This is Football.


    • BenG

      In general, I disagree with this idea. However, a few years back, my Dad suggested that NFL teams should not be allowed to kick a field goal in overtime unless they possess the ball inside the 20. I absolutely loathe the NFL overtime rules, and I think that would be a good change.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    I am Quincy Carter’s crushing waste of talent.


    • James Stephenson

      I always tell people, there are two Quincy Carters, there’s the lights out, LSU Quincy Carter and then there is the 5 int SC Quincy Carter. And nothing in between.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Someone send the linked article to CMR. He did the same thing in last year’s WLOCP and almost cost the Dawgs getting into overtime.


    • Richt went for the first two-point conversion right at the start of the fourth quarter, if I recall.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Right. The attempt failed and they ended up having to go for two later in the game a second time because of it. Fortunately the team pulled it off. I can only imagine the furor if the team had failed on the second two-point attempt and the Dawgs didn’t get into OT when kicking the extra point twice would have gotten them into OT.


  6. Georgia lost to Georgia Tech at home in the Donnan years using the same strategy.


  7. James Stephenson

    Man, watching that clip, how many times is the WR bubble screen called, 50? You would think Purdue would have just said screw this and went straight up tight man to man coverage.



  8. JaxDawg

    Was a hot,humid day in Tampa. I was sweating Ybor’s liquids out like a sieve. Purdue hadn’t been a decent bowl game in forever so they brought everyone down, including their stupid choo-choo train and “the world’s biggest drum”. Stupid big-10 fucks. Anyway, they were all pumped up for this game and we, generally, couldn’t give a shit b/c we all knew that 2000 was (another) underachieving year for Georgia – and that proved to be true since all 11 (yes, all 11) defensive starters went on to play pro ball. Imagine that, all fucking 11. So they get out to this big lead and start talking shit in the stands and I’m too hot and hungover to talk back. I thought about leaving at halftime but I got religion and stayed. In the second half, their gatoresque arrogance turned to gatoresque “I can’t believe this is happening” shock when we started to come back – you could see the momentum shift and their fans suddenly went silent. Yes, like Gator fans often do when they start losing. I clearly recall that stupid choo-choo blowing its horn everytime we went for a FG or PAT – everytime. Isn’t there a rule against that?

    Anyway we won, they lost and carried their fat, ugly, hairy women home with them along with their choo-choo train. Actually, we passed that damn train on the way back up 75 and I pulled beside it and gave it the finger. The Purdue guy just glared.


  9. Uglydawg

    I love to recall the way UGA shut down the “Great Dane” after he was disturbingly given the Heisman over Peyton (is that correct? I’m kinda old).
    The cheeseheads were saying “wait till the great dane gets finished with that bulldog”.
    This has nothing at all to do with the thread.
    I cannot help but wonder if Georgia’s looking at a situation like this with Boise St…..I’m hoping the Broncos are oversold and over rated and the Dawgs are under the radar…(..Just like you’re hoping.) What are the chances?