Profiles in expediency

You know, it’s thinking like this that can cost an undefeated team a shot at a national title:

Texas Tech had to drop a team from the nonconference schedule because the Big 12 wanted to play a round-robin conference schedule. That team just happened to be non-BCS heavyweight TCU. Tubs, of course, admitted that Tech dropped TCU because TCU “isn’t the type of team we need to play now.”

I guess Tuberville figures that to be the man, you gotta beat the cupcake.


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19 responses to “Profiles in expediency

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Here we see a man that learned nothing from playing the Citadel in 2004.


  2. Well, he did come up in the SEC, so…

    Sorry. Had to poke fun at the conference at least briefly after complimenting the ever-living s*** out of them the last two days on SBN!


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Didn’t Tennessee do much the same thing with their NC schedule?


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    A common action.


  5. 69Dawg

    T Tommy is not a stupid coach, he is a survivor.


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  7. CoachSpurlock

    “I guess Tuberville figures that to be the man, you gotta beat the cupcake.”



  8. Cojones

    Does my memory fail me in that Tubby may have been the coach who, when taking the reins at Auburn, paid Florida State $1M to get them off his schedule? The ignominy of it all!


      • Cojones

        The embarrassment of an SEC team paying not to face an ACC team on the field of play will not be lived down by any of us. It was a stain on this conference and all SEC fans.

        “Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord”, but what the hell, it has been so long since He played for us that I’m just going to leave that up to Leach.


        • Marcus

          The ’99 AU team was reeling from the worst season since 1952 (seriously, even Barfield never had a winning percentage as bad as ’98), and we barely scraped by Appalachian State in the first game of ’99. Had we faced the eventual NC winner, FSU, it would have been ugly. That App. State win paved the way for defeats over such powerhouses as Idaho, UCF, Dinardo’s last and maybe worst LSU team, and, of course, UGA 🙂


          • AthensHomerDawg

            Well there was that sweet 2nd half comeback and overtime victory against Purdue. That loss against Auburn surprised me yet we did manage to finish 8-4 and take a trip to the bowl. Auburn had a 5-6 season and stayed home.


  9. If you play in the SEC, you need some Laughers on the schedule. No SEC Champ got there without them.


  10. Stoopnagle

    I want to be the first to offer my congratulations to TCU, Gary Patterson, TCU’s players past and present over the last ten years, and their AD.

    Texas Tech just can’t stop looking like a bunch of tools, can they?


  11. Macallanlover

    Why single out Tubbs? It reflects the sorry state of CFB where fans beg for meaningless, boring games instead of demaanding exciting match-ups just to chase a faux title where every year, at least, one other team also has a legit claim to said title and no one ever gets to find out who would have won. TCU shares a title with The aU from 2010, but didn’t have to cheat or sell their souls to get their share. Decision arrow to the Horny Frogs.

    I know Tubbs gets hammered on this site, but after watching the sleazeball that coaches The Barn thses days, I sure miss Tommy T. Guy always had integrity and handled himself well, imo. He will never be confused with Gino Cheetzit, his little misstatement about not leaving Ole Miss is miniscule compared to what I have seen on The Plains the past two years.


  12. JBJ

    Let us not speak of cupcakes around here.


    • Why not? Georgia ditched Louisville this season in order to play a top-ten Boise State team.

      Tuberville’s sin here isn’t playing cupcakes. It’s ditching a game against a stout opponent in order to preserve the cupcakes on the schedule.

      I know you’re down about the Dawgs, but at least direct your negativity where it’s justified.