“This isn’t a place that’s trying to break rules.”

Except, of course, when they are.

Sobering/amusing thought:  what kind of recruiting classes would Tech be pulling in if the Jackets weren’t bending the rules?


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  1. Wonderful Ohio on the Gulf 'Dog

    “[Tech] athletic director Dan Radakovich said former assistant athletic director for compliance Paul Parker needed ‘to be able to work more accurately on his assessment of NCAA rules.’ Parker… left Tech at the end of the school year and now holds a similar position at Auburn.”

    Auburn, where accurately assessing NCAA rules isn’t a necessity for the compliance AAD. Who knew?


  2. Sneaky Short

    For Dawg fans who live in the greater Atlanta area this must be great fun. Im in Jax when does the Association show up in Gainesville so we can have some fun down here.


  3. Columbus wasn’t “trying” to find America either, but…


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Of course Paul Johnson knew nothing about all this, he was way too busy implementing further perfection on his perfect offense.

    And practicing smacking himself in the mouth in his shaving mirror.


  5. Macallanlover

    I think he was correct: GT is not “trying to break rules”, but they seem to be better at it than any other than anything else they have been doing. Between the recent cheating scandal, and the academic fraud cases, they have VERY few wins since the 1980s. I don’t know of another school with more years of vacated wins in the past two decades. That is pretty impressive when you consider the AubieCanes and tOSU were at full throttle during that period of time.


  6. TennesseeDawg

    Spencer needed the extra calls. It’s hard to convince the top WR in the country to come to Tech, block 98% of the time and catch 6 balls in their entire career.


  7. 81Dog

    Every time someone at Tech gets caught breaking a rule, it’s the same excuse: “Uhhhh, we misunderstood the rules. We were told it was ok. We’re honest and upright, this is all just a minor misunderstanding.”

    Players getting grades changed to make them eligible? Heck, the nerds did it all the time. What’s the problem? Players who aren’t academically eligible under the rules? What? Is that wrong? See, nobody TOLD them that. Don’t hinder an investigation? Huh? Well, of course “DRad” had to tell Fish Fry what was going on, and Fish Fry had to investigate. You mean they shouldnt have done that? Oops.

    Really. Reuben Houston gets caught setting up a deal for 100 freaking pounds of weed, and he’s back on the field the same season. But at UGA, where someone gets arrested for failing to show up in court for a speeding ticket, or for exiting an alley on a scooter going the wrong way? We’re the Red and Black Rollin’ Crips in Athens. The breathtaking hypocrisy of Tech people is the most hilarious thing ever.

    Hey, pencil necks: if, as you always tell us, you’re the smartest, most upright forms of life in the universe, seems to me like you could hire coaches who can read a calendar and count to one. Or, maybe not.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Let’s not forget star quarterback Joe Hamilton, who never touched an ounce of marijuana during his entire career of high school or college football, and just tried it that one time when he was arrested… as an assistant coach at the school. Right. Or maybe he was a stoner in college just like Quincy Carter and Tech has the same drug problems as every other big-time college football program, and just chooses to ignore them? But Georgia’s thUGA. Sure thing, nerds. It’s delightful to watch them finally start getting their due.


      • Doug

        Tech’s continued fulminations remind me a little of the “No True Scotsman” fallacy. They’ve been convinced of their moral superiority over UGA in terms of player behavior, program ethics and everything else for decades now, so I’m sure it’s easy for them to say “That’s not how Tech does things” whenever a new embarrassment like this pops up. But there comes a point when they’ve accrued enough of those scandals, big or small, to be able to conclude that . . . actually, yeah, that’s totally the way Tech “does things.” Not that I haven’t been rolling my eyes anyway whenever a Techie starts spouting off about how much classier or more ethical his school is, but it’s even easier now.


  8. Chuck

    If you have a real talent for something – hand you are really good at it – you don’t have to try very hard to do it.