Of heroes, legends and leaders

You know what the biggest difference between the SEC and the Big Ten is?  The SEC has its share of assholes, but at least they’re not insufferably pompous about it.


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  1. The Life of Reilly

    They should call it “Sarah Palin’s The Real America Game”. The trophy should be a Happy Meal with an Insulin Shot next to it.

  2. Go Dawgs!

    Just because you’ve got a marketing degree doesn’t mean that they should let you anywhere near college football.

    I mean, sure, Nebraska football has had some heroic moments. But IOWA? We need to try to turn the Nebraska-IOWA game into something? What the Ferentz?!

  3. Ben

    Nothing like trying to manufacture some tradition. It reminds me a little bit of the spirit towels that UGA tried to put forth a few years ago…

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Wonder how much they paid a marketing consultant for that droll, passé, Disneyland quality idea?

  5. Stoopnagle

    So, a real rivalry between CFB royalty is dismissed because it gets intense is un-understandable; but one propped up artificially is “natural.”

    Some in Austin – actually, a throng of people in Austin – are laughing their asses off at Nebraska. Who would have thought the mighty Huskers would shirk competition? But then, they did find a way to keep Lawrence Phillips on the field.

  6. Brandon

    Why can’t midwesterners get excited about college football unless they are playing for some garage sale type trinket?

    • Go Dawgs!

      + 1,000,000

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      It started with one game over an object of emotional sentimental value. Probably either the Little Brown Jug or the Old Oaken Bucket. Like all good ideas, it’s been overused.

  7. stick jackson

    “[Iowa and Nebraska] come from similar states, with high-level character, good work ethics, a lot of agriculture and good family values. So I think it will be very good.”

    And rampant crystal meth abuse, don’t forget that. Unbelievable. It sets this liberal Democrat, member of the professional Left to thinking about the Battle of Chancellorsville.

  8. X-Dawg

    There should be an annual USC vs Auburn matchup. They could call it the Bling Bowl. Each school could let their highest paid player from the previous year represent at the coin toss. The trophy would be a Golden Chain. The winning team would hold the title of “Chain Gang” for the following year.

  9. Next we will have Georgia Tech and Stanford play a ‘Super Heroes’ Game to coincide with DragonCon.

  10. TennesseeDawg

    Used to live in Nebraska. Should just call in the “Cornhole Trophy”

  11. Reptillicide

    Word is they’ll have Nickelback on hand to sing the opening anthem.

  12. Cojones

    I don’t think it’s far fetched to start a “Big Mean Asshole” of the SEC award. We certainly have qualified players each year. As far as that goes, we could have a future “Big Mean Brown Aso” award at UGA. Oh, Forgot. We already have one coming.

  13. Cojones

    Yeah, Nebraska is a little limited in the intellectual dept and need some other type of award. I’m surprised that they didn’t label it the Seorah Award since the name of the largest industrial complex in Nebraska just outside Lincoln is named “Aksarban”. And they cheered wildly and had a dedication ceremony for it.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Always enjoy your posts but…….
      “There are many things for which we all can be proud as Nebraska fans, but none that compare to the success that our student-athletes are having academically,” Pederson said. “Dennis Leblanc and the staff of the Hewit Center are to be commended for their outstanding work, but the real credit goes to the students who have shown that you can have excellence in your sport and still achieve excellence in you school work. We are very proud of the great success that they are all enjoying.”
      In addition to the exhausted eligibility rates, the NCAA also announced other federal graduation-rate data and overall institutional Graduation/Success Rates (GSR) scores on Thursday. The GSR is the NCAA’s calculation of student-athlete academic success. Earlier this fall, the NCAA released GSR scores and federal graduation rates for individual sports, but did not release the institutional figures at that time.

      Nebraska’s highlights from the data released by the NCAA on Thursday included…

      As previously reported, the Nebraska football team posted a graduation success rate of 88 percent, tops in the Big 12………..

      They do well in graduating their athletes! We should be so lucky.
      just sayin’

      • Cojones

        My gentle poke was at the state and not the fans nor institution. It goes to my football buddy in a company I worked in. We made 20 bets/ week with a tiebreaker. The teams were different conferences and the larger schools. He was a Nebraska grad and at that time they pretty well ruled the country. Whenever he mentioned “ignorant Southerners” (kiddingly , of course), the comeback was always the lack of imagination of spelling the state’s name backwards in a return dig. It was always effective and I would think that you would want me to combat the ignorance of others concerning the South by tossing a few bricks of my own. Hope you or your family are not from there, but, if so, I apologize.

        We bet for two entire college football seasons and one year the difference was $0.50 , the amount of each bet (an extra game was added because we didn’t suffer no ties). He bought a Street and Smith at the season’s beginning and each week we bet off the tops of our heads without Vegas Odds. There were only a few games that were not close. Others in the company suggested that we go to Vegas and they would buy the ticket if we agreed to give them part of the winnings, but our wives put the kybosh on that. We alternated selection of the team matchups,on your turn you state the odds and the other one selected which team he wanted. Selection was then reversed. We were good at knowing each team, but nowadays I couldn’t even win a cointoss.

        Today he is a multimillionaire and I’m a few mules short of an acre. So who’s really the one on the short end of the poking stick?

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Good post …nice response. Nope all my people are from Georgia and Oklahoma. My wife’s folk hail from Poland via Lithuania. My sons have an interesting gene pool for sure. They aren’t very happy with some of that “poor mouthin” about Southerners. Makes for lively family reunions.😉

    • Anon

      And yet you managed to misspell both ” Heroes” and “Nebraska” backward…

      • Cojones

        And you sir get the kewpie doll. If you read some of my posts closely you will hopefully find other humorous postings that are placed intensionally and unintentionally. These were unintentional.

  14. Stephen O. Spurrier

    Whaddaya mean by “not insufferably pompous?” Some of us in the SEC can be as pompous as anybody anywhere.

  15. Nate Dawg

    Did I miss something?? Don’t rivalries naturally create themselves? Is this fake juice? Does Nebraska need fake juice??
    And the whole “good citizen” award engraved on this made-up rivalry trophy..doesn’t that go against the hate that would naturally fester and build-up and then explode during a true rivalry and it’s game? I’ve got lots of questions here…

    • Cojones

      Sic’em, Nate!

      • Nate Dawg

        Yeah, that’s a little too fired up for a Fri afternoon but still, jus sayin’…The SEC – where every game is a rivalry…guess I’m just used to it.
        5 weeks from tomorrow, right?!?!

    • Will (The Other One)

      This is really fake juice that ESPN is trying to pass of as an annual rivalry played at the same time each year. Which is BS. Nebraska’s traditional rivalry/post-Turkey day has been against Colorado as long as I can remember (and included that one year where Nebraska was #1, had 60+ hung on them by Colorado, and still somehow got to play for the BCS title.)

  16. Have no fear smith is here

    Cant hold a candle to the EGG BOWL !

    EGG BOWL !
    EGG BOWL !

    repeat, interspersed w “MANDELBAUM”

  17. fishbulb

    any chance we could get Iowas own Tom Arnold honored as a true HERO ?

    lets look at his achievements :

    did things to an overweight , mentallly fragile comedienne that are unimaginable to the regular man

    amassed and abused a semi fortune of cash and narcotics

    lived to tell about it- even beyond age 27

    second banana in a handful of 3rd rate movies

    probably voted most popular at a mid size IOWA high school

    future Jenny Craig deal looming