A couple of running game “did you know?”s

First, take heart, Georgia fans:  recently, very highly touted freshman running backs do trend towards being good first-year contributors for their teams.

Second, would you have guessed this?

… Last year the Vols were the SEC’s worst rushing team. They averaged less than 2 yards per attempt in eight league games.

It’s hard to imagine that a team was worse than Vanderbilt in any offensive category last season.


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8 responses to “A couple of running game “did you know?”s

  1. rocksalt

    One of the commenters on the article has a point, you need to take all of the redshirt mentions out of the article, and then re-write it. Just practicing at SEC speed for a year is a pretty significant bit of experience as compared to a true freshman.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Am I the only one skeptical about expecting such big things out of Crowell in his first year?


    • Junkyard Dawg '00

      nope. I have said it before on this blog- I will put my expectations on Aaron Murray to lead this offense, he’s earned it, and not Crowell. Don’t get me wrong, I hope Crowell is better than advertised but I’ve seen AM’s work and more importantly his knowledge of the game, and Its my belief that his leadership will bring out the talent at RB- whomever it is. Not saying we have a 1st team SEC RB on the team right now, but I strongly believe that AM and the coaching staff can put a hard working and hungry RB in the right spots to succeed. With Washaun and C King gone, we should be left with the hard working, overachieving type backs now, right?


      • Macallanlover

        Amen, I would love to see Crowell come in and contribute but I have no expectations he will be able to carry the load for this offense, especially in those tough two opening games. My money is on a stronger, more mature Richard Samuel surprising to the upside. We are not a one-back running attack any longer, “it will take a village” on this one and I don’t carfe what percentage each RB contributes.


  3. Cojones

    Has anyone heard anything about Crowell’s work ethic or classroom participation since he arrived? Since the intro to S&C and Murray’s room visit, the info has been paltry except for a little negative speculation. Just looking for info, not speculation. In this environment, no info is tantamount to negative specs. Or does no one want to talk about the elephant ………?


    • Cojones

      I had not been to Bill’s AJC postbefore making my post. I don’t usually read any of his smatherings and didn’t read beyond his first Q&A.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    I’ve said this before, but CMR has had very good results with very young backs – Ware, Knowshon, Ealey. I won’t be surprised to see Crowell or Malcome have a good season. The bad news is CMR has a pretty lousy track record for RB’s as they advance to junior and/or senior seasons.