The Addazio effect

In one year, John Brantley managed to go from being the second best quarterback in the SEC to the fourth best quarterback in the state.


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12 responses to “The Addazio effect

  1. Coondawg

    Go Gatah!


  2. rocksalt

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a player as “rooted for” in the media than Brantley. Chris Low’s blog over at the WWL is always good for a couple “but this year could be different” stories on the kid. I await his pedestrian 2011 campaign and the stories that follow:

    “The 2012 draft sleeper quarterback has to be Florida’s John Brantley, sure he had is troubles in a turbulent UF program, but his strong arm and quick release will be assets once an NFL program can get him coached up”


  3. TennesseeDawg

    The Gators probably didn’t even fart in the general direction of Jeff Godfrey during his recruitment and now he’s 3 places ahead of their QB.


  4. Russ

    Godfrey didn’t put up as many points on the Dawgs D as Brantley did. Godfrey didn’t face near the level of defences as the other QBS he’s rated above. Everybody has a rating not impressed with this .


  5. HVL Dawg

    Check the math. He can be the best QB in the SEC and still be 4th best in the state of FL.


  6. Mike

    I’ll thank you not to use that man’s name again, kind sir. Especially not in the title.


  7. Cojones

    So, just like that we are enlivened at another team’s player’s demise. While a great deal of his problems last year were centered, he also was in an offense that he really didn’t fit well with his talents and his team still beat ours.

    This year he is in a pro set that is more to his talents and that is constructed by a Big O Muffin that knows a thing or two about offenses. Before you inundate me with your ND QB names , please consider that I’m trying to avoid you from complacency. I will bet money that Brantley will be twice the QB this year from last year AND that he will be higher than 4th in the SEC when the season is over.

    I don’t like anything gator any more than any of you and I laughed at every bumbling play and at the exasperated look on their fan’s faces last year. But that wasn’t the 4-star they recruited and I think that by sitting in the pocket this year he will surprise many teams with his success. Because the stupid talking heads play to their audiences with well-worn digs is no sign that the Dawg Nation should follow. We should be wary of this guy under the Muffin’s tutelage is all I’m saying. We may not care for either one of these guys as individuals, but as a team, I’m saying we should be wary.

    No one will give us crap for a break this year least of all these two. Forewarned is forearmed–right thru the facemask. Our men will have to beat everyone silly this year and that includes Brantley and bunch.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Not only will Brantley do well under Weiss he will get drafted and will play in the NFL. The NFL is full of stories about guys who only had one good college season but had successful pro careers, Steve Bartkowski being one.


    • Mike

      Brantley’s physical skills are certainly more suited to the Weis offense than that abortion of an offense that Addazio ran last year. That said, the fact that the young man played from the fetal position much of last year exacerbated the problem the offense experienced.

      Now, there are those that say Addazio “drove” him to that. Maybe so. But he showed the same tendencies in the spring game too.

      As the good Senator has kindly pointed out, I was a Brantley supporter prior to the beginning of the season last year, based mainly on his performance in mop-up duty, (some of that significant when Tebow was injured), and his performance in the 2010 spring game. But as a starter last year, his performance was woeful.

      Brantley will be the starter at the beginning of the season. It is by no means certain that he will end the year as the starter.


  8. JaxDawg hates everything gator

    Cojones, no one enjoys seeing Florida struggle more than me, so to some degree I always take satisfaction in their problems. But you’re right, he should be a better QB this year, least of all due to the fact that he’s in his second year as a starter. Regardless of the offense, he should just be plain better with more experience. I do wonder who he’s going to throw to and hand to, but as a QB, he should perform better and we should not take him/them lightly.

    And if not Brantley, well then there’s this Driscoll kid.