The ghost of Woody McCorvey

Spencer Hall is a blogging god, but I can’t believe he whiffed on the 2008 Mississippi State team in this post.  Easily the most hideous SEC offense I watched in the past decade.

And who can forget this classic?  (Although Tuberville wishes he could.)


UPDATE:  Mr. Hall responds.

… As for why we left off Mississippi State, Blutarsky? Because we liked watching them suck, so grandiose was their coach-killing horror. Plus they won four games, a lofty total for the group we described, and because they actually had a defense. The teams we described? Horrendous in every imaginable way.

I suspect his judgment is colored by gratitude over the Zooker getting Croomed.



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5 responses to “The ghost of Woody McCorvey

  1. Marmot

    “Number 9 Auburn Tigers” Ugh.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    That remains maybe the most fascinated I’ve ever been by a game not involving Georgia. I could not turn it off.


    • It’s the ultimate car-wreck-on-the-side-of-the-highway game.


      • Marmot

        What’s funny is looking back on how AU fans like myself attempted to construe ways things weren’t as bad offensively as they appeared to be. Meanwhile we were celebrating a defense that had just shut out a Croom/McCorcey offense. 2008 really blew up in our face.