Making do.

This is a comfort.

Too bad Bobo can’t say the same thing.


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  1. 69Dawg

    This is why the conditioning will pay off. The players will actually be expected to play the game and not be sitting on the bench when we need them. The number of times Knowson was taken out in the red zone after getting us there always amazed me.


    • NCT

      It was the topic of a little bit of discussion at the time, but I was astounded by the freedom with which Knowshown has the authority to take himself out of the game. Maybe that was ok, like when you trust your QB enough to call his own plays from the line of scrimmage, but I feel as though personnel and substitutions should be coaching decisions, not player decisions.


  2. Clayton Delaney

    Sorry for commenting off-topic, but I couldn’t send an e-mail and didn’t know where else to post. Here’s a great article about the post-UGA exploits of a DGD:


    • MT

      I mean this in all sincerity, but maybe this is 1/100th of a motivator for Richt’s annual “surprise” pool day. Read the article’s statistics on the general population’s ability (or lack thereof) to swim.


  3. Mike

    Using this line of reasoning, I guess both the offensive and defensive coordinators at Florida should be able to manage thin rosters too?


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    I am encouraged by Grantham’s positive attitude, but bear in mind that experienced pros know when enough’s enough (stay out of pileups, know the limits of your body, etc.) and college boys leave their heart, soul, and body on the field every game. That’s why college ball is better, but also why Coach Grantham may not be able to nurse things along as much as he wants.


  5. It Is a comfort for me too. But, according to “Sports Down South” it makes No Difference because The Dawgs are going to have a bad season & Mark Richt & his Coaching Staff are going to be fired. Personally I never agree with Them? at all & think they? have no clue as to how things really are anywhere in the SEC.


  6. Cojones

    Damn! You guys take a swig of tequila and get layed or something, will you?


  7. scott

    I am convinced the decline in our play the past few years is related to lighter practices stemming from injury concerns and lack of depth. There was a definite change in how we approached practiced. Fewer reps for starters, less contact, less hitting, less tackling — all designed with the admirable goal to keep the starters on the field for the games. I haven’t been paying attention but I hope we intend to return to physical, high tempo practices.

    check out this quote from Willie Martinez:

    “You have to be careful, too, of the amount of reps that the guys who are out there are getting,” Martinez said. “That’s when fatigue sets in and you have injuries. So we have to be careful how we practice, but we just have to keep on sawing wood and try to get something accomplished each and every day, and I think the guys have done a good job of that.” Willie Martinez, 4-7-2009

    Now contrast it with Van Gorder:

    It doesn’t require a great deal of technical football knowledge to see the difference in the Georgia defense in the last few weeks. Is Georgia tackling better? “I don’t think there’s any doubt about it,’’ said defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder. “Poor tackling is a cancer on defense and we’ve been able to do better in that area.’’… The key to improved play has been improved practice. “As coaches, it has definitely been a big part of our mission statement to create a tempo in practice that carries over into the game,’’ said Van Gorder… The defensive line is left with very little depth, but still the plan is to have another week of physical practices. “That is a tough thing in making that decision,’’ VanGorder said. “That tempo issue is so important, you don’t want to lose that edge.’’ 11-15-2001

    Recall that CWM and Richt always defended that “they were still running the same schemes” as under BVG. But what a difference in philosophy. Practicing at a tempo to keep your edge and carry over to the game versus limiting reps and fatigue and “just try to get something accomplished” at practice.

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see a story-line like this again:

    “Georgia’s defense continues to perform at a top level despite a lineup that has been hit hard by injuries. Besides Jones, Georgia was missing four other injured starters: cornerback Decory Bryant, defensive tackle Kedric Golston, safety Kentrell Curry and defensive end Will Thompson. Georgia hardly missed a beat. Safety Greg Blue had punishing hits on wide receivers Courtney Taylor and Anthony Mix.” Dog Bytes 11/15/2003 after 26-7 defeat of Auburn.


  8. Mike Bobo

    I have a hard enough time using the players I do have effectively. A bigger roster would only muddy the waters in my head a lot more.