You don’t have to sound so surprised about it.

Actually, I can’t blame Ben Jones for this response to the news that the coaches ranked Georgia 22nd in their preseason poll.

“I’m shocked, but I think people believe in us,” senior center Ben Jones said.

Either that, or a lot of coaches ran out of names for their lists after about the first fifteen or so schools and went into default mode.


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17 responses to “You don’t have to sound so surprised about it.

  1. mwo

    Where does the reporterette from Florida have UGA this year? If I remember correctly, she picked them 65th last year.

  2. Go Dawgs!

    Notre Dame is ranked #18, so I think it’s more or less common knowledge that the pollsters just went with names they recognize after researching the Top 10.

  3. Macallanlover

    Not concerned about our position in a pre-season poll, we will have plenty of chances to earn respect. Fortunately, winning the SEC cannot be denied due to opinions and politics and that is my objective. Looking at the Top 10, there is plenty of interaction to expose the pretenders, and challenge the annointed.

    It is funny to see the coaches (or equipment managers) vote three teams from the Big 12/10 into the Top 10. Also, the usual suspects rate the Big 10-/12 as highly as they always do. I continue to believe this has always been the most overrated conference in America. All one has to do is look at the number of titles two schools have won to see the lack of depth/talent. You also have to laugh at Auburn’s rating, I doubt the sportwriters give them that much credit.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Mac. Please see my post in response to yours at the end of the “Excuses” thread from yesterday. I realized after posting there that the thread was removed and that you might not see it.

      • Macallanlover

        This is getting weirder and weirder…can you believe that when I don’t drink Macallan or a gin martini, my choice is also Famous Grouse and club soda w/ a twist. Although I like my Macallan on the rocks, particularly after the ice melts a little (I know, it is a sacriledge to the purists. But I can drink several that way!)

        Our tastes are scarily aligned, given all the options, what are the odds? I will definitely try your recommendation next time I am down at Total Wine (currently in Blowing Rock where it is 70 degrees.) Will let you know. Thanks.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          If you like Famous Grouse you will love Black Bottle.

          • Macallanlover

            Grouse is/was the largest selling “whiskey” in Great Britain. I found it very close to Dewars, which was my choice of a blend before my company had a relationship Grouse that allowed me to try. I ususally drink a blend when I am at someone’s house for a party, sometimes out, but always drink Macallan when at home and want a scotch. Black Bottle is on my bucket list on my next trip.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              I actually was first introduced to Grouse while on a trip to London 20 years ago. And when mixing scotch with soda I also drink it with a twist.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                P.S. Before Grouse I drank Dewers.

                • Macallanlover

                  Dang, what was your Mother’s name? You might be my unfound brother.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    This is gonna really bake your noodle. You mentioned above that you are in Blowing Rock. Weekend before last I was in Banner Elk. That is where I had my first drink of Macallan–at Artisanal.

  4. zdub

    We don’t deserve and haven’t earned the #22 preseason ranking (but no one really EARNS preseason rankings, I suppose). We shouldn’t be ranked in the top 25 after last season. I’m glad that we are, don’t get me wrong, but we need to show up big time in early September to prove that we belong there.

    • Macallanlover

      I totally agree about the worthlessness of pre-season polls, but what are you talking about where you link the prior season to the current? Dang man, THAT is exactly why they are silly, it is based too heavily on a team that no longer exists! New slate. Every year has uniqueness that cannot be adequately projected, even if 20 of 22 starters return. You can certainly learn from the past in many ways, but the make-up of team units having new variables is a shot in the dark.

      UGA should certainly be included in the Top 25 based on talent potential and quality of coaching. We may not know where, and we may not live up to the potential, but there is no denying we deserve a spot. Much more so than teams like Auburn, Michigan State, etc.