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Stats, stay away from me.

Your Jedi mind tricks will not work on me, Year2.

Georgia’s 417 points for and 287 points allowed compute to a Pythagorean win percentage of .708. Across 13 games, that projects to 9.20 wins, giving Georgia a luck factor of -3.20 for 2010. That’s the worst luck score of any team since 2000.

The only other team to crack -3 was 2009 Oklahoma, which had luck of -3.16 over 13 games and improved from 8-5 to 12-2. I’m not saying Georgia will go from 6-7 to a BCS bid, but UGA should have a better record this year.

Of the 19 teams since 2000 to post a luck score of -2.25 or worse, 16 improved their records the following year. Those that didn’t started an injury-prone freshman quarterback (‘10 Nebraska), switched to a freshman quarterback (’05 Purdue) or were breaking in a new coaching staff (’08 SMU).

One thing:  that 2009 Oklahoma team lost 42 starts to injuries, third most in the nation (the data’s below the picture, heh).  Last year, that’s one area where Georgia wasn’t unlucky.



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Saturday morning buffet

Stay cool and enjoy these:


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Dawg porn, day two

Another entertaining slide show from Dawg Post.

The tight ends are an impressive looking bunch.  And how ’bout that Figgins/Samuel backfield?  It won’t lack for size, that’s for sure.


UPDATE:  Chip Towers thinks so, too.

… Checking out the running backs and it’s interesting to note the varieties of players Georgia has back there. Sometimes you have FB Bruce Figgins (6-4, 275) and TB Richard Samuel (6-2, 238) back there and others you have Zander Ogletree (5-9, 220) and Carlton Thomas (5-7, 170) or Brandon Harton (5-6, 174). I must admit, though, when the Dogs run a toss sweep with Isaiah Crowell or Samuel following Figgins around one end, it looks pretty impressive. And Crowell has that class tailback look, kind of bowed-legged, always looking balanced with tremendous cutting ability.


UPDATE #2:  Figgins has also noticed.

… It’s certainly a formidable sight when Figgins is running around the end leading the 6-2, 240-pound Samuel on a power sweep.

“I think people will be a little intimidated by it,” Figgins said. “That’s 500 pound moving right there. And Richard’s not slow at all. I have to speed up just to get going ahead of him because he’ll run up your back if you don’t. I think we’ll be able to move some people out of the way.”


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