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“This game should be a easy win for Boise State.”

Evidently that’s because Georgia will be forced to start Alec Ogletree at both linebacker and safety.  Playing the Broncos with ten men on defense will certainly make things tough.

OBNUG, get thee an editor.  And an updated roster.


UPDATE:  Travis Fain adds a thought or two about editorial standards.



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Dawg porn on video

Via the Red and Black.  Enjoy.


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Any port in a storm

With all the usual caveats in mind about preseason happy talk, I have to confess that, so far, the one development I’ve taken a small degree of comfort from is Will Friend’s relative calmness.

Freshman David Andrews is the second-team center and, at this point, will likely not redshirt this season. In fact, offensive line coach Will Friend said Andrews has had the best camp of any of the second-teamers in his unit.

“He’s got a good chance to, and we’ll just continue to get him ready. And if he’s ready, he will (play),” Friend said, chuckling. “David’s had a good camp. And you know a lot of it depends on what goes on from now on. Can he continue to grow and learn what to do as well as he’s done the first couple days, then he has a chance to be a real good player. He’s got a chance to play this year, probably.”

2. Friend likes how his first-team has performed so far. Besides Andrews, he also praised sophomore Dallas Lee, redshirt freshman Kolton Houston and  freshman Watts Dantzler.

“The first five done good so far. And we’re just trying to get a couple of those guys who are with the (second-team) to come on,” Friend said. “I wasn’t in panic mode before. But we’ve had a decent camp, I guess first week so far. It’s only been a week. It’s been pretty good, especially with the ones.”

If there’s anybody on the staff who’s had the excuse to freak out, it’s Friend.  Yet it sounds like he’s holding it together and (maybe) even starting to build a little depth.

Of course the other possibility is that he’s too overwhelmed to know any better right now.


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SEC Drinking Game #2

I suspect you’ll need another bottle for every time this one gets repeated:

… Garcia acknowledged he strongly considered a transfer, coach Steve Spurrier even agreeing to sign the papers if the quarterback wanted. Garcia graduated with a sociology degree last May and could play somewhere that offered a post-graduate program South Carolina did not.

But Garcia was swayed by tailback Marcus Lattimore and receiver Alshon Jeffery, who encouraged him to withstand the comments and criticism from those outside the team.

“It meant a lot to me,” the quarterback said.

Oy.  By the time this is all over, we may be reminiscing fondly about Verne crushes for the GPOOE™ and the two Davids.


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SEC Drinking Game #1

Every time Verne mentions Charlie Weis being hired to redeem John Brantley, take a drink.

Make sure you’ve got a big bottle.


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Mmmm… beer revenues.

As athletic department budgets tighten, expect to hear this rationale stated more often:

“There’s also the thought that you control the alcohol situation better if you’re selling within your stadium,” said Mike Thomas, Cincinnati’s athletics director.

Funny how that works.


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Best Georgia preview you’ll read.

Paul Myerberg starts out with a photo of Erk (“It’s unfortunate that Russell isn’t more popular on a national level, as he’s one of the real legends of this game.”) and goes up from there.

One funky bit of trivia:

… Only once under Mark Richt has Georgia not committed a single turnover in a game yet lost. It happened last November in Auburn, when the Bulldogs fared moderately well offensively, scoring 31 points, yet were not able to put the clamps down on the soon-to-be national champs. Prior to that game, Georgia had been a perfect 23-0 under Richt when not committing a turnover.

What I like so much about his piece is how it captures my sense of ambiguity about the program’s 2011 future.  He ranks the Dawgs 26th, yet sees them as a team that should be poised to win ten regular season games and garner attention nationally.  It’s a team that could run the table going into the SECCG if things break right… or lose six games for the second year in a row.

… There’s no reason why the Bulldogs can’t even make noise on the national stage; there’s just one caveat: we’ve said the same of Georgia over the last two years only to be disappointed, so I think the safest bet is to sit back and wait for signs of life from a program once full of vim and vigor, now desperately searching for a spark. To keep that metaphor going, Georgia’s sitting on a bed of coals — the talent, the hunger, the schedule — and needs only someone, or something, to light the match. I think the Bulldogs will find a spark from a new-look defensive front, which could be very good, and a secondary that ranks among the top half of the SEC. So what’s holding Georgia back?

That’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it?


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