Best Georgia preview you’ll read.

Paul Myerberg starts out with a photo of Erk (“It’s unfortunate that Russell isn’t more popular on a national level, as he’s one of the real legends of this game.”) and goes up from there.

One funky bit of trivia:

… Only once under Mark Richt has Georgia not committed a single turnover in a game yet lost. It happened last November in Auburn, when the Bulldogs fared moderately well offensively, scoring 31 points, yet were not able to put the clamps down on the soon-to-be national champs. Prior to that game, Georgia had been a perfect 23-0 under Richt when not committing a turnover.

What I like so much about his piece is how it captures my sense of ambiguity about the program’s 2011 future.  He ranks the Dawgs 26th, yet sees them as a team that should be poised to win ten regular season games and garner attention nationally.  It’s a team that could run the table going into the SECCG if things break right… or lose six games for the second year in a row.

… There’s no reason why the Bulldogs can’t even make noise on the national stage; there’s just one caveat: we’ve said the same of Georgia over the last two years only to be disappointed, so I think the safest bet is to sit back and wait for signs of life from a program once full of vim and vigor, now desperately searching for a spark. To keep that metaphor going, Georgia’s sitting on a bed of coals — the talent, the hunger, the schedule — and needs only someone, or something, to light the match. I think the Bulldogs will find a spark from a new-look defensive front, which could be very good, and a secondary that ranks among the top half of the SEC. So what’s holding Georgia back?

That’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it?


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  1. Mike Bobo

    “What’s holding Georgia back?”



  2. Vincent

    So shorter Westerberg: if this was a vintage Richt team, winning the East and making noise Nationally would be like shooting fish in a barrel, man it’s been a long decline.


  3. A nutshell with a worm in it. Regardless of how the season goes, there are not twenty five teams better than Georgia going into it. But I would rather be underated than over. Richt teams haven’t handled pie in the sky very well in the past. Maybe Pat Dye will make a motivating remark.
    This is all boiling down to “desire”. That’s the catalyst to move this program from underachievement to success. Is that catayst present? Maybe…probably. Richard Samuel should be full of desire! His resurrection as a running back must be a dream come true. The defense is going to be agressive with a DC that has a little ERK in him (I pray). Other factors, both tangeable and otherwise lead me to believe “desire” will be prevelant.
    So, maybe…probably…these Dawgs turn the corner. If they do, the sky’s the limit for the next few seasons at least.


  4. baltimore dawg

    honestly, i think the key to the season is the week *after* boise, win or lose. the coaching staff is going to have to work hard to get those guys to focus on sc; i think the risk of letting some of the pressure out of the cooker after a huge build-up to that boise game is significant.

    my fear is that bobo might try to out-boise boise, when what we need (not just to win the game but to set us up for next week) is to give them a physical beat-down. i’m not sure we’ll be able to do that to them on d just because they run their offense so well (though i think we can contain them). i want to see our o linemen, figgins, samuel, and charles knocking people on their asses.


    • zdub

      I agree with this, though I don’t have the fear that our guys will take the SCe game lightly relative the BSU game.

      SCe is the more important game UNLESS we happen to just get completely and utterly destroyed by BSU, which I don’t see happening at all (We may lose a close one to them, but if they beat us by more than 10 I would be very surprised). But if that were to happen, everyone would be deflated and I would really not like our chances at beating SCe the next week. We may lose a close one to BSU, but if they beat us by more than 10 I would be very surprised.

      Still, I think we all know that this team isn’t winning the national championship this year (even the biggest homers should admit that), but we’ve got a better shot than most at winning the East and making another trip to Atlanta. Since winning the East should be our primary goal every year, that makes the SCe game so much more important than BSU.


  5. Vincent

    Stated as a raging pessimist, is anyone else really excited at what potential is there for the next few years if this team kicks butt this year? Murray Crowell, maybe Jenkins, Ogletree, jarvis jones and a seasoned dream team for another year? Wow.


    • +1 – if this team comes together, we have the talent to win every game on our schedule (including the SEC championship). We also have the potential if we play “entitled” like the last couple of years to lose six. Whatever happens, the cupboard isn’t bare going into ’12.


  6. sUGArdaddy

    That’s a pretty amazing stat. It’s pretty simple. We have to do 2 things better:

    1. Protect the football. This includes Murray, the backs, receivers, punt returners and KO returners.

    2. Get the ball. This includes our D, punt coverage, punt block, FG block, and KO coverage teams.

    We’ve GOT to turn it over less and get it more.


  7. Comin' Down The Track

    All of this is making me queasy. Can’t we just go ahead and start the season and get it over with already?!


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Dial back one year to 2010, and I thought we had a chance to go all the way. Even dropped down some $$ in Vegas at 40 to 1. Myerberg summarizes it perfectly: “There’s no reason why the Bulldogs can’t…”.

    I’m looking forward to this season, and hope we play to our ability.


  9. If Richt Is on the “Hot Seat”, There Is no one he would rather have as OC than Bobo. It is Richt’s Offense & he has Earphones. He can overrule a call & Murray can audible a play.Putting the blame on Bobo is senseless. If Richt is satisfied with him; then, I trust him & agree with the HC, not the talking heads


  10. Bad Marinara

    Just watched the Sugarbowl against Hawaii again on Hulu. The offense actually was just OK, considering the competition. (Kept Knowshon on the sideline most of the game.) But the defense was nas-tee. Got pressure sometimes just rushing 3. Loved it when they used to make QB’s cry. Need some more of that.


    • Jared Zabransky

      Then watch the UGA-Boise State 2005 game.


    • Will (The Other One)

      They couldn’t block Marcus Howard at all that night. He knew it going in too, I think. Just lined up really wide from their tackle on their first snap, and started terrorizing ol’ Colt Brennan.