“This game should be a easy win for Boise State.”

Evidently that’s because Georgia will be forced to start Alec Ogletree at both linebacker and safety.  Playing the Broncos with ten men on defense will certainly make things tough.

OBNUG, get thee an editor.  And an updated roster.


UPDATE:  Travis Fain adds a thought or two about editorial standards.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    And John Jenkins and Kwame Geathers were ineffective against the run last year.

  2. Spence

    He also states that Richard ” Samuel has not yet contributed to the running game for the Bulldogs and has not accumulated any rushing stats thus far in his career.”

    That’s true, if he is talking about this year and last. Maybe check when he was 17 though.

  3. papajason

    That was easily one of the most poorly written college football articles that I’ve read in a long time (and that is saying something).

    It just makes me appreciate all of the Senator’s good work even more.

    Keep it up!
    Go Dawgs!

  4. Bevo

    Are you sure an intern from the AJC didn’t write that post as a guest feature?

    Either way, to be more accurate, I’d revise his bottom line “This game should be a easy loss for Georgia.”

  5. opsomath

    Reposted from my response in the obnug thread:


  6. Tenn_Dawg

    Geez WTF was that? Someone please send that guy a roster listing from last year and one for this year. To make things worse is half of Boise will believe it since they read it on the internet.

    BSU fans have a ton of confidence. Much of them were saying the same thing in 2005 during tailgating before the game. Several told me that it was no big deal to beat the mess out of bulldogs that wear red…referring to their dominance of Fresno St. No doubt they are a quality team but they did not exactly light the world on fire last year against a VT team that lost to James Madison the next week. If I remember correctly they were just holding on for their lives as time expired and this was with a team that was returning like 19 of 22 starters.

    I think the Dawgs will win. It may not be as convincing as 2005 but I think they do win notheless.

  7. The whole mentality of the Boise fans is just strange to me. Maybe it’s the consistent letdowns that my teams have experienced in the past few years (Dawgs, Braves, Falcons) that have basically caused me to be a fairly cautious fan with my expectations (some may call me a cynic/pessimist). They certainly do not suffer from a lack of confidence, however the hubris is pretty off-putting.

    Look, I get it. Your team has won a bunch of ballgames the past few years and even have beat a few quality opponents. You have a coach that gets the more out of his team than just about any other coach in America and you’re proud of that. I get it. But just to summarily dismiss a team that would have to be considered in the upper half of the conference that was won the past five national championships and think that they shouldn’t even bother to show up seems a bit shortsighted.

    Boise may very well destroy the Bulldogs on 9/3, but to assume that this squad is just going to roll over because Boise shows up is pretty shortsighted and frankly it’s a bit insulting.

    • AusDawg85

      +1 I can only hope their team actually thinks the same way. Let’s keep this guy writing to fill the bulletin board for us.

      Remind me again what other teams/conferences regularly come and effectively deal with SEC size and speed?

    • Biggus Rickus

      They hardly ever lose and they know little about football. The talent disparity alone would give me cause for concern in a Boise fan’s shoes. The seeming coaching disparity is my cause for concern. The last to years have me somewhat pessimistic about this game, but if Georgia does lose it will be a TD or less, probably less.

    • I look at it this way; Georgia was 6-7 last year, and took the eventual national champions well into the 4th quarter in a tight game before losing. Boise lost to Nevada. Which is more impressive? Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean Georgia will win on the 3rd (I would bet against it if I wasn’t so poor), but to state it’ll be an easy win? Hubris.

    • Puffdawg

      This. Here’s what I don’t get. After the ass whippin’ we put on them in 2005, and considering the fact they’ve never beaten an SEC team, you’d think they would harbor a bit of anxiety or reservation or whatever you want to call it. I’ve seen nothing but brash confidence from their camp in the form of two articles from OBNUG (yesterday and this – https://blutarsky.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/better-get-used-to-it/) and even one from the Idaho Statesman (http://www.idahostatesman.com/2011/07/24/1737210/a-strange-case-of-role-reversal.html). I don’t know whether to feel amused of disrespected. The bottom line is, whether we had a losing season or not last season, we still beat Boise State the one and only time we played and it wasn’t even close. They should probably hedge a little more than they are for the sake of maintaining some semblance of credibility.

      • Cojones

        Thought the Idaho Statesman was a good even-handed article. Didn’t detect smack nor disrespect.

        You could take the other one and use it for your toilet.

  8. Dubyadee

    I think this article was a prank. I find it hard to believe someone would take the time to write it if they knew that little about the team. More errors (sic):

    We are base 3-4 on defense, so why list 4 linemen and 3 linebackers?

    No mention of tight ends? No mention of special teams?

    I think it was a joke to get us riled up.

    • Dude is a freakin moron, but that doesn’t make his ignorance any less offensive.

      Nothing I like more than an intercontinental pissing match.

      • NRBQ

        Transcontinental, Red. But you did give them Hell.

        • Yeah, I got caught up in the heat of battle.
          I think JaxDawg and I taught Mr. robertjamespfiefer a lesson he won’t soon fortget.

        • Geography Police

          Actually, transcontinental implies coast to coast. Idaho is landlocked and Boise is at least a couple hundred miles inland.How about Southeastern versus Northwestern pissing match.

          • Okay. Okay. I just enjoy a good pissing match. Geographical restraints be damned.

            • Cojones

              Admired your posts in the AJC several years ago. Don’t go there anymore to post(although the Senator asks that of me), but glad to see your wide open comments on here.

  9. Bpitt23

    One Bronco Nation Under God (OBNUG) seeks to provide a source of relevant BSU news, mature BSU perspective, and biased BSU commentary with wit, reason, timeliness, and irreverence. That, and Vandal jokes.

    • H. Randolph Holder

      One of the posters in the comment section has a Maya Angelou quote in their by line. I’m sure she is a nice lady and I enjoy her work, but would not have expected to see her on a college football blog. Just sayin’.

    • Cojones

      In Nebraska he would be called GUNBO. On this blog we can label him DUMBO. Or UBNOG SHUSH.

  10. Bpitt23

    Pretty sure there is some sarcasm in there somewhere.

  11. Russ

    Well, seeing as how the author based his assumptions on the 2010 Dawgs, I’d have a hard time disagreeing with him.

    Something tells me the 2011 Dawgs will be a little better. I see a final score of 20-17, and the 17 points we’ll give up will be the most scored against us all year long.

  12. Justin

    Good lord. That “One Bronco Nation” piece is almost incomprehensible due to the author’s tenuous grasp of the English language.

    If he’s a product of Idaho’s public education system, I weep for our potatoes’ future.

  13. haws1178

    I sorry I didn’t finish the article. I just couldn’t force myself to waste anymore of my time off of work reading something that wouldn’t qualify to line a bird cage. Hope they believe that crap because after they get reminded of what SEC speed and strength is it will make for some good highlight pics of the awe on their faces. Go dawgs

  14. Stoopnagle



  15. The other Doug

    Me thinks he is under estimating UGA’s size advantage.

  16. The other Doug

    He forgets to mention special teams and are huge advantage there. I can only guess that is because Boise doesn’t play grind it out field position football. I guess there are no three and outs when you have Colt Brennan leading the offense.

  17. I’m as pessimistic about this season as anybody out there. Yet still, that article was a howler.

  18. zdub

    I think this blogger represents a tiny fraction of the Boise fan base. Most of them probably don’t think of their team as world beaters and are just enjoying this nice run they have been having the past 5 years. It won’t last forever, so the few fans (on the message boards and interwebs mostly) who like to be extra vocal are trying to get as much out of it as they can.

    I don’t really blame them. If UGA was an upstart team in a nothing state (recruiting-wise) I would try to squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of their good play while it lasted. It just shows that winning is new to them and you have to expect some arrogance to come along with that (see SCe fans, circa 2010).

    One day their bubble will burst. I’m not saying that day is Sept 3, 2011 but one day their success will end as it does for all teams at some point or another.

  19. Puffdawg

    “the game is arguably the biggest game of the opening weekend”

    Did they cancel LSU/Oregon? What’d I miss?

  20. Will Trane

    Let’s tie some things together here. BSU’s defense…4-2-5…says they load the box [we love those guys who hang-up on that crap about the box…sorta like hearing kickin the can down the road]…did you see the size of those LBs. Now I’m not sure the plan, but I think they could have trouble stopping the running game. I think I recalled Bobo talking about the RB’s staying low and wanting more down field speed. Will Georgia start with the ball, run a twin TE set and full I. If you get hit enough times you had better be prepared to take it the whole game. If UGA rushes 150+ in this game it will not be a 14 point spread. How do you think twin TE matches against those LBs and secondary. I’ll take my chances. But I would like the Dawgs to work some veer into their attack. Seven in the box can be an issue but that depends on the blocking scheme [rememeber that Searels vs Friend article re drive blocking]. You do have to block everybody in and along the line. If Crowell gets to the outside and pads turned…we will see about the box. They do not plan on doing that anyway dude…put your enitre damn D in the box. I can not wait to see how CMR and Bobo plan to attack these guys…but I am damn sure it will not look like 2010. Watch the line splits, low pad level, and hammering. You had better hold on in the third and fourth because it will get nasty. Damn I ready to go. I think they can rush for 150. D plays solid and with the kidking game…150 would be good.

  21. Cojones

    C’mon folks. This kid may not even be out of highschool. He’s as close to a Techie as you will git with his wet. His life experience reach is questionable and he may live in an underground tunnel with a Tremors creature. He lives by just reachin’ up thru the dirt and snatchin’ a potatoe. The kid is to be pityed because he thinks their rushing game will win even if we have King Kong and Godzilla across the line. Hmmm( should we name it our GodKong D?).

    I would think that the serious football fans at good ole BS cring just a little when the stick-pokin gets goin’ and they don’t exactly know the size of the beast being offended. And they unwittingly are forcing the monster’s resolve to kick the livin’shit out of ’em. One potatoe, two potatoe, three potatoe, four…….at a time.

  22. Dubyadee

    This game is getting me pretty riled up. Thinking about buying a thousand of these and handing them out at the stadium.

    Or maybe just a simple red t-shirt with that as a image.

  23. Rocksalt

    I’ll go out on a limb – previous seasons be damned – I think we whoop these guys. I mean, a fer real whoopin. It’s the Cocks that have me concerned.

    We’re going to have to send rosters to BSU, because otherwise they won’t know what hit ’em.
    G. A. T. A.

  24. Bad m

    I’m starting to really dislike these guys. Which is saying something b/c I used to root for them a little. Little brother, don’t get cocky or we are going to have to spank you back to irrelevance. You’ll never get another BCS game.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      They really are this cocky. I recall listening to a radio interview WWL had with one of the Boise beat-writers before the Nevada game last season. He went on and on about how tough BSU was – great offense, terrific defense, etc., etc.. There wasn’t any way in the world Nevada could win – which of course they did.

      Then again, after last season I truly hope no one associated with the Dawgs thnks we’re entitled to win this one. We still need to bring our ‘A’ game.

  25. Turd Ferguson

    The best thing about that article is how well-researched it is.

    I honestly expect this game to look a lot like the 2007 Sugar Bowl. I don’t care how prolific your offense is supposed to be — if your OL is getting manhandled, nothing else will work like it’s supposed to work. And the size/athleticism gap between our front 7 and Boise’s OL is significant, to say the least.

    It honestly will not surprise me if they end up having to triple-team Jenkins and Geathers, leaving each tackle on an island against a more athletic DE … and a bunch of gaping holes for our speedy LBs. And unless I’m missing something, isn’t Kellen Moore a lefty? So the tackle protecting his blind side is a 278lb sophomore? (That’s according to Phil Steele; according to ESPN, he was just 249lb last season.) Good luck with that, Boise.

  26. Lrgk9

    Check this out for fond memories

  27. S.E. Dawg

    Let’s not get to caught up in this. We were confident going into Oklahoma State a couple of years ago and we know how that turned out. Let’s be cautiously optimistic.

    • Joe

      No we weren’t. No Stafford, Moreno, MoMass, OSU with legit 1st round NFLers on the O-line, at WR and DB, let alone an all conf. RB and Top flight QB in the new stadium. No one was over confident about that one.

      • Cojones

        Losing Sturdivant in the 1st qtr didn’t help.

      • zdub

        You can’t tell me you weren’t confident after that first TD drive…

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The fix was in for the UGA-Okie State game in Stillwater. T. Boone had given MILLIONS to Okie State to completely renovate their stadium and the homer refs were not going to let the Dawgs out of there with a win. Remember some of the calls by the refs? 4th and 1 from the 2 yard line, Okie State goes for it and gets stuffed, but the ref pushes the ball forward and marks progress where they got a first down. Okie State scores 2 plays later. Either Reshaud or Prince really lit up an Okie State receiver as he was going for a ball literally on his fingertips on third down. Refs throw a flag for roughness and instead of a field goal try from 50 yards the Pokes get a first down at about the 15 and score 3 plays later. I lay that loss on DE who should have known better than to schedule the Dawgs for an away opener at the dedication of the other team’s new stadium. The Dawgs would have had to beat Okie State by 3 TDs or more to make the game “ref-proof” in order to win. That never will happen again, though. Thank goodness for red panties.

  28. Dante

    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!

  29. JasonC

    I think Boise St has some great coaches and some really good players, but if this “analysis” is indicative of the fanbase, then they have a bunch of simpletons for fans.

    • gastr1

      Some of the posts, quite frankly, reminded me of the posts at Dawg Sports about basketball. Stunningly ignorant of the game–not just the nuances, but even basic rules. T. Kyle has nothing but my utmost respect–it’s not him–but there are commenters there who are really out to lunch.

      • Normaltown Mike

        You mean you don’t find the withering commentary on Jay Clark and the gymnastics team to be informed and erudite?

        • gastr1

          I like the blog and like what T. Kyle does with it. I think some of the regular posters, not all, are nitwits.

  30. Spike

    Put this on the UGA locker room bulletin board. Recall 2005 Broncos?

  31. Castleberry

    Judging by the comments on here it looks like a lot of you would be disappointed with anything less than a double-digit Dawgs win. Yeah, the article sucked, he left out special teams, etc. If you think we’ll spank them based on talent, check out that Liberty Bowl highlight video. I hope we kill ’em, but we’ll have to solve a lot of last year’s problems – and fast – to stand a chance in the game.

    • Puffdawg

      I count 2, maybe 3, out of 80 replies that predict a big Georgia win. The rest look for a close hard fought game. You are right on about fixing our problems and not relying on talent. That’s what got us in trouble in 2008 and seemed to start a bit of a trend.

      What disturbs me is the brash smack talk coming from the Boise camp. It’s like somebody whose ass you just kicked keeps talking trash after the fight is broken up. Dude, we kicked your ass the one and only time we played and it was fairly recent. Show some respect. If you beat us, fine, then talk about how great your program is. But until then, the scoreboard still shows 48-13.

  32. JaxDawg (CPODawg)

    I normally go by CPODawg on here.. SBNation won`t let me change my username. I know there are alot of JaxDawgs. Anyway, My man Red and I were just there to talk rational about the match-up and football well… as you guys can see it was what it was (actually it`s still going on, which I find kinda funny) and we enjoyed exchanging hand grenades with the boys in blue over there. Smack talk aside I think we alll know how this could possibly turn out if the dawgs come out flat or have brain fart turn overs at the worst possible time like last year. I do expect a close hard fought game hopefully Our Coaches will learn how to put the boot on our opponent’s neck and keep it there until the clock ticks down to zero this year. Anyway, just wanted to pop in and give my 2 pennies on this. GO DAWGS!!

  33. Yurdle

    check it out! the author of the post at OBNUG deleted it and then reposted, which left the content intact but deleted all of the comments and broke the links. Run away! Run away!

  34. Cojones

    It may have been the AD at Boise ST who just got fired.