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Amazing pace.

The remarkable part about the Jarvis Jones news isn’t that he was cleared – hey, we were overdue for a little good news – but how quickly the decision came down.  Who knew the NCAA could work that quickly when a school wasn’t claiming ignorance as a defense?

Seriously, if you’re somebody who thinks like me that the biggest problem AJ’s absence last season caused was to introduce an even bigger element of uncertainty into game preparation than bringing along a freshman quarterback already did, then this is nothing but good.

Maybe things really are looking up.



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Happy talk line of the day

Hey, the Dawgnation’s fretted over every negative third-party-removed observation about Isaiah Crowell that’s hit the Internet since his arrival in Athens, so it seems only fair to mention this:

DE DeAngelo Tyson said Isaiah Crowell so quick and shifty that nobody got a good shot on him today.

Quick and shifty – what a concept.


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The (point) spread spreads.

I don’t think this constitutes an “easy win”, but it’s worth noting that the Las Vegas Hilton has moved the line on the Boise State-Georgia game back out to Georgia +3.


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