Amazing pace.

The remarkable part about the Jarvis Jones news isn’t that he was cleared – hey, we were overdue for a little good news – but how quickly the decision came down.  Who knew the NCAA could work that quickly when a school wasn’t claiming ignorance as a defense?

Seriously, if you’re somebody who thinks like me that the biggest problem AJ’s absence last season caused was to introduce an even bigger element of uncertainty into game preparation than bringing along a freshman quarterback already did, then this is nothing but good.

Maybe things really are looking up.


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  1. Chadwick

    Who knew the NCAA could work that quickly when a school wasn’t claiming ignorance as a defense?
    I think it’s more like “work that quickly” when they’re protecting the golden goose. The fraud behind the Newton suspension/reinstatement affirmed to me that the only thing they care about is revenue. I’d like to think having the big 64 football teams bolt would be a positive, but I’m afraid that Delaney and Slive would make Emmert look like an angel. I can’t imagine the transgressions and lip service to playing by the rules that Delaney would bring on board. He’s a whore and he’s proud of it.


    • Cojones

      Tressel will vouch for that. And the OSU players. And the Pres and AD. And the tattoo Shop of Horrors. Think you have your sights on the correct target.


    • Darrren Rovell

      +1,000. I am a big believer that if the allegations about Newton were revealed in the preseason or the 1st month of the year then there was a good chance that Newton would have been forced to sit out at least one game. However, when they were finally revealed, investigated, and ruled upon – 90% of the season was completed – it was the conference’s best hope for the National title. He was most likely the Heisman winner and POY in college football.

      So in the name of revenue, everyone gave him a pass. It would have been one thing to rule him out of the first game of the year against a 1-AA opponent (even though Auburn struggled for part of that game.) But to rule him ineligible to play against his team’s most bitter rival or the conference championship or the national title game with all of the revenue for the school, conference, and sport on the line would have messed with the economics of the game. So they let him play – based on the Mississippi State allegations only.

      It’s is also why I firmly believe that if anything significantly illegal is discovered about Cam’s eligibility at Auburn then the NCAA will punish Auburn just this side of SMU circa 1986.


  2. Cojones

    And all th fan base bitchin’ and groanin’ can go away. Right?


  3. A.J. Greeb

    Let’s be honest here. The NCAA owed us one. I think I’m in a good position to say that.


  4. Dawg Vent

    If BVG still coached, we wouldn’t need to worry about whether or not he was eligible. #Markrichtfail


  5. watcher16

    I credit our willingness to follow the rules and report our violations, no matter how minor. Those good faith efforts go along way


  6. 69Dawg

    Hey if sCam didn’t know his Dad was shopping him why should Jones be accountable for where his friend’s money came from. He had known the guy for years.


  7. zdub

    Things are looking up for ol’ Liz Lemon.