“Lots of people say stupid things when you bring up the 3-4.”

Fortunately, Shakin The Southland’s DrB isn’t one of them.


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6 responses to ““Lots of people say stupid things when you bring up the 3-4.”

  1. Cojones

    Senator, looks like you ran them all off when you quoted the sentence with “stupid” in it. Good. Now those fans who have always admitted they don’t know very much won’t have to skip over the stupid conjecture by wannnabe coaches in order to post. Think I’ll post that article next time we run across the “Xs” and “Os”. Or take long exerpts and credit the writer in the last paragraph.


  2. Zdawg

    I got about midway through that article before my eyes glossed over and the stupid in my brain started to hurt.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I agree the 3-4 probably gets a slightly faster player on the field at OLB which can help against spread offenses. But as I think we all learned last year, if you don’t have the prototype NT I’m not sure you should run that type of D.

    I’ve also heard ‘analysts’ say the Cowboys (while CTG was an assistant there) essentially ran a 4-3, as Demarcus Ware for all intents & purposes is a DE, not an OLB. I don’t care whether its 3-4 or 4-3 or 5-2, a good D depends on having a good DC who prepares, can make in-game adjustments and motivates his players.


    • DrB

      You really don’t have a successful defense, based out of an Odd front, without a strong NG.

      Its particularly true of any 3-4 scheme, whether its 1 or 2 gapped.


  4. Cojones

    Gee, that kinda says that Grantham can run anything his football mind and background can conceive. Who woulda’ thought it? The guy we hired as D coach actually is the guy who knows how to coach any D lineup! Gosh, and I only thought we grabbed his name out of a hat! And I thought we had to run 3-4, no matter what the offense is against us. Will wonders never cease?

    Some of you need to hitch up your thought cap before you try to convince us that Coach Grantham needed anyone’s OK who is blogging on here. Your concurrence with his coaching methods is not required. Go blow that crap into some other ears that are still in highschool.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    The article was great. We ran the 5-2 in high school. The 3-4 is basically the same thing. In order to make it work you need a dominating nose. If you don’t have one it won’t work because people will just run up the middle (see UGA-USCe, 2010). There is really nothing new in football. Everything old just comes around again repackaged as new. I expect a marked improvement in the D this coming season now that Jenkins is on campus.