Can a coach be Croom’d if Croom isn’t coaching?

CFN’s Russ Mitchell’s “outside-the-box” prediction has Mark Richt not even making the trip to Knoxville this year.


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    Wow. I know Richt has lost some support lately but I doubt he has “disciple” concerns. Also, how many coaches at major programs get let go mid-season? It doesn’t seem like many. It is predictions like this that make me hope the Dawgs absolutely gut Boise in the dome just to shut these fools the hell up.

  2. Prov

    I guess everyone can email me now. 🙂

  3. 202dawg

    “Without a proven wide receiver to keep this defense honest, Boise State will stack the box and make the Georgia running game a nightmare. Even IF the Bulldogs manage to find a replacement for A.J. Green in the first game of the season, this is a very experienced, talented defense – it will adjust”

    This fella is full of manure… CFN could bury him and grow another one just like him. PLEASE, Boise.. Stack the box! PLEASE?!?

  4. Skeptic Dawg

    Why would BSU not stack the box against us? At least until a WR steps up. Stop the run and put tons of pressure on AM. Why is this so crazy of a notion?. Firing CMR AT mid-season, not likely.

    • Can I ask a dumb question here – if you think Georgia’s running game is going to fail big time, why do you need to stack the box in the first place?

      I’m not a defensive coordinator (obviously), but it seems to me that if Aaron Murray is Georgia’s best offensive player, you’d want to key on shutting him down.

      • Prov

        Not to mention that Boise’s secondary is the weak link in their D. Please Boise, stack the box.

      • DavetheDawg

        OBNUG bloggers will start linking videos on how they will do this in 3…2…1…

      • James Stephenson

        Stack the box, and you will see number 7 just own those guys. He is already a match up issue for them. If they don’t high-low cover him he will get 15 catches and 200 yards.

        So please stack that box.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        Would one expect tons of pressure and clogging the middle of the field to prevent the TE’s from running over the middle. Until a WR steps up and proves that he is capable of making plays, why not continue to load the box and make Murray beat you? I expect Boise to hammer our unproven O-line and running game (if you elect to call it an actuall “game”) taking away the play action. So what you have left is a QB throwing to unproven WR’s. Is that completey off base?

        • So you’re gonna stack the box to stop the run and clog the middle of the field to stop the TEs. BSU runs a 4-2-5, so they’re undersized in the back seven. And as somebody’s already pointed out, the Bronco secondary is the weak link on D.

          Seems to me it would be better to see how the Boise front can handle Georgia’s o-line and running game and use the blitz to slow Murray down. But, again, I’m not a defensive coordinator.

          • Skeptic Dawg

            Nor am I. I just think the game becomes easy when you are forced to defend only 1 aspect. Remember the Liberty Bowl? With zero weapsons (at least proven/reliable weapons) at WR, the weak Boise secondary is no longer a weakness. With no run game to rely upon with a stacked box, you then have an offense with very little options. No run game + no play action = Very Little Offense.

        • Biggus Rickus

          It doesn’t make much sense. If they’re confident in their D-Line beating our O-Line (a pretty reasonable proposition given the unknowns on our line) why cheat someone up and risk big plays in the passing game?

          • Cojones

            Because the pundit dissed the receivers and some coming on here did also. We haven’t played a game yet, so how the hell does anyone know? What’s bad about the WRs? Because we have great TEs? Pome de Rue. We have at least 4 wide receivers capable of having a great season if targeted well and you better believe a guy with 3k plus yards last season will hit them all and frequently.

            What are season surprises, anyway? Another imagination of pundits looking for something to write about and picking the remarks that stirs the bees nest best. These categories are what’s left after all other writers have written about and run the obvious into the ground. Don’t worry. These jokers will get around to the kicking team before it’s all over.

      • Cojones

        Aren’ t they stacking the box to stop a good running game? Thought the hit was on the WRs, no respect that they would show by stacking the box.

  5. We could get blown out by Boise and USCe. Still, the only way Richt isn’t around for Knoxville is if we lost to Coastal Carolina.

    Senator, I have a feeling we’re going to see a team that’s ready to play in Atlanta and a crowd that’s ready to explode after these last 2 years.

    • David

      But if Boise whips our ass, this is a very fragile fanbase, and things could get bad for Richt quickly. All of the supposed goodwill from the Dream Team and offseason S&C changes will go out the window fast. We’re not that far removed from that horrible feeling of watching the Liberty Bowl and feeling like our program couldn’t be any worse.

      • Cojones

        Why? They won’t get more fragile, it’s just that the fragile group will get more vocal. Join the nonfragile fans and enjoy your season.

        Go Dawgs!!

  6. Jax Dawg

    CFN is and has been the the best place to find unintentionally comedy in college football. They have consistently written the stupidest predictions and “analyses” on the intertubes.

  7. TennesseeDawg

    If Richard Samuels fumbles one more time in practice, Richt will be fired before the Boise game.

  8. Nate

    Is “Russ Mitchell” actually “robertjamespfeifer”? I’m not overly confident, if that’s even possible after last year, but starting the season 2-3? Come on, man. We might lose to Boise. We might lose to Sakerlina. But Richt ain’t getting Croom’d (Mullen’d).

    • ScoutDawg


      • Nellie Oleson

        This number is a fraud and a lie, and I suspect it has been made up by Scout Dog and some of his juvie buddies in the Clarke County Webeloes Troop 1030. I’m going to prove its fraudulence by not counting to it starting…now.

  9. Dawg Vent

    Far mark richt!!!!1! Far him now1!!!!

  10. Biggus Rickus

    That was by far the dumbest of those predictions. I actually agree with the first guy’s take on MSU. They weren’t that good last year, and they won’t be much if any better this year. 7-5 should be considered a success for that team. And they aren’t taking two straight from Georgia. I’m also pretty sure the only way Richt could get fired mid-season is if they start 1-4 and are blown out in at least three of the four losses. I don’t even think it’s likely then.

    • heyberto

      I think it’ll be hilarious if the Nuttster beats ’em in the Egg Bowl this year. There’s been so much trash talk between those two, and many aren’t giving Ole Miss a chance. As much as I think Nutt is a clown, I’d love to see him pull this one out.

      • Biggus Rickus

        That would be funny. I want Nutt to have a reasonably successful year. I’d miss his insanity if he were out of the SEC for good.

    • Cojones

      I’ve seen MSU do well against us when we had good teams and barely got a win. They have had good running backs and o-line year in and year out. We need to wait for this season to begin before making any predictions. MSU has been ranked higher during the last two seasons than we have. No SEC team warrants any short shrift from us. Better look at the last 3-4 years before predicting a win over any SEC team. Who has clocked Fl more than us in the last two years? MSU was one. I wouldn’t use any measuring stick for Richt until the year is over.

      No matter what happens next year, Mark Richt will coach until the end of the season. Mc Garity calls the shot on Richt no matter what any pundit or any other naysayer says. Whenever anyone speculates about Richt being fired, it’s to agitate the fan base for clicks and it is truly sad. Sadder still is to see the jaded and depressed “fan” join them in predicting doom.

      • Biggus Rickus

        MSU was 5-7 two years ago. They “clocked” Florida last year because Florida couldn’t make a field goal (a problem they didn’t have against Georgia).

  11. Jim

    even i don’t think richt gets let go mid season under any circumstances that don’t involve red panties

  12. heyberto

    You know, if you’re the casual observer looking in at the UGA program, I get how you can arrive at those conclusions, but this isn’t a casual observer who is stating what he sees.. this is someone who must provide adequate data to support his conclusions. All he’s done is taken a cursory look at personnel and picked up exactly where Georgia left off after the bowl game. Regarding the UGA’s fan base, He’s mistaken not finding the pulse for lack of one regarding Richt. I’m thinking he didn’t really look for it. If the rails come off the season early, I still don’t see McGarity firing him until after the season’s over.

    So much of what we have to say about an article like this will be chalked up to homerism, but that’s not the case. I don’t have a problem if someone like this thinks we’re going to fail this season. If anything I welcome that opinion… but show me you’ve done some real research.. that you’ve looked at all angles. Provide some data to back up your conclusions. Show me how you got to point B from A and show me that you’ve delved into what’s going on with the team before you wrote your story. It think most that do would come up and say that this team could go either way, and it’s impossible to say. This clown is just trolling. Hilarious.

  13. goalinestalker

    Speed cannot be coached you either have it or you don’t. That being said I would like to see UGA stretch the field and make Boise try to run with us. I really don’t see Boise knocking us out of the box on Defense at all. If anything they will try to throw the slant and screen a draw us to death. If Grantham has the D dialed in it could get real interesting. Jenkins and Gathers will be hard to move off the LOS. Last years game against Va. Tech was basically a home game for the Hokies,The Ga dome should def be a much tougher venue to play with the noise alone. No AJ against a good Ark team and it took a busted coverage for them to win. I see this game playing out like last years Ark game. With the Dawgs winning with special teams.

  14. William

    That is how teams beat us last year. Stack 8 in the box, take away the run, make us 1 dimensional. With inexperience at WR, and only a Soph at QB, a thin depth O-Line, and thin at RB, expect teams to test the passing game. CMR’s had a lot of time to fix it, hopefully he’ll change it all up.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      I stated the same opinion above. Apparently that is just a crazy thought.

    • Cojones

      “Fix it”? Sounds like you don’t know crap about the WRs either. Or are just starting trolling class?

    • Nellie Oleson

      What?! We have fine experience at WR…and you can add the TE’s to our experience in the passing game as well. We may not wind up with any “superstars” in the pass game, but we will have a lot of quality options all over the field (including the run) on offense this year. I think it’s going ot make things more interesting all around and harder to defend.

  15. Nate Dawg

    “Bold” = blindly guessing/stupid to get internet hits.

  16. WH

    I’ve said before that CFN is a pretty terrible site. Hyper-monetized and under-supported by quality content.

    That said: Barrett Sallee’s stuff seems reasonable, well-thought, and usually well-written. I don’t agree with him about 30% of the time, but it’s almost always a good read.

    Russ Mitchell is a different story. It’s not his recent habit of talking down the Dawgs (lots of good writers do that, too) but his insistence on writing for eyeballs instead of brains–it’s as if he’s trying to find the most sensational thing he can remotely defend for the sake of a click. Add to that the fact that his style is rather forced, like the middle school student trying so hard to reach five pages; Russ prefers 10 words when 3 would suffice to make the point. 

    The saddest thing is that I keep reading his stuff hoping that he turns it around. What’s the definition of insanity again?

  17. 69Dawg

    You people have not been keeping up BSU’s front 4 are the greatest front 4 since the Fearsom Foursome. So what if they are giving up 50 pounds a man, they make up for it in quickness. If we try to go outside we will play into their hands, we (Bobo) must just run straight the hell at them and wear them out. Nothing fancy just smash mouth power football. As Alabama found out 40 years ago BIG Quick men will beat the hell out of small quick men all day and all night. Boise is not playing a B1G school our O-line has to be quick just to get through practice. BSU’s blitz should be a quick 6 for us with our TE’s.

  18. Reptillicide

    Is it just me or have the doomsayers all decided to have one last hurrah before the season starts? I swear they went away for a couple of months but now that we’re two weeks out they’ve all come back out to harp on doom and gloom.

    • Cojones

      You’re on to’em, Reptillicide. Any little sliver of hope to try to cause mass depression. I just view them as trollers who have ingratiated themselves in other replies to give legitimacy here. Insidious, aren’t they?

  19. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m pretty sure CMR will be back in 2012 and beyond. McGarity has tweeked the schedule to make it easier to get the requisite 9 or 10 wins per year. And the State of Georgia will continue to produce top athletes for its flagship school. If the staff does their basic work – recruit, keep players in shape and out of trouble, and don’t f-up too much on game day, things will go as they did from 2001 to 2009. I’d be happily amazed if we lucked into the mnc and won, but I think we’ll continue to see other coaches like saban and corch there – they are simply more determined to win the big one. But CMR’s job is safe for as long as he wants to stay.

  20. I don’t agree with the article at all, but I have to admit when I read it, it terrified me. It had an all too familiar sound coming off the last few seasons.

    Maybe I’m just nervous.

    But man, I really hope Richt turns it around and coaches us for another 20 years.

  21. Will Trane

    I’m not sure many people would agree with the Dawgs starting 5-0, but there are many who think they could go 2-3 based up the playing Boise State, South Carolina, and Mississippi State. Those are three very strong teams. Considering the injuries, lack of depth, inexperience on the offensive side of the ball, past record of the current OC, and the lack of a running game I would think there is a strong possibility the Dawgs could drop those three games. But as for as CMR not going to Knoxville, I do not think so. Do not think the AD would do that to a staff and to a team. Not good to do that. Better to play the hand, see where the team is going, let these players develope some, see what the other teams have going into 2012. The Dawgs need some solid coaching, especially on the offensive side and in particular from their RBs. From the start of the game in the Dome, the players and coaches have play each set of downs up tempo, focused, and fired-up. Can not play like they did against Colorado, Central Florida, and Florida last year. A must they take control of games in the 3rd and 4th quarters. If that happens against Boise, well…it will be fun watch Carolina and Mississippi State.

  22. DawgFaithful

    Boise doesn’t return 10 Defensive starters. This guy is an idiot. By my count they return 7 defensive starter 6 seniors and 1 junior. The 4 Seniors they lost to graduation were All Conference defenders. Where is this clown getting his info?