I shouldn’t laugh…

… but sometimes I can’t help it.

Cornelius Washington, talking about Ray Drew after Drew’s scooter mishap:

“I don’t think he’s going to be on a scooter for a while,” Washington said.


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6 responses to “I shouldn’t laugh…

  1. TennesseeDawg

    All these scooter incidents sound like a bad Monty Python skit.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Yep. I get a picture in my mind of players dressed in uniforms driving into walls, crashing head-on, jousting, etc. We haven’t perfected scooter football at UGA yet, but we seem to be heading in that direction.


    • 69Dawg

      Reminds me of the Laugh-In skit with the old guy on a tricycle. He would bump into something and just fall over.


  2. Cojones

    More like bad Monty Python shit.

    Can we require players to wear protective equip when riding scooters? Armor up their head, arms and legs/hips. If they don’t want to train for scooter riding, then hold the damage to road (rode) rash.

    How about protective sidebars to take the rub from cars and bldgs? It could be opened out with the slightest leg pressure, but could brace against the side of the scooter and protect legs in a crash/misdirected driving. Wider, hinged footrests may do the same job.

    Are these F’ing scooters modifiable? You would think that they would have a safe model good enough for riding around Athens if it’s good enough to ride in Hong Kong. Understand they are working on a safer model called the F’ing F’ing Scooter. Doesn’t sound safer to me.


  3. Cojones

    A little history:
    The F’ing Scooter is made in F’ing China by the F’ing Chinese.Before this, the last thing the F’ing Chinese made was F’ing gunpowder and we know how that ended up. Same with the F’ing Chinese dynasty. Their competitors, the MoF’ing Dynasty (later shortened into the more familiar M’ing Dynasty) made better porcelain than the rest of the F’ing Chinese and pushed the F’ing Chinese out of F’ing China.

    Some of the F’ing Chinese migrated here and were responsible for building the F’ing Railroads as they are affectionately known. Then they settled into the F’ing Chinese parts of LA, SF and NY. It was from these crucibles that the F’ing Chinese gangs and F’ing Chinese businessmen emerged.

    The F’ing Chinese went into manufacturing after contracting with Ford Motor Co to build what would become known as the F’ing Edsel. That endeavor didn’t fare too well and economically drove many F’ing Chinese into the armed services which soon became known as the F’ing Army, The F’ing Navy and the F’ing Marines.

    The F’ing Chinese recently began making a motor scooter that quickly became known by their brand, The F’ing Scooters. Not much is known about their manufacturing and they can’t be traced by the IRS money trail. Many suspicion that their scooters are built in Auburn, Al. which is an area known for secrecy in pay and employee benefits. Rumor is that one of them won what has become known as the F’ing Heisman.

    First of a F’ing two-parter.