Can’t anybody count around here?

You know, for a conference synonymous with oversigning, there sure are a lot of walk-ons at SEC schools being awarded scholarships this season.


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9 responses to “Can’t anybody count around here?

  1. Joe

    That is so unfair, we KNOW Auburn can count to 180 and multiply by 1000.


    • JayBird

      And we know that since Orson looked in the “closet” at Miami, and turned it down, what could have possibly been in that closet that UGA showed him to get him to sign the dotted line with the bulldogs. See how this works.


      • Reggie Bu$h

        To be fair, despite the fact that his comment was obviously a joke, Actually no, we don’t “see how this works.” It isn’t in any way, shape or form a similar fact pattern.

        Someone showed him a closet. Even IF a booster at UM had offered anything, it wasn’t Charles’ father asking for something. A prostitute offering you a service is not a criminal act by you. You soliciting a prostitute IS a criminal act.

        See how that works?


      • Scott W.

        Aaron Murray, but there was no closet. I see how you would be upset by insinuation because AU has never cheated or been caught cheating.


  2. Derek

    How many walk-ons at Alabama, USC it LSU have gotten schollys for this year? I think college presidents are more interested in seeing these stories than one’s about orphans getting their offer yanked. That’s why saban’s “let the coaches handle it” plan was doomed to fail and did.


  3. D

    And how many walk-ons get internships at Microsoft? If a coach is handing out schollies to walk-ons at a premier, top 10 player destination, he’s doing something very wrong.