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Will Muschamp severs every tie with Georgia.

He’s disowned his school.  Now he’s pimping for the enemy beverage.

Next thing you know he’ll be crapping all over Chick-fil-A.


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C’mon, don’t hold back on us.

I’m not sure which quote from this piece about reactions out west to the Nevin Shapiro scandal I enjoyed more.

Larry Scott waxes indignant (justifiably so) about former Miami AD Paul Dee, who said high-profile players “demand high-profile compliance,” while announcing the sanctions against Southern Cal resulting from the Reggie Bush scandal:

.. Paul Dee was Miami’s athletic director from 1993 to 2008. Last year, he was chairman of the NCAA‘s Committee on Infractions, overseeing USC’s receiving sanctions that ranked among the most severe in college sports history.

In a telephone interview, Scott was asked whether he agreed with national college football columnists who had described Dee as hypocritical.

“If the allegations prove true,” he said, “the words irony and hypocrisy don’t seem to go far enough.”

No, they don’t.  Even Junior can’t summon up the words.  At least not in a brief statement.

USC Coach Lane Kiffin refrained from weighing in on the Miami situation. When asked for a short response to the scandal, he said: “It would take me a lot more than one or two words.”

Funny, I bet that’s what Mike Hamilton would say if you asked him now for a comment about the Laner’s tenure in Knoxville.  And that was for a much shorter period than Shapiro’s.



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Let me rephrase that…

Boy, I bet Heather Dinich wishes she could have a mulligan for this bit of insight:

You can’t put a price tag on integrity, though, and the ACC’s got it.

The ACC has earned a reputation for hiring coaches with consciences…

And athletic directors who are unconscious.


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“And Georgia’s got ’em spread all over the field.”

That’s Uncle Ron, speaking of the formation Georgia lines up in around the 1:38 mark on this clip (via Patrick Garbin):

Check that proto-spread formation out.  Then watch what Georgia runs out of that set.  (The next play on that clip is a beaut as well.)  Then compare that with something HeismanPundit wrote in a comment at Elkon’s blog.

… I grant you that Spurrier did introduce the forward pass to the SEC. But those offenses that started passing were nowhere near as innovative as Spurrier’s and they did not keep up with some of the other leagues…

Yeah, right.  There was also some coach named Hal Mumme in the league about that time, if I recall.  Bottom line was that the SEC had moved past the “three yards and a cloud of dust” offensive philosophy of the ’80s by then.  And that’s because of what Spurrier wrought.


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A couple of random post-scrimmage observations

Jakar Hamilton goes down for the season, and the reaction is…  panic?  worry?  concern?  grim silence?

None of the above.

The injury hits the Bulldogs at a position where they at least have developed some depth.

“I think we’re in pretty good shape there,” coach Mark Richt said.

Maybe he’s delusional about the situation.  Who can tell right now?  All I know is that if he’d have said that after the G-Day game, we’d have all thought he was nuts.  So if Richt’s right, it’s a sea change at the position, that’s for sure.

Speaking of changes, if this doesn’t get you at least a teeny bit pumped up, I don’t know what to do for you:

… Sophomore inside linebacker Alec Ogletree led the defense for a second consecutive scrimmage, compiling eight tackles and a sack.

“He would have been successful at safety, but I think moving him to linebacker is one of the best decisions our coaches could have made for the overall success of our defense and our team,” outside linebacker Jarvis Jones said of Ogletree. “He can get off blocks. He can run sideline to sideline. He can make big plays. He’s a high-energy guy and brings it every day.”

That’s coming from a guy who had to move out of the middle when Ogletree was bumped from safety.

It’s Grantham’s big gamble.  And like all big gambles, it’ll pay off big if it works.


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The marketing match made in heaven

I can see it now.  Stephen Garcia:  “I don’t drink wine all the time, but when I do, I drink Gamecock Garnet.”

Stay thirsty, my South Carolina friends.


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