C’mon, don’t hold back on us.

I’m not sure which quote from this piece about reactions out west to the Nevin Shapiro scandal I enjoyed more.

Larry Scott waxes indignant (justifiably so) about former Miami AD Paul Dee, who said high-profile players “demand high-profile compliance,” while announcing the sanctions against Southern Cal resulting from the Reggie Bush scandal:

.. Paul Dee was Miami’s athletic director from 1993 to 2008. Last year, he was chairman of the NCAA‘s Committee on Infractions, overseeing USC’s receiving sanctions that ranked among the most severe in college sports history.

In a telephone interview, Scott was asked whether he agreed with national college football columnists who had described Dee as hypocritical.

“If the allegations prove true,” he said, “the words irony and hypocrisy don’t seem to go far enough.”

No, they don’t.  Even Junior can’t summon up the words.  At least not in a brief statement.

USC Coach Lane Kiffin refrained from weighing in on the Miami situation. When asked for a short response to the scandal, he said: “It would take me a lot more than one or two words.”

Funny, I bet that’s what Mike Hamilton would say if you asked him now for a comment about the Laner’s tenure in Knoxville.  And that was for a much shorter period than Shapiro’s.


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6 responses to “C’mon, don’t hold back on us.

  1. Both Mike* and Lane** are in better places now

    * “In consideration of the promises in this Agreement, the University agrees to pay Mr. Hamilton the total sum of One Million Three Hundred Thirty-Five Thousand Dollars ($1,335,000).”


    ** http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/sports_blog/2011/08/miami-violations-ncaa-cheating-usc.html

    “I thought I might drop by USC’s football practice Tuesday, but the school’s sports information director reminded me the Trojans were cheaters.”



  2. AusDawg85

    A cheater is indignant about a cheater calling the cheater a cheat when the cheater was also cheating.


  3. 69Dawg

    You have to be breathless at the irony in this. The good old saying the Pot calling the Kettle black comes to mind.


  4. Cojones

    Kiffen’s brother-in-law said that he only heard of the scandal at noon today.


  5. Cojones

    Just means that DD (Damned Dumbshit), pronounced Dee Dee, takes on a superlative connotation.


  6. D

    I sincerely hope Miami forces Shapiro to resign, asks the Florida DMV to conduct a whitewash investigation, and walks away from this Scot-free. Just to see the look on Scott’s and Kiffin’s face.