Let me rephrase that…

Boy, I bet Heather Dinich wishes she could have a mulligan for this bit of insight:

You can’t put a price tag on integrity, though, and the ACC’s got it.

The ACC has earned a reputation for hiring coaches with consciences…

And athletic directors who are unconscious.


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15 responses to “Let me rephrase that…

  1. PhillyDawg

    It’s true till it’s not.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    This Heather Dinich clown is another example of what’s wrong with sports journalism. She’s the ACC blogger for ESPN, which means that she’s supposed to cover the conference, not be a cheerleader for it. Every time I’ve seen a piece where she’s supposed to do point/counterpoint with the SEC on an issue, she takes on the role of ACC fan and goes for the kind of garbage she’s spewing in the linked article. In an impartial news article, it’s very difficult to prove that one group of schools has more “integrity” than another. Dinich isn’t a reporter, though, she’s a fan. I remember her bit on whether a guy moving to the state should choose to root for Georgia or Georgia Tech, and it was a joke. ESPN should be better than that.

    Well, Heather, the ACC fell over backwards to get Miami into the conference to prop up football. The cheating at the U apparently hasn’t just continued since joining the league, it’s increased. Not to be outdone, UNC Chapel Hill is standing by to be laid low by the NCAA after scandal of its own, which included an assistant coach who was basically a runner for an agent. Georgia Tech, of course, has just been granted repeat violator status by the NCAA, when (hot on the heels of an earlier academic fraud case) the administration was less than cooperative with investigators and had their 2009 ACC Championship yanked. Florida State’s been oddly quiet lately, but they’re still there, proving that cheating and lack of integrity isn’t a new thing in the league. Free Shoes University was in full operation and bringing championships to the league back in the 1990’s, lest we forget. I don’t remember a lot of wringing of hands as the league was dividing up Coach Bowden’s BCS handouts. Heck, Clemson and UNC were in trouble for football going further back than that! No, Heather, what the ACC has isn’t integrity, at least, not in any greater measure than the SEC. What the ACC has is the APPEARANCE of integrity. As was the case with Jim Tressel, the ACC enjoys the myth of integrity which has kept the media and NCAA from digging too deeply and chipping away at the facade which protects the truth. But, it’s there. Before the final kickoff of the 2011 football season, Heather, at least a quarter of the league’s teams are going to be on NCAA probation. And I type this in complete ignorance of anything related to Maryland or BC or a lot of the other ACC programs of which I know nothing. Hey, integrity counts, though, so keep right on typing without having facts to back up what you write.


    • Nellie Oleson

      Nicely done. Next time, I think we’d also be interested if you’d feel comfortable sharing your feelings about:
      1. Heather.
      2. The ACC.


      • 81Dog

        really, I got the impression he was trying to tell us something, but what? Quit beating around the bush and let it out, man!


  3. Macallanlover

    ESPN should be better than that? Certainly they should have integrity, but what would ever make you feel they are capable? ESPN continues to act badly and bully anyone that dares get in their way. Along with their brother, ABC, they are as corrupt as NBC and should never be looked at without first examining their agenda. One need look no further than the Mike Leach fiasco to see how much jouranalistic integrity they have.


  4. Bad M

    You are the Jon Stewart of the college football blog-o-sphere (One of the highest compliments I can give). Hypocrisy and stupidity needs to be called out and laughed at.


  5. HK

    If espn feels the need to hire women to analyze football, i wish they’d hire some who know what the hell they’re talking about. Believe it or not, they do exist.


  6. Heather’s Story – How I Got the Job at ESPN:

    When they heard her say, “I might have gotten fired or arrested for prostitution” in this interview, those were the magic words that cleared the way for the eventual job offer



  7. Spike

    Heather.. Bring me another beer…


  8. Heather Dinich

    You can put a price tag on integrity, though, and the ACC’s done it.
    The ACC has earned a reputation for hiring coaches without consciences…