The marketing match made in heaven

I can see it now.  Stephen Garcia:  “I don’t drink wine all the time, but when I do, I drink Gamecock Garnet.”

Stay thirsty, my South Carolina friends.


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7 responses to “The marketing match made in heaven

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Shouldn’t the QB coach be on the bottle instead of Spurrier?

  2. Keese

    Can you imagine all the cock fans sniffing the cork and swirling the vintage stock of the ol ball coach?

    • Zdawg

      They sniff the cork, swirl the vintage stock and detect an unmistakable aroma of SEC Championship. Yup, must be summer in cock vintage country.

  3. Stephen B. Smithee

    mmmm Cock wine …

  4. Bulldog Joe

    Spurrier whine. They finally figured out how to bottle and sell it.