Will Muschamp severs every tie with Georgia.

He’s disowned his school.  Now he’s pimping for the enemy beverage.

Next thing you know he’ll be crapping all over Chick-fil-A.


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62 responses to “Will Muschamp severs every tie with Georgia.

  1. Spike

    Anybody doubt what a d-bag he is?

  2. Coweta Dawg

    Next order of business for McGarrity: scholarship clauses forbidding acts of treason against the Unversity (includng products universally accepted and acknowleged to be fundamentally intertwined with being a DGD and self-respecting Southerner) henceforth until the end of time.

    The whole business is like a retelling of Paradise Lost.

  3. f*** him, feed him beans

  4. Robert

    Complete travesty. GSP should be required to make his life hell when traveling / recruiting in the state. Georgia Constitution should be amended to disallow any and all Pepsi products in the state as well.

    Now, who’s fault is it that bullgator-owned Sonny’s BBQ is being served in Sanford?

  5. dean

    Looks like Will enjoys Chic-fil-A a little too much. That or too many dinners at the Weis house.

  6. Big Shock

    I really hate Florida, but at the end of the day, I’d rather root for the gators than drink Pepsi.

  7. heyberto

    I think Muschamp is doing a good job of maintaining the Florida tradition of making us hate their head coach.. and in this case, that’s no small feat.

  8. Muschamp made it clear at media days he’s loyal to whoever signs his paycheck

  9. NCT

    That’s it. Muschamp has officially entered Pat Dye territory.

  10. 69Dawg

    Compare Will’s handling of his former school and the way Derek Dooley handled his relationship with UGA. Will has in my opinion gone out of his way to be a horse’s butt. Pepsi notwithstanding he could have been a little more gracious toward UGA since they paid for his damn education. I always think of the way Vince and Erk handled Auburn, they never bad mouthed them and you know they wanted to beat them.

  11. AthensHomerDawg

    I always hate it when former athletes develop…L.B.S.!
    Low Belt Syndrome. One might think he would pull his pants up for that pic. We ain’t playing golf there.

  12. KornDawg

    I’m a Coke man and a Dawg fan. It warms my heart, as a man that married into a Pepsi-drinking family, to see all the love for Coke in these comments.

  13. Reptillicide

    Pepsi WOULD be the official drink of FLORIDA.

  14. Go Dawgs!

    Florida is Pepsi country? Man… it really IS the new north down there. I could very easily do without the entire state.

    • HVL Dawg

      Check out how these good ol boys describe the southern heritage of Floriduh.

      • Go Dawgs!

        This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Thank you, HVL Dawg. I’m going to make all of my friends miserable by emailing the hell out of this.

        • Castleberry

          Ditto that for me

          • Rhymerdawg

            So funny. I am laughing so hard.
            My wife came into the living room with the strangest look. And asked, “What was that?”
            We have issues with BBQ at our house. She is from Memphis and loves coleslaw on her dry rub. When I married her she did not know what Brunswick stew was. I almost did not marry her. But then I ate at her Grandmother’s house who is from Sicily and makes home-made ravioli and home-made sauce, with homemade Italian sausage.

      • H-Town Dawg

        Funny as hay-ell!

  15. Trippi62

    I feel terrible. I’m not a huge soft drink guy other than Mountain Dew, but for some reason after the Tech game in 2008, I got a Pepsi fountain drink and a sleeve of peanuts and I’ve been hooked on Pepsi since then. Well, now, I’ll never pick one up again. I’m born and raised in Chattanooga, site of Coca-Cola’s first bottling company. Double traitor. Forgive me.

    • Johnny Mc

      We can forgive you, but you have to lay off that Mountain Dew too. That is another enemy drink. We drink Mello Yello if we need that Citrus and extra caffeine.

      • Normaltown Mike

        I like Country Mist. Can’t recall where its from (Kroger or Harris Teeter) but it mixed well with SoCo.

      • Dawgfan Will

        Until Mellow Yello makes cherry, grape, and blue raspberry variations, I’m afraid I won’t be able to give up Mountain Dew.

        Pepsi can go piss up a rope, though.

  16. JaxDawg

    I’ve been all over this state and i’ll be the first to tell you that it’s not Pepsi country. For every Pepsi dispenser you’ll see 10 for KO. And despite what you see in Southeast Florida, the state is alot like GA in that these folks value good bbq, drink plenty of sweet tea and coke, and like the outdoors. Yes, they love football just as much as we do but when that time of year rolls around I usually distance myself.

    • Russ

      Hmmmm…that’s true for the center of the state (away from the coasts, and closer to the Georgia border). The rest of the state, not so much. Florida and New Jersey have a lot in common, and it ain’t sweet tea.

      • JaxDawg

        where do you live?

      • Many different tribes, gangs and militias make the sovereign State of Florida the Great Third World Banana Republic and Gap that it is. Those tribes, gangs and militias consist of the usual suspects such as the Republican Tea Party (a/k/a the ‘Republican Party of Florida’), and various splinter groups, such as neo-Nazis; racist Skinheads; “traditional” White Supremacists and Separatists; Christian identity adherents; Atheists; Democrats; Snake-Handlers; and racist prison gangs


        to New York Yankees from Jersey, each and every one of whom have a special part in making every day just another Lock and Load Day in Paradise

  17. Zdawg

    Ok first off, Pepsi is the drink of KFC, so he did pretty much crap over the Chick-fil-a bunch. And second, is Sonny’s really owned by a bullgator? If that’s the case, I got a Williamsons BBQ just as close by…

  18. donkeydawg

    I can certainly relate to this thread. At one point in the 1970s, I was attending Coke University (Emory) and alternating between part-time jobs at Ryder Truck Rental (then competing with Pepsi-Co Truck Rental) and Dixie Snack Foods (a competitor to Pepsi-owned Frito-Lay; I was personally making most of those Golden Flake cheese twists Bear Bryant loved to nosh on in his TV show).

    But frankly, I’d just as soon not make corporate allegiances a major factor in Dawg-Gator hatred. My dislike of that entire damn state (aside from their generation of expats like Murray and Charles) is enough.

    • You helped kill The Bear?

      • donkeydawg

        It was nothing personal. I spent many hours in a 100-degree-fahrenheit factory toting 100-pound sacks of cheese and whey and melting it all down into a mixture that I sprayed on unevenly baked corn meal shot through an indifferently cleaned metal die. I received a booming $2.05 an hour for this duty. The Bear knew all about the risks of consuming anything produced in the socio-economic climate of the South in those days.

        • WFdawg

          This is good stuff.

        • That sounds like a dream job. Knowing that you had to tote 100 lb. sacks in 100 degree heat to get two measly bucks an hour, the Bear would probably forgive you because it would make him think you were like a factory Junction Boy if, in fact, the Bear actually had the capacity to forgive and who knows about that.

        • Nellie Oleson

          “…that I sprayed on unevenly baked corn meal shot through an indifferently cleaned metal die…”

          Hardest I have laughed in a while.

      • Cojones

        One of my sister’s classmates in a little country school in Georgia was president of Golden Flakes. Wait until I tell him that he killed The Bear at the next school reunion.

  19. AlphaDawg

    on the KO issue, why the hell is Hooters a Pepsi restruant? It’s HQ is in ATL?

  20. Macallanlover

    Muschamp is moving into Urbie Mayer territory as the most putrid Florida coach to me. Not really surprising though, he acted like a douche at both The aU, and at Texas. For some reason, many UGA fans wanted the classless fool as a coach in Athens. He is acting the same way at Florida. Hope we trounce his f-bombing arse every year in Jax until even the gators see what he is and push him out.

  21. McTyre

    Pepsi tastes like #ell . . . And Gatorade is by definition the enemy sports bev.

  22. 202dawg

    Will who?

  23. The Original Cynical in Athens

    In case anyone here does not know, Gatorade is a Pepsi owned product.

    Any real Dawg fan who drinks Gatorade is either poorly informed, or not a true Dawg fan. 10% of the royalties from every Gatorade consumed goes directly to the University of Florida. Do you think it is any coincidence that an also-ran athletic department suddenly became the best in the SEC in the early to mid-90’s? Take a look at Gatorade sales after teh “Be Like Mike” campaign started in ’91.

  24. Nellie Oleson

    None of you crackety-ass crackers could tell a Coke from a Pepsi if you were blindfolded. But if it helps you hate Florida, I approve.

  25. BeardDawg

    And next he’ll be hawking Chevy trucks. Mr. Muschamp, you’re dead to me.